Mallorca: Top Places I Would Return Here For

With my excited friend Barbora, we visited Palma de Mallorca in Spain for 3 days trip. Can you imagine walking through lovely streets and holding the fully-tasting ice-cream? For me, it simply was the holiday feeling I came here for :).

Check out the old city center

We saw not only beautiful Mediterrane architecture– typical buildings with small balconies and wooden rollouts, but also a wide range of various kinds of restaurants, bars and tourist shops. Behind every corner, we approached a small cute square with interesting fontane or building and we felt like in a fairytale.  

Plaza Mayor

Our target was the largest and most famous square in Palma´s old town. Beautifully surrounded by arcaded Spanish buildings with paintings on it, Plaza Mayor was simply spectacular. Full of the best-looking restaurants, cafes, and people all around it feels a bit noisy and rushy after a while. That´s why we continued to next sightseeing but suddenly came to a small charming square with playing musicians. I felt a bit deja vu feeling when a memory came to my mind. A year ago I have been shortly in Palma de Mallorca with my boyfriend in this exact square with musicians. They started playing “despasito” song and we spontaneously started to dance. We were the only ones dancing on the square, even one man clapped hands to the rhythm and I got eyes only for my boyfriend. We noticed that some Russian girls made a video of us, so we approached them. We had a funny conversation together and hang out for a while. It was a beautiful moment I lively remember and the same musicians were still playing here as it was yesterday :). I mentioned Barbora this moment and we continued to the biggest monument in Palma.

Catedral de Mallorca

This appealing monument dominates the city and stands as a landmark. Catedral de Mallorca is a great viewpoint and the perfect spot for taking representative tourist photos. Just be careful of pidgeon attacks and men who wanna sell you magnets! I noticed that streets and corners are frequently covered with Graffiti from hard-to-notice small ones to big ones. It was a fascinating combination for me. However, graffiti blended naturally in city architecture and smarten up the look of the city. Thanks to it, the city has a modern and fresh vibe. I decided to collect those daring gratifies, you can view my cute collection!

Explore Mallorca´s Nightlife

In the night we found several discos, the most extraordinary was  Tito´s Night Club. The red carpet was linning before the club, glass elevator brings you on the top where the real Miami parties take place. The extravagant and rich interior makes you feel as Hollywood celebrity,  at least, I felt like that :D.  Unfortunately, we entered the club when there was no event, I can imagine coming here back when the wild party is on!

Enjoy “Why Not Cocktail Bar”

However, we didn’t mean to go to another bar, but asked “why not?” ourselves and entered Why Not Cocktail Bar. It was the smallest Bar I have ever been in. I felt as entering a closet to Narnia. It was wide only about 2,5 meters and long probably 4meters. There was an only tiny bar, where the barman needs to stand all the time and only places to sit were around it. We constantly feel familiar with the other visitors and had funny bar-like conversations above cocktails.  We really liked the environment, the walls decorated with newspapers and retro accessories- make the whole place cozy. After this great day and evening, we went walking to our hostel room in the city center. Mallorca´s center is accurately big, to all the sightseeing you can get on foot.

Discover Outskirts

Adventure in Water Park

The next day we wanna experience something active, so we visited one of two Mallorca´s Water Parks- Western Water Park. It’s 50minutes by public transport from the Palma city center. Buy tickets to Park online, because it is cheaper. We got amazed by so many attractions, slides, and pools. Park was really diverse, and we didn’t know which attraction to try first. We went almost everywhere, water slides with inflatable matrasses, really high water slides, wild river, wave pool…however the most favorite for us was an attraction called wild horses- water slide you slide down laying on a pad. The pad has holders and was bent at the front so you smoothly land on the water. Even though the time in the Park was amazing, next time we would attend more prepared:
  • We would buy food and water and have a picnic in a park, to avoid expensive prices.
  • I would bring some flip-flops or water boots because paths in the park were really hot- Barbora was smarter and brought ones for herself.
  • Buy a Fastpass or visit park when it opens. Fastpass (+15 euro to entrance ticket) allows you to overtake the waiting lines for attractions. In the middle of the day, we wait for some attractions over 30minutes. On the draining sun, it was unpleasant.

Party in Magaluf

Afternoon we spent in the touristic center next to Palma de Mallorca- Magaluf. The Western Water Park was in this district, so we explored it a little. It has a different vibe than Mallorca city- center was more touristic orientated, hotels, beach bars, ice-creams everywhere. At the beach, some handsome guy stopped us and start inviting us to the party. We learned that Magaluf is famous because of its wild parties and areas selected only for parties. He told us all the secrets of what’s currently happening, what are the entrances and where are shows. We were thinking about one package- entrance to party area with bar, DJs and pool, unlimited food and drinks during the whole night, for 50€. His offer was persistent, but finally, after a long day in Western Water Park and on the beaches, we decided to return to Palma for the evening. Anyway, we had enough cocktails yesterday! I enjoyed this trip so much because Mallorca has so many things to offer, I would like to return here someday again and explore more cool places in this nice city. I am so happy that I spend time here with Barbora and we discovered beautiful monuments, cafes, tourist attractions, and enjoyed a refreshing chill on the beaches and adventure time in Water Park.

Pauli Gajdy

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