Quebec: 6 must see places

I know Quebec is not the most popular province in Canada. When people usually plan a trip to Canada, they want to see the Rockies, Banff or Toronto. But Quebec has everything travelers love: mountains, sea, beautiful cities and different types of landscapes. From Montreal to Forillon and from Forillon to Natashquan, there are a thousand things to see and you should definitely see them for yourself. Here are 6 of my favorite places in Quebec (not in order), that you definitely need to see if you ever plan on coming to Canada one day.


Of course I had to put Montreal on the list. Montreal is Quebec’s biggest city and it’s one of the biggest Canadian’s cities as well. I love to compare Montreal to Boston, because they have a lot in common. Montreal is well known for its food (poutine) and the fact that we speak French with a very weird accent. There are so many things to do and see in Montreal, but the city is pretty small compared to New York City or Los Angeles and you can easily see a lot of things in just one day. My favorites things in Montreal are the Old Port, the Mount Royal Park (which is like central park but with beautiful views of Montreal), Sainte-Catherine street (it’s our fifth avenue), St-Dennis street (very popular for its night life and shops) and the St-Joseph oratory, where you can have a walk and a beautiful view of the city. You can also spend time in the Chinatown or the little Italy, which are going to make you feel like you’re actually in China and Italy.


2. Mount Tremblant

This mount is just an hour from where I live so I spend a lot of time over there, but it’s also very popular for its ski resort. It’s a 2 hours drive from Montreal and I know people go there from all around the world and really appreciate this place. It’s tiny and you only need an hour to see everything there is to see over there, but it’s so cute and you can eat a lot of Canadian traditional food like poutine. IMG_0653 IMG_0658

If you love sports you also have a thousand shops selling sport clothes (expensive but good). When you’ve shopped enough you can go for a hike around (there are plenty of trails) and you can hike the Mount to get the most beautiful view of the Laurentides.


3. Quebec City

Quebec City is my favorite city in Quebec and maybe even in the whole country. It’s so beautiful, cute and peaceful. Driving from Montreal to Quebec will take around 3 hours, but it’s so worth the drive. Quebec is a really little city but the old Quebec is absolutely amazing. It looks like a little French village, where you can eat traditional Canadian food and walk around for hours. Quebec is also well known for the Montmorency falls, which are huge and very great to explore and the Orleans islands. If you ever go to Quebec City you should definitely go to the Orleans Island’s Chocolate Factory in Sainte-Pétronille, it’s so good and you have a beautiful view of Québec City.


4. Charlevoix

Charlevoix is a region in Québec where adventure seekers go to hike, explore and do outdoors activities. Charlevoix is popular for its National Park called “Parc National Des Hautes-Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie”. This National Park is popular for its river and huge mountains. You can do canoe and Kayak and many other outdoor activities. Charlevoix is the place to go if you love nature and mountains because it’s 100% mountains and rivers. You should definitely do champing over there, but there are plenty of hostels and chalets to rent. If you ever go to Charlevoix, don’t forget to go to Tadoussac, which is one of the cutest little towns in Quebec. The beach over there is absolutely insane and you can rent canoes, kayaks, bicycles, eat a lot of sea food and go on cruises to see some whales! 100_2123100_1997IMG_1840        

5. Mingan archipelago National Park.

I went to Mingan a little while ago but I loved every single minute of my trip over there. It takes around 13 hours to get there with a car, but honestly, it’s worth the drive. Mingan is nothing like the rest of Quebec, it’s 100% unique and you can actually get the best of Quebec over there. A lot of Native Americans and Indians live there so you actually get to see their villages and how they live, which is a very unique experience. In Mingan you have different little islands, you can take a cruise and your guide will show you different rocky-ish islands. You might even see whales, dolphins and penguins during the cruise! If you want to drive just a little bit more (20 minutes) you can get to Natashquan, which is well known for the Galets, a couple of cute little fisherman houses in the sea where people used to fish.


6. Mont St-Pierre and Forillon, Gaspésie

Mont St-Pierre is a little village in Gaspésie, and also my favorite place in the world. It is a 10 hour drive from Montreal. This place is very popular for the hang gliders and the Hang-Gliding festival in July. You can also spend your day at the beach; eat sea food, meet the amazing locals and have a real French Canadian experience. People in Mont St-Pierre are the typical French Canadians and you can find them all at the beach at dawn fishing and enjoying a camp fire with their family. It’s a pretty amazing place with amazing people, and you will definitely enjoy every minute of your time there. Forillon is an incredible National Park, a few hours from Mont St-Pierre, where you go to hike, mostly. It’s a most see for every single hiking lover. Even people from Quebec themselves really enjoy going to Forillon, everyone thinks it’s just so beautiful. IMG_0630IMG_0751gaspésie So these 6 places are my favorite places in Quebec, and I’m sure if you ever come to Canada that you won’t regret seeing them too. They are amazing, underrated and absolutely worth your time!

Roxanne Chenette

20 years old nurse and university student, living in Montreal Canada. I’ve been traveling across my own province and Canada since I was a young child. I have also traveled across the United States and Italy. When I am not busy dreaming, reading or writing about traveling, I am enjoying food, books, yoga, music and netflix. I also have a passion for the United Kingdom, and I am planning on going and probably staying there one day.