Prague: Place of myths situated in our era

Step 1: Reaching the hostel

There were a lot of solo trips when I was a kiddo; I was very, very young nine year old boy when my mom sent me to that camp in one village, far far from my hometown, with some new mates. From today point of view, that trip seems so naive and cute: me, young me, with short pale blonde hair, fascinated with football and running around. But reality was totally different – I was crying and I couldn't sleep without my moms words for good night. Then, many years after that, first solo trip organized on my own somehow have happened. One night, in late December  2012., I met a guy who told me that he is going to Prague in a few days. I asked may I go with him. He approved. I asked some of my friends to go with us. They declined.  Few days later, I was on the road with that guy. It wasn't that much about Prague. The only thing I wanted to maintain was to go somewhere, no matter  where, how and with whom. When we arrived, and it was after nine hours in car, I realized that I don't know anything about Prague. Literally anything, including the address of hostel that I googled. I only remembered the area. And that was the moment when my trip started. Completely alone, without internet, without map, but with a very big desire to find hostel ''Emma'', to leave my bag there and to go out for a walk. I went into the first hostel which I saw, because, if someone has a map and knowledge about places, that must be receptionist guy in hostel. They gave me the map, which was my first weapon on the way to conquer the Prague. Since I left my stuff in that extraordinary cheap hostel (5e per night in shared room), I started to investigate. At first sight, judging by the size of the town which I was looking at from one of so many picturesque towers, it was so much things to do there: there was bunch of people walking around, mainly striving to the central area. I decided to follow the flow.
Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

City center was overcrowded. It was mid-late December, period of the year when families are preparing themselves for Christmas. Prague is one of the top European destinations for that kind of job; while you walk through its streets, you can see so many Christmas markets, especially opened ones, that are offering you typical foods and drinks of Czech Republic, including handmade sweets, sausages, beers etc. As I already said, there were a lot of people on the streets. I felt a big need for some quiet place, to take a rest. While I was escaping that commercial area, I went to some side streets. Architecture of Prague is immensely grandiose, because of input of many different and well-combined art styles; you have a pinch of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque everywhere.
The Sax Man (source: Abdulsalam Haykal,

The Sax Man (source: Abdulsalam Haykal,

While my head was up, I have seen one interesting sign. It said ''Beer museum''. I decided to enter that place, to see whats happening. My thought about it was that this is a Museum of Beer, where I will find some interesting historical facts about that product. But it wasn't like that.

Step 2: Beer museum

''Beer museum'' is just the name of bar, with one difference between it and other bars: there's a bunch of local or national beers on their menu. And all of them are, trust me, worth trying. I didn't know what to order, so I asked bartender for a help. He asked me what do I like. I told him that I like fine taste and not that strong beer. He asked me for a minute, and than he gave me five different types of beer. All of them were tasty, and I picked one of them to lead me to the night. Name of that beer was Matuška – here is very nice description of it. After ''Beer museum'' I wanted to find some pub or club where I'll finish my day.  It's well known that Prague is pot-friendly place, which makes it one of the most valuable party areas in this part of the world. So, it isn't that hard to find a place to meet some open-minded people, to dance a bit or to do what ever your soul wants to.

Step 3: Chapeau Rouge

Place called ''Chapeau Rouge'' was my party base for next seven days. Even there was many places in Prague that might look fine for partying, I've found Chapeau as something completely different in compare with places where I've been partying tho. For example, there was a small, tiny detail that completely got me: statue of Saint Mary which was moving and dancing and she had a label in her hands. Other thing that I really liked was that space of Chapeau: when you enter it, you have a bar. People are drinking coffees, teas, maybe some beers. Than, you go one floor down. There you also have a bar, and if you go straight, you will find a cave look alike dance floor, kinda small one, with constant outrageous drum-n-bass. If you find it boring, you can go one more floor downstairs, where you can find some relaxation in deep house sound. I've mentioned only a couple of places, places which I have visited in just one day in Prague. I could write about it for many many days, because many things have happened. Surely, they have to happen, if you have a place with a lot of youngsters looking for a fun.        


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