Luxurious Summer Getaway to St. Moritz

January 1, 1970

by Lilita

It was like a dream when I was finally at Tirano train station with a ticket to St. Moritz in my hand. Why St. Moritz and not other part of Switzerland like Mount Titlis or Lucerne?

Since last year when I planned to have this trip, I was already so excited to witness the Swiss Engadin Alps from the windows of the train. Actually this was part of my 3-week Europe trip that started in late June this year. Don’t judge the trip by its price, but deal with rich experience that your eyes and soul don’t want to get away from. If I had another chance to have this trip again in the future, I wouldn’t ever think twice!



The three of us (I was traveling with 2 friends from Indonesia) after taking the first Trenod train from Milano Centrale station, finally arrived at Tirano station. We hurriedly ran to the ticketing office, we didn’t want to miss the first train to St. Moritz because we needed to be in St. Moritz as long as possible before leaving for Basel at 17:57 by SBB train with the tickets that were already reserved online.

With the reference of someone, we chose the normal/regular train of Rhatische Bahn with same fare Eur 28 as Bernina Express but without CHF 14 reservation fee. The normal one was more convenient for us who needed windows that could be opened so we wouldn’t get non-glare photos. I tried to sit for about 5 minutes in the uncovered wagon that was attached to the back part of the train, but it was too windy so after taking several pictures, I went back inside the train.

I often moved back and forth from the right window side to the left, never got tired of taking pictures as if recording the dazzling views with my eyes hadn’t been enough. Well I didn’t mind if I couldn’t go home and had to stay there for the rest of my life.

It took us two and a half hours to travel between Tirano and St. Moritz, with nonstop photo session for sure. I never let my cameras rest during the trip while admiring the sceneries at the same time.



Seeing the other parts of the train



Stick your head out the window and breathe the air of Swiss Alps!



Breathtaking view


uncovered wagon

See how fun it is being in the uncovered wagon


I know, Dear. Paradise, right?

I know, Dear. Paradise, right?


Taken from the window of the running train

Taken from the window of the running train



Feeling so close that you want to touch them?


A beautiful village in the valley

A beautiful village in the valley


A lake near La Prese

A lake near La Prese




Since we didn’t intend to stay overnight in St. Moritz, we carefully used our short time to explore the town after leaving our bags at the luggage storage of the train station.

This town is the popular destination for its luxury holiday  and ski resorts. They say about jet-setters  often come to this town in winter, I still remember I said to myself I didn’t have to be a jet-setter to be in St. Moritz.

After walking for several steps from the train station, I could see a large aquamarine lake that was surrounded by flower field. I was like being hipnotized, stayed for a moment on the side of the lake before walking up to the center of the town. When I searched some informations for the trip on the internet, I could almost only see pictures with winter scenes. But with my own eyes, I could see St. Moritz as my summer wonderland.



st moritz-001

The blue St. Moritz Lake with flower field



I didn't expect this panoramic would look this fisheyed

I didn’t expect this panoramic would look this fisheyed



Speechless, I just sat there for I don’t remember how long


I got separated from my friends unintentionally and wandered around the town by myself, passing by Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the favourite place of celebrities and royalties in the heart of St. Moritz. Not far from it, I saw Via Serlas, the shopping paradise for them who love international brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci.


The legendary Badrutt's Palace Hotel

The legendary Badrutt’s Palace Hotel


Shopping on Via Serlas?

Shopping on Via Serlas?


After walking for about an hour around the town, not because I was tired, I decided to sit on a park bench before going down the hill to really enjoy the lake view and feel the lake wind gently touch my face. This town really knows how to please the visitors’ eyes, 2 eyes aren’t enough.


st moritz-007

The view from the hill


St. Moritz Lake from another angle

I got tempted by the blue of St. Moritz Lake



Wanna rent sailing and rowing boats and spend an unforgettable time with the loved ones on this beautiful Lake? It’s possible at St. Moritz Lake.


The dream was over, finally we had to leave St. Moritz. I really want to come back again in winter trying the glacier train and making this town as a romantic getaway with my significant other.



By Lilita

When Lil was still a textile sourcing manager with high pressure work environment, traveling had become the saviour of her sanity. After she quit her job in 2015, she totally left the professional life for 6 months and went to travel around Indonesia, almost forgot how to differentiate the fabric qualities. Then when she finally made a return to the textile world in early 2016, she could only manage to stay at the company for 4 months before her adventure to 17 cities in Europe began. And as for writing, in 2015, she had an article published in a travel magazine then guest-posted 2 articles on an inspiring-women-to-travel blog:


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