OSAKA Amazing Pass: A ticket for having more fun with less cost

January 1, 1970

by Chia-hsin-chen

If you are planning a trip that you would like to stay in OSAKA for deep travel, do not miss to add this ticket/the pass on your list. Osaka is the biggest city in western Japan, has more than 2 million population. In this kind of busy city, it has a very convenient underground system but complicating. Well, if you are not good at the direction… You can stay here for 1 to 7 days and make your unique experience in this modern city.


I have been to Osaka last year. There were a lot of tourists but I found most of the western tourists bought the underground ticket every time when they are going to another station. Osaka Amazing Pass: ONE DAY PASS and TWO DAY PASS will be your new choice. The underground pass is for you to travel anywhere else via Osaka underground or bus(not all of them). It has some limit but enough for traveling the Osaka city. Not only for underground, some of the sightseeings can get discounts by the pass even free entry, such as Osaka castle, Umeda sky building, Osaka zoo… more than 20 different activities.



  • Kansai Tourist Information Center Kansai International Airport
  • Osaka Visitors’ Information Center Umeda
  • Osaka Visitors’ Information Center Namba

If you have enough time, highly recommend buying it in KIX Airport. The opening is until 10 pm. They are very punctual. I arrived at the center at 10:00 pm and the guidance said sorry they’ve closed to me. Unfortunately, I have to look for another place to buy the pass, it sounds easy but a bit difficult. The direction in stations are so complicated, so the best solution is asking an officer who works in the station. I bought the pass in Umeda station, there was no way to find the information center. I asked an officer who wears in uniform and bought the ticket. That’s the efficient way to get your ticket if you don’t want to be lost in such a complicating station.


As the paragraph above, there are more than 20 activities or places for you to enjoy with the pass. Get discounts and save your money.

I would recommend some of the most valuable or must-see sightseeings and activities.

  • Cruise Ship Santa Maria Day Cruise/Twilight Cruise
  • Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel
  • Osaka Castle Museum
  • Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
  • Osaka-jo Gozabune Boat

These five discounts were the most valuable for me. Following, these activities look like fun and I bet you will enjoy it!

  • Tombori River Cruise/JAZZ Boat
  • Floating Garden Observatory (Umeda Sky Building)
  • Osaka Science Museum (If you have kids, he/she will get lots fun.)
  • Kaiyukan

What else? You must have Tsutenkaku Tower in your list but I would not recommend it if it is not free. Also, you might have Shitennoji Temple in consideration. For me, maybe it’s because it was in renovation, that was the most boring place for me…



How lucky I am, I almost gave up to have this amazing experience during sunset at Osaka port. My family and I were at a further station which is near Shitennoji Temple and we walked to another place to look for some electronic products but couldn’t find what we need. We were super tired but how couldn’t you go boarding when you were in this city? We rushed to the Osakako station, the direction of Santa Maria Cruise is quite clear. Go straight to the wheels and then turn left to the end of the footpath/sidewalk/pavement once you feel you get lost and see the information center, go to the building at the right-hand side, then you will find your way to get on board!

Only one boarding can see the beautiful sunset every day. No doubt, the weather has to be beautiful and you have to be lucky enough.

After cruising, it’s night time. The night view of the city is always the most special experience when traveling. There is a Ferris wheel nearby, one of the largest of the world with height 112.5 meters. You can see Tsutenkaku Tower and tiny Osaka Castle here.

By the way, if you play Pokemon Go, you must come here. This is one of the crazy spots of Pokemon. I caught Pikachu, Vulpix, Seel, Rhyhorn, Dratini… and I saw plenty of Japanese chasing Pokemon after school and work.


The transportation fees are very expensive in Osaka if you will take the underground more than five times in a day then go for it! You will save a lot, especially when you start your schedule from the morning. Most of the facilities close at night, so if you are not an early bird, think more before buying.


You heard a lot of must-sees from friends and relatives. You dream if you can go traveling there once in your life.

  1. Listing the must-sees and must-dos.
  2. Marking them and your hotel on google map.
  3. Find the nearest station of your hotel.
  4. Consider staying duration of each sightseeing.
  5. Think more with underground lines.

More information about planning a trip to Osaka.

  1. Osaka Castle is big enough for you to stay all day.
  2. There is no aircon on Ferris wheels, do not try in the morning of summer seasons.
  3. Be naked when you enjoy hot spring in Japan.
  4. Wearing sneakers, you will walk a lot so need a nice pair of shoes to walk.
  5. Dotombori is a place you must go at night time with full of shopping energy.

Dotobori_002 Dotobori_001


It was very rushed to look to visit these sight-seeings during 2 days. We arrived at late night, early morning. Two full days of staying and traveling in Osaka and then go to Kyoto on the third day morning.

I would recommend you to have a 5 to 7 days plan. Even only have fun in Osaka city, 5 days should be enough. You would not walk too much and feel too tired in one day. Also, you can fully enjoy every moment in each sight-seeings. Also, there is a universal studio in Osaka. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you would not miss it, wouldn’t you?



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