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Take a musical trip with me to London, England and fill your camera roll with incredible music landmarks you won’t soon forget. It’s no secret that London is home to some of the most influential music icons and locations in the world. Tons of artists have chosen England’s historic streets for breathtaking and iconic cover art and music videos. After seeing some of these musical landmarks for myself I can tell you that they are worth visiting. Whether you like David Bowie or the Beatles you will want to stop and take in the musical history that lies in this city. England is a place where every genre can tell their story through music with an incredibly diverse culture. Any music lover can appreciate the history that lies in London’s vivacious streets. Start checking off your music bucket list with these harmonious landmarks in London, England!  

Abbey Road – The Beatles

It’s only fitting to begin this list with the world-famous Abbey Road. This residential street doesn’t look like a place where four music legends would choose for their cover photo but they sure did make history that day. The Beatles 11th studio album made a splash with this simple yet iconic cover photo. Who knew that walking across the street would result in a stunning photo that people all over the world could recognize decades later. Abbey Road should be your first stop on your music tour of London! Tip: Visit early in the day, Abbey Road is a busy street so you may have to dodge cars! abbey road the beatles  

Aldwych Tube Station – The Prodigy

The Prodigy chose a very creative place in London to film the music video for their song, Firestarter. The black and white video features the band in a now abandoned underground train track. How 90’s of them. The tube backdrop provides a dynamic video that you might not have realized was in London. This amazing landmark can only be accessed on special occasions during the year because it is no longer in service. Recreate the insane music video in this unique location. Tip: Research when you can see it!  

The Archway Tavern – The Kinks

The Archway tavern has been a London classic since the 1800s. Located in the neighborhood of Archway you will find a massive work of art that has stood the test of time. For the Kinks this was the ideal location for their Muswell Hillbillies album art. This cover art gives you a peek inside of the famous tavern filled with fun and interesting people. The Archway tavern is said to currently be in construction preparing for re-opening. Once it is back in its full glory you can recreate this iconic shot. Tip: Avoid high traffic times so you can get a clear photo.  

Battersea Power Station – Pink Floyd

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a pig? Pink Floyd made a show-stopping cover photo for their album titled, Animals. This one of a kind photo featured an inflatable pig tied to the chimneys of the Battersea Power Station in London. After the photo was taken the pig got loose and ended up floating in the path of airplanes flying by. You can visit this power plant and marvel at Pink Floyd’s creativity in person. Tip: Bring your own stuffed piggy and have a friend hold it up next to the power station….re-creation done.  

Berwick Street – Oasis

Another music landmark you can visit in London is located on Berwick Street. Oasis used this hip street as the backdrop for their cover art for the album, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? While the photo is slightly blurry it is still easy to find this iconic location in London. With only a few changes to Berwick Street, you are able to get a photo that resembles Oasis’ simplistic album cover. Tip: Go in the evening for the best light!  

Eldon Street – Radiohead

Eldon street is an easy London location to visit if you are a Radiohead fan. This street was used to film the music video for their song, Just. In the video, several pedestrians are seen lying on the pavement while the band sings. Music has always been a staple for London as shown in this unique location. Tip: Maybe don’t re-create this one unless you want to get run over.  

Heddon Street – David Bowie

World-famous and adored artist David Bowie also chose to use the streets of London for an album cover. The cover art for Bowie’s album, the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars features him leaning against a building along Heddon Street. This has since attracted fans to this location to pay homage to David Bowie. Head over to Heddon Street to check out where he stood himself. Tip: Check it out at night for the same eerie look.  

Hoxton Street – The Verve

Another musical landmark you can find in London is located on Hoxton Street. This is where the Verve recorded the music video for their song, Bittersweet Symphony. Lead singer, Richard Ashcroft can be seen lip-synching while mindlessly strolling down the road. You can easily make your own version of this video but watch out for pedestrians and traffic! Tip: Explore the local shops in this neighborhood as well.  

Liverpool Street Station – Mansun

For the band, Mansun a simple music video was out of the question. The video for their song Taxloss was filmed inside the Liverpool Street Station. The video blew up in the media with the band tossing about £25,000 over the banisters during rush hour. Just imagine you are on your way to work and money starts falling from the sky? Talk about a great way to start the morning. Tip: Make your own version of this video with monopoly money.  

The Savoy – Bob Dylan

Behind the Savoy hotel in London lies an alleyway that at first glance doesn’t seem like it would be a music landmark. Bob Dylan chose this understated location to film his music video for the song, Subterranean Homesick Blues. Dylan can be seen flipping through large cards with writing on them. Any true fan of Bob Dylan will instantly recognize this historical spot. Tip: Write your own unique message in the same style Bob Dylan did!  

Stepney’s Nightclub – Pulp

The now abandoned Stepney’s Nightclub was the location for Pulp’s music video for the song, Common People. While you can no longer go inside the club there is still tons of history to see from the outside. Tip: Start your own dance party outside of this musically historic building.   Cites: 

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