One-day trip to Bogor: Temples, Waterfalls and More!

Bogor, a lovely province situated at the last train station from Jakarta. It is one of the many destinations where Jakartans visit for a quick holiday trip other than Bandung. I have lived in this province for about 6 months during my student exchange program and can say that anyone will surely enjoy a one-day trip to this wonderful place.   Sites to see:

  1.       Temple: Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarta (Hindu Temple)
  2.       Waterfalls: Curug Nangka, Curug Daun, and Curug Kaun
  3.       Chinatown: Suryakancana Food trip and Vihara Dhanagun (Chinese Temple)
  4.       Gardens: Kebun Raya (Bogor Botanical Gardens)

Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarta

This place is a Hindu temple located at the edge of Mt. Salak which boasts its serenity and cool air. Its name means “the perfect divine nature” and is the 2nd biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia. It’s nice to come to Pura Jagatkarta early in the morning so that it won’t be too hot or rainy (especially since you will need to remove your footwear while walking on temple grounds). You can ask for a guide to help you go through the place. People here are typically friendly and will lend a helping hand but please respect their decisions and beliefs if they cannot allow you to enter some places. You can either come prepared or rent/buy some of the items at a nearby canteen just nearby the temple’s entrance.

Hindu Temples of Bogor

Things to bring:
  1. Sarong
  2. Incense
  3. Lighter
The sarong is typically wrapped around your waist like a skirt. If you do not have one, a long cloth (ex. batik) that can be tied into a long skirt will suffice. The incense and lighter is optional if you want to bring some to offerings. They already have mats inside for you to sit on the grass.  

Curug Nangka, Curug Daun and Curug Kaun

This is a fairly near place to the temple. It’s about 10-30 minutes away but you will end up paying some fees for entering the roads. Here, you can enjoy a picnic breakfast, brunch or lunch (whichever time you choose to arrive in). I still suggest the morning will be a better time since there won’t be crowds of people and the weather is better.

Curug Nangka

You can also option to just take one of these waterfalls. To enter Curug Nangka, you will go the lower path and walk in the stream for about 10 minutes before you reach a magnificent falls.

Curug Kaun and Daun

Curug Daun and Kaun, on the other hand, will take the road upwards. These two will take about 15 minutes to hike up each.  They are composed off a big waterfalls at the top then it will stream down into smaller ones. Things to bring:
  1. Extra clothes
  2. Outdoor Sandals
  3. Water
  4. Snacks
  5. First Aid Kit

Stairs going up and picnic grounds

You will get pretty wet if you’re planning to go to the waterfalls so you should bring some extra clothes and shoes. It’s still possible to dry up quickly if the sun is up and hot but it’s better to be safe and not catch colds. Shoes should have a good grip and expect them to get wet if you’re not planning to walk barefooted. The hiking path is a bit rocky. You should definitely bring water to stay hydrated but snacks are pretty optional. There will be a lot of stalls there that sell food (deep fried, instant noodles, etc.) and bottled drinks. Bringing a first aid kit would be good especially for unexpected scenarios but generally optional. NOTE: Beware of monkeys. Do not bring plastics because they will take it.  

Chinatown: Suryakancana

Food trip:

There are a lot of choices for food in Chinatown and I usually go there without much expectations on what to eat. “Bir Pletok” is something you have to try from the vendors. Though it does not contain any actual beer, it’s still a delicious drink. Pork is usually included when you go to the restaurants farther down the street but if you’re not into that, there are other restaurants like Cyrano Cafe.

Entrance of Vihara Dhanagun

Vihara Dhanagun:

It’s a temple situated near the entrance of Chinatown. Simple, compact and one-of-a-kind in Bogor, this temple boasts its red features and good atmosphere. You can take pictures inside but still please be respectful and do not take pictures of the people praying.  

Entrance of Kebun Raya

Kebun Raya

Also known as the Bogor Botanical Garden which has one of the most diverse set of flora and fauna in the world.

Bogor’s Presidential Palace

It not only houses trees and plants but also one of Indonesia’s presidential palaces.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

Here, you get to feed the deer, take amazing photos at bridges, fountains and statues.

Dutch cemetery

You will also find the Dutch graveyard in the Bamboo Forest. If you get tired walking, you can take a shuttle that goes around the garden. Picnics and group activities are also fun to do here. There is also a museum inside which houses different specimens and taxidermies of animals around Indonesia.


Honestly, the garden is big so it’s completely normal not to be able to see the whole place. Choose the ones you like and map out which places you want to go to. Check out the garden shop before you leave since some of the items are exclusively sold there.

Shop in Kebun Raya

Things to bring:
  1. Cap
  2. Umbrella
  3. Shades
Note: Local ticket is cheaper than the foreigner’s  

Key things to remember when visiting Bogor:

  • They don’t call it “kota seribu angkot” (The city of a thousand public transportation minivans) for nothing. Expect heavy traffic on typical rush hours and plan this trip when there is no long weekend.
  • Another name Bogor boasts is “kota hujan” (The city of rain). Be sure to bring an umbrella, cap, or even a raincoat.
  • For foreigners who do not speak Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), please do note that most people around the places I have mentioned won’t be so well-versed in English or other languages that are not their native tongue (possibly Sundanese or Indonesian). It would be great if you can learn a few basic words before doing this trip or maybe have an Indonesian friend or guide to come along with you.
I tried this itinerary before with a close friend and unlike the other outings I have been to, this one truly highlights Bogor’s historical and cultural landmarks as well as its natural beauty. I hope you will love the experience as much as I have.

Jazzlyn Yu

I am a student of life and a proud advocate of the ASEAN region. Currently I reside in the Philippines and you can typically find me being a museum fanatic, nature lover, curious experimenter, and newbie writer.