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The best backpackers destinations & accommodation in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Top 4 hostels in Monterrey, Mexico.

These are the 4 most awesome hostels and budget places to stay in Monterrey, Mexico.

La Casa del Barrio

89 /100

Guest Rating

La Casa del Barrio

Hostel+ Spanish School + Waffles & More The best property & Location in Monterrey, La Casa del Barrio is a place where you can feel at home with a unique and homey rooms and Cafeteria through out an authentic Mexican atmosphere. La Casa del Barrio gives a little taste of what Mexico can off...
La Casa del Barrio is a guesthouse in Monterrey. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Ikali Hostel

87 /100

Guest Rating

Ikali Hostel

Ikali Hostel is the perfect mix of the antique building and contemporary context to get lodge in the magnificent city of Monterrey. Besides our great friendly environment near museums, parks, local food & bars, get relax in the spa bath! By night sleep in our new rustic capsules beds with A.C. In th...
Ikali Hostel is a hostel in Monterrey. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Taiyari Hostal

73 /100

Guest Rating

Taiyari Hostal

Taiyari Hostal is the most beautiful and comfy hostel in Monterrey with a colonial façade and double height walls in all of our rooms providing a great sense of amplitude. Our building has thick walls of ashlar which provide freshness to the rooms. We have private and shared rooms, providing a wide...
Taiyari Hostal is a hostel in Monterrey. Check Hostelworld for prices.


Hostal Soyforaneo

57 /100

Guest Rating

Hostal Soyforaneo

Biggest hostel in downtown Monterrey!!! WITH AIR CONDITIONER!!! Recidencias Soyforaneo is the best place to stay for students, backpackers or professionals who want to visit one of the best cities in Mxico: the industrial city of Monterrey. We have rooms from DORMS to LOFTs with kitchen....
Hostal Soyforaneo is a hostel in Monterrey. Check Hostelworld for prices.


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Monterrey: a guide from a local

How do i start talking about my hometown? I really have so much things to talk about my city, but i’m going to give you the perfect guide to know Monterrey. For starters, this city is located north in Mexico, it’s a very hot place, the weather is a little bit confusing, we can be 40º degrees and then an hour passes by and it’s already raining. The people is very friendly, you definitely will make very good friends over here. The food is extraordinary, everyone is going to tell you that the meat is our star (and it is). Tacos, cabrito and carne asada are our top meals. But, let me tell you how to be an expert travelling around Monterrey.

Travelling the universe

Via Ferrata, Ruta Vertigo in Monterrey

Via Ferrata can be located in many parts of the world and fortunately, there is one in the beautiful great city of Monterrey, Mexico, which is a city surrounded by canyons and mountains, in the ones you can do several activities. Monterrey is known for being an industrial city but it also well known for having amazing mountains that are excellent for hiking and climbing. Many people from Mexico and even expert climbers from other countries come to Monterrey to try its mountains. So if you are passionate about climbing and adventure I would highly recommend you to come to Monterrey and give it a try to Via Ferrata.

Camila Magallanes

Get to know Monterrey, Mexico

Getting to know an entirely new country takes time, which is exactly why we will be getting to know one single city: Monterrey. Being one of the biggest cities in Mexico, Monterrey prides itself on being an industrialized city working every minute of the day.

Rea Sarcelle

Monterrey Mexico, can actually be perfect.

Monterrey is located in the northeast part of Mexico where you either freeze yourself in winter or dry your whole body in summer from the high temperatures.  I mean yes we have crazy weather that could change from one moment to another but that is not a big problem when you really want to get to know the city and all the little amazing corners that it has to show you cause if you don’t like it now you can come back in 20 minutes and it will probably be completely different.

Jimena Pérez

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