Prague: Fed Up With Sightseeing


Ospalé koťátko café


Hurricane factory wind tunnel


The best hot chocolate in Prague!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic,

is undoubtely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a varied history, but what if you already went through all possible streets and corners of the city and still have some time left? Or do you just want to take a break from the crowded Old Town and Castle District? There are so many interesting things you can do – unusual sports, multifunction cafés or meetup with other travelers. Here are some tips to variegate your stay in the city…
  •  Hurricane Factory
    • This type of a free time activity suits to everyone who likes adrenaline sports and wants to experience something extraordinary. Hurricane Factory is a “Wind Tunnel” that perfectly simulates freefall you experience when skydiving.
I have personally tried this for several times and it is always well spent time with interesting people! The arena is located in Letňany (metro line C) and also includes a restaurant with tasty, but little expensive meals. If you are not a professional skydiver you can buy a basic package for 3 (1500Kč) or 6 (3000Kč) minutes. However, there are more packages, such as for family, friends, bigger groups,… And the best thing about ths activity is that everyone can fly, even kids! Despite the higher price, the experience is definitely worth it! The Staff is, of course, well-qualified and will take a good care for your safety in the tunnel:) Checkout their website! If you are not into these type of sports, neither want to sit in the restaurant there is a shopping mall (OC Letňany, about 200 meters away) and a swimming pool (Aqua Centrum Letňany Lagoon) where you can rest till your friends/family are done flying!
  • JumpPark
    • JumpPark is a great place to actively spend some time and limber your body after days spent walking around the city center. It is the largest trampoline park in Central Europe that consist of two spacious halls with more than sixty trampolines. You can practice various jumps, play 3D dodgeball or just jump, jump and jump! The prices are very good as well, you pay only 250 per person/hour and if there are more than ten of you, you only pay half! This place is good especially for kids, but even adults will not be bored here. There is a short safety briefing before the beginning of every slot and a snack bar where you canrefresh yourself after slot or wait until your mates are done jumping. The whole arena is well organised and clean, I have visited this place recently and it is definitely a quality sport facility with friendly staff, always ready to help! Moreover, the center has its own online booking system, so you can book your slot in advance – I highly recommend this, because the capacity is limited. In fact, this is an awesome place for kids- entertaining, friendly atmosphere and mainly plenty of space where they can enjoy themselves!
  • Vypálené Koťátko Café
    • I first discovered this lovely cafe about five years ago, when I exceptionally had my spanish class there. It is a very cozy and friendly place for all creative traveleres! This coffee house in placed close to metro station Hadčanská (line A) on a quiet street. It is so special because of its creative atmosphere – you can buy a piece of ceramic tablewear (animal figure, cup, teapot, plate,…) and paint it directly in the cafe while having a cup of coffee! You can create at each table, as long as you wish. The prices are also acceptable, you pay for food and beverage you had, for the piece of tablewear you painted and a small fee, so called “studiový poplatek” (about 100Kč, includes glazes and brushes you used and pottery firing). Wide range of snacks, cold and hot drinks is served by attentive staff, always ready to help.I would personally say that this place is perfect for families with kids as well! The only disadvantage is that you have to wait about one week to get your work of art fired…So I highly recommend to stop by as soon as you get into the city center, so you can either pick it up on your way home or ask the staff if it is possible to send it to your home country:)
  • Speak Easy
    • Speak easy is a weekly social event organized by that takes place every Sunday 3-7pm in Cafe Globe. I recommend thisespecially to those of you, who are staying in the Czech republic for a week or longer. It is a great oppurtunity to meet up with other travelers and share your travel experiences from Prague! When you come to the coffee house, there are several tables with different language spoken (english, german, french, spanish, russian, czech), usually at least one native speaker is always present at each table helping others if necessary. There is no online sign up, so when you arrive, you only tell your name,  mother tongue and the language you want to talk to the guys at the entrance and the fun can begin! You shouldn’t miss this event, because it is always a lot of fun and you can meet many new people from all over the world. The only disadvantage is that it is always very crowded and therefore it pays to come early (last time I went there at about 4pm, itwas absolutely impossible to find a place to sit). If you are a social person who wants to spend a nice afternoon among other guys passionate about traveling and languages, this is right for you! These places and eventsare not the only ones you can visit in Prague, there are many more oppurtunities to meetfantastic people and do things you have neved tried before! These are only some tips that might inspire you to brighten up your stay here and make some unforgettable memories! I hope these will show you the other side of the city and will be at least a little bit helpful to you:)


I’m a student from the Czech republic with various travel experiences. My hobbies are traveling, studying foreign languages, sports, listening to music, Reading, … And I love cats!