Mallorca: A family vacation

January 1, 1970

by Lucet Schuit


Mallorca: A family vacation

Last summer (summer 2016) my family and i went to Mallorca ( Spain , Cala d’Or. ) for the first time, we booked our apartment and plane tickets not that long before we went. We booked last minute, also really unexpected but we decided to go there and it was totally amazing!

We landed at night, it was dark outside and also very hot because we flew from Amsterdam where it is not that hot. When we arrived in Palma de Mallorca (that is where the airport of Mallorca island is) there was a buss for the people who rented a apartment the same time as we did. We talked to them and when we got dropped at our apartments we ended up having apartment next to each other. They were also families with 2 kids, just like us).

The next morning when we woke up we explored everything around our apartments, the pool (that we shared with the 2 other families) was right next to the apartments. This was amazing because it was pretty hot outside and we could just cool off in the pool and the kids could play in it. The pool was very child friendly, with a deeper side of the pool and also a side that the kids could stand up in the water.

In the town that was about a 20 minute walk away from our apartment where a lot of stores that you could buy water toys for kids and air cushions. Because the local people know that there are tourist staying they make the prices pretty expensive, but it is worth it to buy one. It is very relaxing to lay on a air cushion in the pool, under the sun. Oh man, don’t you want to be in that position right now? i sure do.

what can you do in Mallorca / Cala d’Or

We had a gathering the next morning we arrived at our destination, which was very very nice. Someone who spoke Dutch but did live there explained all the other dutch families what there is to do on the island. She recommended bays that are gorgeous and not so crowded, local stores and markets and ways to towns in the surroundings. Also she gave us folders of organisations and amusement parks.

Also you could buy arrangements of so many different trips, safari trips, boat trips and so much more. We choose to go on the boat trip (see pic) and it was absolutely gorgeous. On the boat trip we stopped close to a beach, where we could swim in the sea and later we had a BBQ on the boat. It was very tasty and a lot of food and salads to choose from.


We went to see the Caves of Drach too (see pic). It was so beautiful and secretly also a perfect oppurtunity to cool off for a little bit. I am not gonna tell a lot about it, just know that if you go that there is a very very special and beautiful suprise in the Caves of Drach.


markets and local people

there are a lot of fun, small and big markets. With very tasty fresh fruits, vegetables and also clothing and accessories. The people in Mallorca are very friendly and funny, it is so funny to see that in countries where it is hot that people are so much calmer then in other countries. They seem to be relaxed and happy people, they just do what they like and enjoy life. When you are around people who are relaxed, you get relaxed automatically. And that is what you want on a holiday right?

On the streets where a lot of street artists, so so talented. The artists made a whole show of their process of painting, adding funny drawings that they changed into landscapes. To buy one of the creatings was not expensive at all and the artist would make it exactly the way you would want it to be.

The restaurants in Mallorca are very nice, not expensive and with BEAUTIFULL views. In most restaurants you can order child meals or smaller portions, which is great for kids or elder people.

when to visit Mallorca?

If you are stuck to school vacations of children i recommend going when there are no school holidays, it will be a lot cheaper and a lot less crowded. It is not annoying crowded when you go in school vacations, but of course it is always nice to have a whole bay for yourself right ?


I would recommend booking your flights apart from your hotel or apartment, this can save you a lot of money. But if you are not so good with internet and computers then i should look for sites that you can buy the plane tickets and hotel or apartment in one. This is also great because you just have one reservation number and most of the time you do not have to pay for the transfer between airport and hotel or apartment.

internet connection

If internet is important to you, i would recommend really looking into hotels before you book a trip to see if there is WiFi connection. In a lot of hotels and apartments there is no or very weak internet connection. You could always try it at different hotels and buy a WiFi pass for a day, this is not very cheap. So if you want to stay in touch with other family members or friends when you are on vacation and you do not want to pay extremly high phone bills i would really look into a hotel or apartment with WiFi.

would i visit Mallorca again?

yes i totally would visit Mallorca Cala ‘d again, it is a great place for children, teenagers, adults and elder people. You can stay for a low budget but also in a 5 star resort. There are a lot of activities to do, also for kids. The people are great, the weather is nice, the food is tasty. It is basically a perfect vacation for anyone.






Lucet Schuit

By Lucet Schuit

I am only 17 years old but i have always loved to travel, every summer my parents would take me to different countries. Now i am old enough to travel by myself, i travel quite a lot. And i do really feel like it also made me a stronger person. It is amazing to see other cultures and rituals, countries and different kinds of people. I hope i will be able to travel a lot more in the future and will fill my heart with memories of beautiful places on this planet.


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