Port Douglas: Perfect location on The Great Barrier Reef

IMG_6828_1024thumb_IMG_6659_1024 For many of us, the city can become a burden at times. As the pressures of everyday life build the concrete jungle can begin to feel like exactly that – a jungle in which we cannot escape. Luckily, a short plane ride away from anywhere in Australia is the perfect refuge: Port Douglas. Sometimes put in the “too hard basket” by east coast travelers who cannot fathom how far the top point of Queensland is to the rest of Australia, Port Douglas is a shining beacon of beaches and trees that cannot be missed. This oasis has recently become the perfect place for travelers needing a break from city life and the beautiful scenery does not disappoint. Even if you are an adrenaline junkie there are still many things to see and do in Port Douglas that will get your heart racing. The main strip of town is full of contemporary places to shop and eat just in case you feel a little too out of your comfort zone in total relaxation town.

Port Douglas Scenery

We are in a constant world wind of notifications, emails, phone calls and texts and sometimes it feels as if there is no place to escape, but there is, its Port Douglas. Something a simple as the 3G network works a little slower in Port Douglas, which some people may find infuriating but really, it’s part of the charm. Of course, the mod cons still exist, and free Wi-Fi is still available at pretty much every restaurant you sit at, but this is not what makes Port Douglas the place to be. Disconnecting from our online lives can be a bit difficult, our work and our social lives revolve around it. We are constantly staring at screens either size of our heads or the size of our palms but Port Douglas simply offers you a better view. Tree lined streets are a signature of the area, nestled between the beautiful rolling mountains, and then the crown jewel shines its face through the tiniest gap; the ocean. This mix of lush greenery and crisp sparkling blue force your eyes away from the screen and into the beautiful landscape you find yourself surrounded in. The hugely generous sidewalks are lined by wide plush green grass making mini parks occur as you turn each corner. Nothing makes you want to throw your phone away more than a beautiful relaxing patch of grass where you can lie and watch the world go by.

The Great Barrier Reef

Port Douglas is lined by four-mile beach, which is exactly that, it is four miles of beautifully white, pristine sand. Regularly named one of Australia’s best beaches, four-mile beach is a major feature of the area. Just a few meters off that white pristine sand is of course, the awe inspiring Great Barrier Reef. There is no water in the world quite like the water that surrounds the reef. It glistens and shines more so than normal ocean water, the minerals from the coral and the rocks shine through even if they cannot be seen unless snorkeling. It is a truly breath taking experience to see that so many different forms of life can exist in only four miles of beach. Snorkeling the great barrier reef is the reason many people choose to come to Port Douglas, it is their major tourism attraction and unfortunately due to the current state of our environment it is slowly perishing in front of our eyes. The people who live in the town of Port Douglas take pride in their section of the reef, they consider it a part of their town just as much as any landmark building, and so they do their best to protect it. Almost every business that lines the main street of Port Douglas contributes to reef conservation in some way – sometimes as simple and as charming as a tip jar sitting on the counter. Not only do the people of this town pride themselves on the reef but they also depend on it, and hopefully that can continue for many years to come.

Activities in Port Douglas

As mentioned above, snorkeling in Port Douglas is a major activity but that is not all this charming small town has to offer. Shops and cafes here may not open until 10 am, but in no way, is this a sleepy beach town you see in the movies. The town itself is nestled in between four-mile beach and the Daintree rainforest. Through the rainforest there are countless walks and hiking for the adventurer in you, scaling the mountains that become your backdrop is the perfect way to become immersed in the landscape. Or if walking isn’t your thing then there are several experiences just a town over in Kuranda. Here, there is a beautifully classic railway system all through the mountains which will take you right next to Barron Falls and Stoney Creek falls. But perhaps shopping is more your scene. The Mossman market takes place every Sunday at the top end of the main strip of town. Local retailer’s exhibition their delightful crafts, fashions and handy accessories you never knew you needed. There is also an abundance of fresh fruit and produce that is un-paralleled. I challenge you to find similar anywhere else. Port Douglas is simply perfect for any kind of traveler you are (or want to be). For families, kids can run amuck with four miles of beach to play a long while parents sit and truly relax for the first time in a while. For couples, you can explore each other’s adventurous side and discover Port Douglas’ hidden secrets, or you can simply have a cocktail and laugh your way into another life. This little oasis is perfect for every Australian, it well and truly offers anything you could want and more. Don’t expect to go home happy, because as soon as you touch down in your home town, you will miss the slice of perfection on the north east coast of Australia.

Claudia Piva

Born in Melbourne with a degree in strategic communication and professional writing, I have continued to explore my passion in writing through many articles and blogs on topics I am incredibly passionate about.