Osijek; a city with the most wondrous promenade in Croatia

March 27, 2019

by Tea Sondersoe

Osijek is the main city of the Slavonia region, one of the few regions in Croatia. It is a trading nod of eastern Croatia and a beautiful, peaceful city ideal for relaxation and the ones who prefer smalltown areas over big, busy cities. It has a famous Old Town named Tvrđa, it is located next to Drava river which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia because its promenade is said to be the most attractive one. It has a rich history, many tourist attractions, it is ideal for shopping because the shops are very close to the center. Food and beverage are offered in various taste, so it will definitely not be a mistake for you to visit the center of Slavonia, Osijek.


The landscape and history of the city

Parks, greenery, promenade, and the river

If you have a desire to visit a smaller city with both beautiful nature and the urban environment, you chose the right place. Osijek offers you a peaceful ambiance. Apart from the promenade of the beautiful river Drava which flows on the North of the city, you can find numerous beautiful parks in the mere center of the city.

River Drava

Two of the most beautiful parks you simply must visit are Perivoj kralja Tomislava, and Park kralja Petra Krešimira IV., right across the street. Also, don’t miss Park kralja Držislava, near the Home of the Croatian Army. When you take a stroll to the center of the city, you should also do the stroll to the promenade of the river Drava. They say it is the most beautiful promenade in Croatia and tourists are getting crazy about it. When you cross the pedestrian bridge, you can walk further left to visit the ZOO, or you can go right and see Osijek’s most popular beach, Copacabana, also called ”Kopika’ by the locals.

The sight of Copacabana beach

Tvrđa – historical core of the city

Tvrđa is the Old Town of Osijek and it is the most popular monumental display that attracts many tourists. Tvrđa has its own history which dates since the 17th century. It was owned by the Habsburgs, Ottomans, Slavonians, and Hungarians. Tvrđa is a complex of historical buildings, and you can visit 2 of 3 museums of Osijek there. Two are located on the main square of Tvrđa (Trg Svetog Trojstva), Museum of Slavonia and Archaeological Museum. Visit the Museum of Slavonia to see the exhibitions related to the history of Slavonians, their royal families, inheritance of the city and etc. Archaeological Museum offers exhibitions of artifacts excavated throughout the whole region of Slavonia since the Paleolithic era to the medieval inheritance of Celtic tribes that habituated the area.
Nowadays, Tvrđa is the center of the nightlife in Osijek. There are various night clubs throughout the area, which you can visit if you love going out.

Tip: While taking a stroll in Tvrđa, wear comfortable shoes because the ground is paved with small historical stone blocks that are a bit hard to walk on.

Archaeological Museum located in the Old Town, Tvrđa

Old Town Tvrđa, aerial view

Accommodation, food & beverage

Hotels and apartments

Osijek has various hotels, hostels, and apartments you can settle in for your stay. There are more expensive ones and the ones that are cheaper, depending on what you are looking for. If you want cheaper accommodation, you should choose the apartments. Also, a cheaper deal is out of the center of the city, a little further from the core of the town. The most popular hotel is Hotel Osijek, located in the center of the promenade, so you have a magnificent view of Osijek’s harbor. Another that is famous is Hotel Central, on the main square called Trg Ante Starčevića. There is also Hotel Waldinger, in the Županijska street and Boutique hotel Tvrđa, located in the Old Town Tvrđa. You can find numerous apartments and boarding houses throughout the center of the city and in the other zones.

Restaurants, taverns, and clubs

When it comes to food, if you are not really the type to try out new foods, you can visit local Mc Donalds and kebab fast food and takeaways located in the center of the city, near the town square. If you want to eat at a restaurant and try the local recipes, there are beautiful restaurants you can dine at. You can eat at Galija, which is a restaurant on a boat, located on river Drava, by the promenade. Also, if you want to enjoy the view of the river, you can dine at the restaurant Kompa near the ZOO, or in the ZOO hotel’s restaurant. For great local food, you can also dine at Krčma kod Ruže and Slavonska kuća located in Tvrđa. If you are interested in a bit of international cuisine, be sure to dine in the restaurant Lumiere, near the cinema Urania, Zimska Luka near Hotel Osijek, Restoran ‘’Muzej Okusa’’ next to City pools and etc. For vegetarian cuisine check Vege – Lege and Špajz, near the town’s market.
If you are a beer lover, check the taverns Pivnica Merlon and Old Bridge Pub in Tvrđa. As Osijek is very popular for cafes, a lot are found along the promenade, with a wonderful view of the river,  in the center, and of course in Tvrđa. The best night clubs are usually located in Tvrđa, and here are some of them: Exit, Epic, Tufna, Q club, Luna and etc.

Pivnica Merlon’s dish

Transport and shopping

The city’s infrastructure is well developed and apart from the bus and train station for traveling to closer cities or further, there is a well-connected public transport. You can use tram and city bus to take you almost anywhere you want. Also, you can rent a bike so you could explore the beauty of Osijek and use a healthier way of transport.
When it comes to shopping, if you are looking for malls and big shopping centers, you are looking for Avenue Mall and Portanova, near the industrial district of the city. You can use a taxi or a special bus which will drive you to Portanova, but Avenue Mall can be reached only by taxi when it comes to public transport. These centers have popular boutiques, cafe bars, cinemas, restaurants, tea shops, grocery stores, post offices and etc. There are also numerous shops, boutiques, and pharmacies near the town center, but the best shops are located in the great city malls mentioned above. The most popular souvenir shop is Lega – lega in the street Županijska ulica.

Tip: There is a small souvenir shop right next to the Church of Saint Peter and Paul; Etnokor, if you need local tokens of Slavonia and the city of Osijek.

We wish you a wonderful stay, which will surely be amazing since Osijek is truly one of the most interesting cities in eastern Croatia.

Center of the city and tram

The Church of Saint Peter and Paul, and the main town square, Trg Ante Starčevića


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