Living True in Denver Colorado

January 1, 1970

by Katie Leamer

Denver Colorado, a beautiful city in the USA is a place I once called home. Though I no longer live there, the memories I have will remain timeless. As a resident I lived the lifestyle of a tourist, spending my years of life there visiting the many amazing places in the city and surrounding areas. Denver seems to have something to offer every person, plenty to keep everyone busy and active.

Denver Mountain View, Rocky Mountains, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains

The beautiful mountain view that is the Rocky Mountains is one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever seen. Located a short drive from Denver, you can find yourself visiting the foothills. Here you can indulge in many activities, from mountain climbing, to a relaxing day of fishing. You can visit a museum or take a drive and search for wildlife, the options are endless

Hiking Trails

Hiking will always be my favorite activity thanks to Denver. The trails through nature are easy to find, a pastime for many residents. The avid hiker can look for more advanced trails, with rough terrain or major inclines. A person who is a beginner hiker will be able to find smoother trails, circling the mountains. Of course there are also trails falling between both categories. Bike friendly paths are easy to find for those interested in mountain biking, as well as horse trails for the horseback riders. Most places offer a map detailing which trails are best for each category. My personal favorite hiking trails are at Chautauqua Trailhead, due to the large variety of activities they offer for visitors. Here is where I first hiked a great distance, a rewarding experience that began my love for hiking. I highly recommend it for any person who lives in the Denver area or plans to visit.

Winter Activities

A snow day is well spent in the Rocky Mountains. If you are unable to bring your own gear, finding a rental location is a simple task. The rental office will provide you with everything you need, including a coat if you don’t have a proper one for the weather. You may choose to take lesson at one of the many ski resorts in the area if you aren’t familiar with the sport. Snow boarding is an option as well, and a popular choice for many people. Your friends and family are all welcome to get involved and will find joy in the learning process. Advanced members of the sport will be able to find new challenges awaiting them with many options to choose from. Many people find great joy in taking a snowmobile out for a ride. Whether you choose to go fast or slow, climb hills or stay on level ground is a choice for you to make. You may want to take a guided tour with an area expert who will be able to show you the best paths. Even those who may not be fans of the snow can find enjoyment in the Colorado winter before heading inside to sit by a warm fire with a hot cocoa in hand.


Lifestyle Inside the City

If you prefer to stay within the limits of the city, you will find plenty to do. You may choose to visit the local zoo, stop and see the aquarium or spend the day at the park. You may delight in a day at the amusement park, or browsing through local shops and boutiques. Denver offers an abundance of activities that will keep content even the pickiest of people.

Sporting Events

Generally when I was able, I would be found watching a local sports team. Sports fans will love knowing Denver is the home of many popular sports teams. Sports Authority Field is home to the Denver Broncos, an American football team. The Pepsi Center is the place the Denver Nuggets of the NBA and the Colorado Avalanche of the NHL call home. Coors Field houses the MLB team the Colorado Rockies. All three locations, as well as a few other local team arenas, are within the city and are a wonderful experience. Even those who are not sports lovers will be in awe watching some of the worlds best athletes perform. If you cannot get enough, the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame is located at Sports Authority Field, a museum that will provide you with exciting information about local athletes.

The 16th Street Mall

Shopping is another of my favorite pastimes, and the 16th street mall in downtown Denver is a great place to do just that. The mall is over a mile long, with some of the cities most popular shops and restaurants. Though walking the length of the mall is my favorite way to see everything, you can take a carriage ride or step aboard the free shuttle bus and travel to the intersection where you want to stop. 16th street is well known by locals and visitors alike, and is often one of the favorite landmarks of tourists. Having more than 300 shops, mall-goers are easily busy for many hours.  Outside the stores, street performances bring in a lot of attention from pedestrians passing by. They provide an array of performances from musicians to comedians. No matter what one chooses to do, they are sure to find the 16th Street Mall quite an impressive location.



When in Denver, you will be excited to find the incredible nightlife that is available. If you are looking for a romantic night, or just want a night on the town you won’t have any trouble finding it. You can dance at a nightclub, sit down at a bar, or let loose at a concert. There is so much to see and do even residents never run out of options.

Musical Performances

Music is a universally enjoyable activity. Whichever genre is your favorite is available for your enjoyment in Denver. Music festivals are one of the best ways to see many artists and discover talented people both locally known and internationally. Denver is a great spot for these festivals, amusing thousands of people every year. Concert venues are found throughout the area, with events on any day of the week year round. Red Rocks Amphitheater, not far from Denver, is not only a venue for music, but also a sight seeing experience. The amphitheater is stunning, known for its unique natural made rock structure. Performances here range through all genres of music, and has brought many notable artists, past and present, to the city. Indulging in music while in Denver is a chance for anyone to gain life long memories.

Date Night

A night out with your sweetheart can be made perfect with the right romantic activity. Although many of these activities I’ve mentioned could be turned into a romantic night, there are still more options. You may want to dine at a local restaurant, or sip on cocktails. Larimer Square, a historical block in the city, is home to some of the most romantic bars and restaurants in town. If you prefer to be pampered, you can visit one of the spas and receive a romantic couples massage. The Spa at the Brown Palace is located within the famous Brown Palace Hotel. There is a Couples Suite in the spa, an ideal place for lovers. Whatever you do, both you and your lover will leave feeling refreshed and full of romance.


Denver is a city that has claimed my heart. The area is not only beautiful, but full of exciting activities. I have grown so fondly of my memories in living there, and look forward to every opportunity I have to visit. Even though I am no longer a resident, it is still my favorite destination as a tourist.

Katie Leamer

By Katie Leamer

Katie loves to share her stories about her crazy amazing life. Her beautiful family inspires her to be a better person everyday. She is an optimist who looks forward to what life has to bring today, and for everyday after.


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