Madrid: An overview of emotions and experiences

This article on Madrid is a descriptive about the cultural capital of the Spain and its first impression on the visitor. Hope this read helps you in discovering the city in a better and adventurous way.

Madrid: A buoyant metropolis

Madrid, a city of cheerful maniacs. A city that gets you in awe of its splendid streets, plazas, ornamented facades and exuberant spirit of the locals. A city to explore by foot. With receding of winter and the setting of Spring, the city accelerates to reveal its vibrancy. With people, switching from the layer of Winter clothing to embracing the spring with vibrant hues.  Often in winters, you will find locals sharing a merry laugh over a glass of beer, sitting outside in the sun, radiating warmth and laughter. A sight appealing for any tourist, to grab a seat to the nearest table and relish the gleam of the Sun. The thrill of the city breeze, warmth of the city people, and the hopes of the trees to get its leaves back again, all waiting for the Spring to blossom.  A sight to take in account of the wonders that this city creates. Madrid, a city, which never gets tired of people.

Streets of Madrid! Walking down any street in Madrid would you wonder at the beauty.

Streets of Madrid:  A delight

Madrid, the cultural and the financial capital of Spain; leave in you a shudder of excitement and joy.  Streets of Madrid are one delicacy to walk onto.  Cobbled stones all weaved into a pattern almost goes unnoticed by the presence of enthusiasm and chatter of people around. Streets give the city its beat to thrive. No wonder, the cultural capital leave you astonished with the beauty of the simplicity and exhilaration of the life around. People strive to be a part of the dynamism of this city and take back memories in abundance.

Madrid: An emotion and gesture

It is a city filled with gestures and emotions. An affectionate greet from the local cheers your day up. Locals will help you get around the city with hand gestures and expressions, a bonus if you do not know Spanish and try to decipher things with the gesture. It amazes me how an unknown language cannot bind conversations. Though, the knowledge of a basic set of Spanish words would help in touring the city and establishing a small cultural talk with a local.

City of etiquettes and savour the delicacy

A city of etiquettes and patience where you will come across people who will wait for their turn in the queue to get into the metro or at the billing counter and thus, a sight which not many cities of the world acknowledge. Less car-honking, pedestrian-friendly zones and traffic sense, Madrid has it all. A delightful sight of pets being adorned by their owners and sniffing around the streets. The most peculiar thing about the city is that it never stops. With the city population of about 3million people and an annual tourist footfall of more than 6million people, Madrid serves all. The arrival of spring brings in colours and culture to Madrid. Winter days are dead, but a peek of the Sun and everything settles in place. Often, this city is regarded as a city of colour, dance and music. The city in its full zeal and glory, will not disappoint but will keep you in awe at its wonderful buildings and plazas, parks and streets, and people. Savoured meat-delicacies, wines from the local vineyard, a traditional dish called tapas served at tapa-bars, all a feast for a food enthusiast. Being a vegetarian in Madrid or in fact, in Spain though will lead you to several disappointments in knowing about the authentic flavour of the country.

The city lives on Metro! Metro-an amaze to the city!

Public Transportation

Madrid the capital, has a well-established road, railway and air connections. It is very convenient to travel either by underground subway or EMT buses in the interior of the city. Touring the city in a public-transportation has its own privilege. The privilege of getting to know about the lifestyle of the Spaniards in Madrid and reflecting back on to the place where we come from.  A bonus adventure ride would be to keep anticipating the first glimpse of the cultural capital and be enthralled by its first sight. A metro-ride from the airport to the heart of the city and the ascend of station steps to the city street will fill you with excitement and anticipation.  As the wait for the city-sight ends, so will end the desire to get thrilled. Getting a metro ticket or a transport card can prove to be meticulous at the beginning with the bonus of an alien language if you are not accustomed to Spanish. But, Madrid metro celebrates its centenary year this year and it is of immense pleasure to take a metro ride down the city. Metro experience, by far would be one memorable incident to travel in Madrid. At each step, it will make one feel like a detective, trying to reach the discovery of different phases of operation and execution. Take in all of the glimpses of the city, with the local bus. Large windows, seats at different levels, makes for one of the interesting sight-seeing around the city. Bonus adventure trip for a lazy day and to fuse in some energy to the tired beings would be to take a bus from Point A in the city centre. Travel from Point A to Point B and back to Point A. A perk for having a 7-day all-transport tourist ticket. Watch the city pass by and get some much-needed rest.

An evening stroll at the Plaza will liven up your day

City guide: An itinerary

Madrid, a city to embrace and love the little nooks and corners around. A walk in El Retiro park or across the Madrid Rio, a tour around the Royal Palace and the Amuladena Cathedral, savouring the Churros con chocolate at a local café,  appreciation of the famous works of art in the Museums in the art triangle, hanging out in Malasana neighbourhood till late hours and enjoying the night-life, jiving at El-Rastro market on Sunday mornings to shop, rest at the plazas and munch in few delicacies around Plaza Mayor, walk back around the streets of Gran-via experiencing grandeur and watching the sun-set at the Templo de Debod- experiences that sums up Madrid itinerary. As the dawn breaks, and the flight takes off to yet another destination in life, leaves behind wonderful impressions and memories of this city full of life, culture and happiness. Madrid, a buoyant city. Madrid, an energetic chime. “La ciudad sea increible. La ciudad estara en los recuerdos para siempre.”  


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