Monterrey Mexico, can actually be perfect.

January 1, 1970

by Jimena Pérez

Monterrey is located in the northeast part of Mexico where you either freeze yourself in winter or dry your whole body in summer from the high temperatures.  I mean yes we have crazy weather that could change from one moment to another but that is not a big problem when you really want to get to know the city and all the little amazing corners that it has to show you cause if you don’t like it now you can come back in 20 minutes and it will probably be completely different.

Anyway, in my opinion, Monterey is perfect for travelers that want to experience a little bit of everything. Why?… easy.. it has everything, from the craziest clubs at night,  to a chilled and even romantic walk at the city center. Any occasion can be perfect.   Here I will tell you about my favorite spots that I’m sure you will love to visit in your next stop by the city.

Here my top 6 places in the city that you should not miss

1- Paseo Santa Lucía.

This place was renovated for the international Forum of cultures a few years ago and since then it has been one of the most beautiful places in the city.  This walk is a river sidewalk that has a lot of fountains that dance with music and lighting at night.  here you can either walk all the way or take a little boat that gives you the whole sight od the walk in less than an hour.

My favorite moment of the day to visit this place is in the evening cause restaurants on the side of the walk are still open but is already dark to appreciate the beautiful light that surrounds the place giving it a magical and romantic touch.

During the day, of course, is still beautiful cause you can see all the flowers that are around the river and enjoy a little bit our intense sun.

2-Meow Café.

This place is absolutely perfect for cat lovers!! Its also located in the city center one block behind the Mexican History Museum. Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while being surrounded by cats and everything that is related to them. Cat paintings, Cat drawings, Cat stickers, Cat everything!  please don’t bring your allergic friend here or he would definitely die.

3-Mariposa café

Third recommendation from my top 6.  Here you can enjoy the calmness of live music, at the same time that you see how active the city center can be during a weekend. While you eat something nice or just have a nice coffee (“Lechero” is my favorite, a lot of hot milk with a bit of espresso), there will be nice soft live music but in the next corner you can hear big DJs playing, you can see the fleet market that sells Mexican crafts, you can see the central fountain, and of course the Mexican flag at the center of the city. So basically you have a little of everything while enjoying a nice evening. If you walk a little bit around the area you will experience from your own eyes and body what real Mexico is.

4- Fundidora

This is a park located very close to the center of the city which in the past was a metals factory. Nowadays the ovens that served many years ago the industry, are transformed into spectacular museums that will show you all the story about the park and how the industry was really important to build up the city. Other structures that before where part of the factory are now art museums that are also really worth it.

If you are not that into museums you can also rent bicycles and drive around the park, you can have a picnic in one of the huge gardens that it has, or simply walk around a little.  It doesn’t matter, any activity that you like could actually be suitable for this part of the city where people love to just hang around and have a great afternoon.

At night the park changes a little and now is all light up with small lights that give you a more of a romantic feeling, but anyway, my favorite is to see the “Horno 3” lighted up with all the blue and red light that give you the feeling as if it was still functioning.

5- Obispado

If you are one of those sunset seekers, I have great news for you! Obsipspado is a little museum that has also a viewpoint of the city. It is located at the top of a small hill in the middle of the City which makes you be able to see a 360° view of Monterrey.  In this top you will see the biggest flag and also the highest of the city, it’s a Mexican flag that is held in a 100m flagpole as I mentioned before on the top of the hill so this makes it also perfect for photography!

My recommendation is to arrive a little before sunset so you can appreciate the city with light, see the sunset, and then stay a little so you can now see the whole night view of Monterrey.  Best part of it: if you walk up there is free, and if you go by car is only $30Mxn.  (less than 2 dollars).

6- Centrito Valle.

Last but not least Centrito Valle! The Clubs and Bars area of San Pedro.  San Pedro is a neighborhood that is one of the richest in the whole Mexico so it gives you a whole different perspective of what you have always thought that Mexico was. After you have had chilled and also cool nights at the city center or Bario Antiguo, coming to Centrito is a completely different world.   Even though the area is a fancy area not all of the bars are that expensive and they can be absolute fun!  And the cherry on the cake is all the “taquerias” taco places that you can find for the after party that are simply delicious. Totally recommended to go for a night out, drink some tequilas and end up your night eating some traditional tacos!


This 6 places inside the city are only a little trial of all the beauty that Monterrey is actually holding. Imagine how perfect it can be because I haven’t even started to talk about the natural places that are surrounding the Mountains City of Mexico which are really beautiful! Wait for the moment when I  share everything about them.



Jimena Pérez

By Jimena Pérez

I'm a Mexican girl who is crazy about the world itself, the people in it, the mysteries it holds, the differences between places, the landscapes, the culture each place keeps. I want to share the passion for living, one day at the time, one place at the time. I have lived in Mexico my whole short life with a little break in South Africa that for sure was enough to love the country. Even I have been in Mexico I have always had friends and received people from all around the world. I can also say that I'm a student in different topics like business engineering, aerial silks, aerial silks coaching, photography, writing... Just to mention some. So, here I am sharing and learning. Hoping you can enjoy a little bit of my perception of life.


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