London – you can either love or hate it

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London –  the bigest city in United Kingdom

London.. So many people from a lot of different countries arrive to United Kingdom to find happiness, success and to create a better living. London is an amazing city, if you really want you can make all your dreams come true, just get ready – you will work your ass off to achieve this. Sometimes on my way to work I keep thinking – people are so busy and so concentrated on their lives that they don’t even notice anymore how beautiful London is. Shame, but I am one of them. I know that Tower Bridge is one of the most beautiful spots in London and I am passing it at least twice a day. But you know, it became so natural and common that now it's just a bridge. Only when you go away and you hear people talking, or simply just watching news – you realise that you live in an amazing city. London looks completely differently and I see it from a different angle. It’s so true – only when you don’t have or lose, you start missing what you had. And it makes me wonder, how difficult is to leave London? I won’t lie, it’s absolute and honest truth – I’m completely in love with this city. Every single day you find out something new, find the spot where you haven’t been before… Even after 7 years you can easily get lost and only with your phones help get back home. Yeah.. London is one of the most charming and the most alive city in Europe. Maybe it's even the most alive, at the end of the day the population is about 12 million. I will never regret that I made the decision to come here – actually, that’s one of the best decisions. The experience you are getting here and people you are meeting – it totally changes your way of thinking.

London changes people

I am from Lithuania, which is a very conservative and reserved country. When I was living there, I have heard many bad things about Muslims. You should consider twice before telling to your mum that you are dating a Muslim guy. All Muslims in Lithuanian society are just bad people. But that is probably because that we hear mostly only bad stories about them… When I came to London, I met a lot of very nice people and they are far away from the ones you have to be scared of. I believe that everywhere you will find bad and good people, even in Lithuanian there are so many bad people, like in every other nation. And you can’t judge the entire nation just for what one person has done. Of course, religion is a very important thing. Personally, I wouldn’t like to get involved romantically with someone who’s religion is different – it’s just too difficult and complicated. But that doesn’t mean that I am judging others. Life in London teaches you to be tolerant and just let people live their lives the way they want. At the end of the day, you might never know where you will meet your other half. Live your life the way you want – doesn’t that sound awesome? And that is what I love most about London – you can walk in your pyjamas to the shop and nobody will even look at you. Well, of course they will look, but you know what I mean.. As for instance, girls in Lithuania are putting makeup even when they take the rubbish out. Funny – right? But again, I guess they do what's best for them – no judgement. Only after living in London for the last 7 years I do understand that there are lots of other things to worry about, makeup or no makeup – it's still you. And no one will shoot you if you decide not to wear it for a day.

English loyalty to things they do

The other thing what I really admire about English culture – is Sunday’s tradition. Sunday is family’s day – parents are trying to spend more time with their kids: going to the park or to the local restaurant and sharing with each other what happened during the week. And of course, Sunday’s roast – that is something what English people wouldn’t miss. Same as afternoon cream tea – real English person can’t live without traditional English Breakfast Tea. I keep telling to my friends that it’s pretty boring, that there are loads of other nice teas like green or peppermint, but to be honest it’s just a waste of time. The only real tea for British is English breakfast tea. Loyalty is one of the things you can admire about British people. If they ask for a cup of tea –  you must know that it's simple tea with a tiny dash of milk.

When you become Londoner?

There is a stage when you realise that you already became a Londoner – that's the moment when you start complaining about transport, tourists and crowds of people. Every single morning to work I keep moaning about the rush hour. Don't even start dreaming about a seat on the train, you got to be happy to squeeze in. And what about all those tourists standing on the left side of the escalator and taking selfies? Hello!!! Some of us are not on vacation, some of us got work to do and, actually, we are in rush! Yep, that pretty much happens every single morning. Sometimes I get to work and I am feeling like I am kind of done for the day. I used to get very upset about transport delays, but that's just London – it happens, you can get mad and totally ruin your mood for the rest of the day, or just smile.. Let's face it, if all thing were so bad, I wouldn't stay here. I love being part of this craziness, learning new things, life can be very unpredictable here – you literally might never know what is waiting around the corner. London is a place, where you can make all your dreams come true and if you once have lived here, it will always stay in your heart.    

Lina Liau

Lithuanian for the last seven years living in London and exploring new places.