Park City, USA: Summertime

January 1, 1970

by Ashley Rowe

Alpine Coaster at Park City Mountain Resort


Welcome to Park City, Utah, well known for all of the ski and snowboarding resorts that it has to offer throughout the winter. Park City is located just 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City and this resort town is surrounded by the Wasatch mountains. Although it’s most visited in the winter time, Park City is a giant adult playground all year round. Once you visit, you’ll have a hard time bringing yourself to leave.


Over the summer in Park City, the town is a lot less crowded and the rate for accommodations and other things go way down. For example, staying at a hotel like the Hilton during the winter would cost you between $200-250 but during the summer it drops to about $100-150.

So now you may be asking, what other activities can you do this time of year?

Things to do During the Summer in Park City

Go to Music Festivals

All throughout the summer, you can find music festivals going on at the different resorts. They usually start right around sundown but if you get there early, you can find a good place on the lawn. You can check here for all the upcoming concerts and festivals.

I attended a reggae music festival at the Deer Valley resort and had an unforgettable experience. They had food trucks abundant and several different vendors around. We were able to walk around and check out the booths while we waited for the first set to come on. Once the sun went down, the stage lit up they played music for several hours.

There’s something about hanging out under the stars, being surrounded by mountains and listening to live music that you just can’t pass up.

Go Shopping

Park City has so many stores and outlets that you could spend a whole day shopping around. You can find anything from handmade souvenirs, books, antiques, furniture, and clothing.

A must visits shopping place to see is the Tanger Outlet Center. I enjoyed walking around and trying to visit all the stores and galleries.

However, my favorite was this cute little store called ‘Atticus’. I got a delicious cup of coffee and spent some time looking through all of the bookshelves.

Visit Park City Historic Main Street

You can learn a lot about the history of Park City just by visiting the ‘Old Town Historic Main Street’. Park City started as a mining town and once the mining was over, it faded into a ghost town. The city has since been restored making it a unique place to see.

When I visited, I was able to take a ride on the free Main Street Trolley that took me to several landmarks. During the day, I got to check out the museum. The museum featured a fun detective activity that takes you through several exhibits where you searched for clues to learn more about history.

Another interesting thing I did was a Park City Historic Ghost Tour. I met the tour guide and the rest of the group at the bottom of the main street as soon as it got dark. The tour began as the guide walked us down the street where he would stop at several old buildings. He taught us about what happened in each building in a freaky but unique way.

Visit Utah Olympic Park

In 2002 Park City hosted the winter Olympics at the Utah Olympic Park. Since that time, they have kept several of the existing features such as the huge ski slopes but they also added, even more things to do. During the summer, you can take a bobsled ride, go extreme tubing, rock climbing or take a scenic chairlift ride. You can look at their website to see all the activities and prices.

While I was there, I didn’t have time to do anything other than the scenic chairlift ride because it took longer than expected. All the other activities looked like they would be really fun though, I will definitely be back to the park to try them.

Visit Park City Mountain Resort

If you stop by Park City Mountain Resort you will find several more summertime activities such as the alpine slide, zip lining, and the Alpine Coaster ride.

They have to option to purchase activity packages to get a better deal so I was able to do a couple different things.

I had a lot of fun as I rolled down the 3,000-foot track of the alpine slide, which apparently is one of the longest slides in the world. Then we did the alpine coaster which was a little more thrilling. You ride down the mountain in a cart that’s attached to a roller coaster. Lastly, we took a zip line ride, which was by far my favorite. They propelled us above the tree tops where we were able to soar going about 45 mph.

Fun Facts About Park City

  • The largest film festival in the U.S. is based out of Park City, also known as ‘Sundance Film Festival’.
  • Park City is nestled in the mountains 7,000 foot above sea level. You will find some of the best views of the Valley from up here.
  • Utah’s first distillery since prohibition is located in Park City known as ‘High West’.
  • The Main Street Trolley offers free rides to visitors and residents daily
  • A fire destroyed the town in 1898 but has since been rebuilt with several of the old building still in use today
  • There are over 100 restaurants’ in Park City, most of them are located on the main street
  • Several of Park City resorts use wind power to provide their electricity
  • Park City has over 400 miles of public trails making it a hiker’s paradise
  • During the summer in Park City, you can take a walking tour Mon-Friday starting at the museum
  • The whole town only measures about 17.5 miles making it easy to explore it all
  • Two of Park Cities ski resorts were used as venues for the 2002 winter Olympics
  • Several Famous celebrities currently own homes in Park City including, Katherine Heigl, Michael Jordan, Danny Masterson, Will Smith and Montel Williams.

One of the greatest things about Park City is that they have so much going on all year round. Just keep this resort destination in mind when you plan your next Utah, USA summer adventure.

Ashley Rowe

By Ashley Rowe

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