Little Known Treasure: Lawrence, Kansas

January 1, 1970

by Autumn Esen

 Hello Travel Enthusiasts!

  I am writing today about a little known town in Kansas named Lawrence. It’s a beautiful little town with many small businesses to keep its occupants, well, occupied! Lawrence is a beautiful little college town in Kansas near Missouri. I went there to attend The University of Kansas – KU – to major in Geology with a minor in English. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found there considering anyone from the East Coast like myself (I’m a Maryland hon!) thinks Kansas is full of nothing but flat land, sunflowers and Oz. But I found so much more there and I am so happy that I did. Lawrence and KU became my home away from home and I loved it so much I’m going to be moving there probably permanently while getting my Bachelors  thanks to Starbucks through ASU online! I made a lot of friends most of which I have become very close with which is good since I Was a little worried about that being from so far east and having no one that I knew there personally. Kansas is known for it’s mid-western hospitality and I can attest to that personally! I remember the first day of classes there I was a lost little freshman and some nice Sophomore guy who was in my Geology 101 class saw that I was very confused (it was a very large campus) and was nice enough to physically walk me to my next class. He had no classes for the rest of the day and was nice enough to show me around and made sure I got to my next class safe and sound. I was blown away by his hospitality and everyone’s seemingly general helpful attitude there, it was a stark contrast to the east coast lifestyle I was used to. I was pleasantly delighted to find people nice enough to give me directions, hold doors open for me, and generally help me out when I needed it. I highly suggest visiting any mid-western state not only will they be very nice to you but they will also make sure you never go hungry!

 Food In Lawrence

  Which brings me to my next topic of conversation of this speal of sorts, the food in Lawrence. The Food! Oh my god the FOOD! Kansas is known in general for it’s beef, they grown some real nice cows over there let me tell you! Every steak, hamburger, roast, anything beef related I had while over there was a million times better than anything I ever got on the east coast (but hey, us Maryland hon’s are famous for our crabs!). There are a million good places to eat around Lawrence but I am gonna give you my top three favorites for your benefit should my readers ever visit this wonderful little town.  

outside the restaurant!

outside the restaurant!

  First up is this wonderful little Italian restaurant on Massachusetts street, commonly referred to as Mass street, called Genovese. My boyfriend and I went there for our first date together and let me tell you the amazing food there made it all the more special of a night! I had some really good Rosa Penne Pasta that my boyfriend, who is fluent in Italian, German, and English, recommended and ordered for me. There was so much good food I was stuffed by the end of the night! Here is a link to their website for your benefit: on it you can find their phone number and address! Swing on by, I promise you will not regret eating there!


 The Burger Stand The next awesome place that you should most definitely check out is the Burger Stand at the Casbah on Mass street as well. It’s a little difficult to find if you’re looking for the sign that says “The Burger Stand” so instead look for the sign that says the “Casbah” because it’s bigger and more noticeable. I think that is what the bar the restaurant is in is called not entirely sure though so don’t quote me on it. Let
me tell you something if you get a burger from this place I can guarantee it will be the best burger you have ever had in your entire life! They also have some really good loaded fries – fries with cheese bacon and a few other options if you want! The burgers are so good and so big you have to come hungry otherwise you won’t be able to eat it all! It’s a really good atmosphere in there too everyone always seems to be having a grand old time, and they even serve you cokes in glass bottles like in the old days! It’s a wonderful hole in the wall eatery that you would definitely miss out on if you didn’t give this place a chance!

  Last but most definitely not least, because Kansas is so well known with their beef, you have to try the Long Horn Steakhouse in Lawrence! The amount of food they serve you could feed a damn army it’s so large and the waitresses/waiters are always very nice there like the rest of the population it seems in the midwest! The steak and other menu items there are so well prepared and taste so good you most definitely will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face! I highly recommend this place if you’re looking for some quality steak with some quality service!

What To Do In Lawrence?

  Now some may ask, what is there even to do in a small college town in Kansas no less? Well I’m glad you asked! In Lawrence there is plenty of things to do to keep oneself entertained! My favorite attractions in Lawrence are as follows:

  • The Granada Theater
  • The Bowling Alley at KU (Free to all KU students)
  • The Hookah House
  • The Movie Theater
  • Mass Street In general
  • Spencer Museum of Art
  • Allen Fieldhouse
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Haskell Cultural Center and Museum

My friend Aleesha and I taking a picture with one of the KU bball cheeleaders known as “Thorleader”. He was awesome and happened to be bowling the same time we were!

And many many more!

  The Granada is a hole in the wall small arena where bands usually come to perform at. They have had some great ones come to visit, along with some classics! Christina Perri and All Time Low to name a few. It’s a good place to go to have fun and catch a few jams at with some friends!

The Bowling Alley at KU is open to everyone, not just students. Students of KU pay bowl for free though and they have cosmic/night bowling every saturday night if I remember correctly.

  The Hookah House on Mass Street is THE place to be if you’re around my age (20’s). It’s a wonderful little Hookah/Shisha bar that also serves food and drinks and even has Karaoke every Sunday night! Not to toot my own horn, but I am a decent singer so I always loved to go on Sunday nights and bring the house down! I loved coming here with some friends to hang out and have a good time. They even have an app you can download on your phone that controls the music, you can pick which song comes on next it’s awesome! I’ve had some good times and great laughs at that bar and I can’t wait to make my grand re appearance on Karaoke night! They even have the option of adding an ice tip to your hookah so that it feels cool when you’re smoking it instead of burning a little. They have some really awesome flavors too and you can request to mix a few together if you want for a new flavor of your own! The owner and people that work there are nice and keep up on your needs when it comes to your hookah. They will most definitely notice if your hookah needs new coal cube things or whatever the heating element thing is on the top of the hookah and replace it with a new one for you! It’s a very chillax place and it will never disappoint you I promise! [vc_video link=””] <- for your amusement I have provided a link to my YouTube account where I uploaded a video of me singing at the Hookah Bar in Lawrence. Enjoy!

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my friend Aleesha and I after seeing the Mockingjay at the theater in Lawrence KS

  The movie theater in Lawrence is really big and structured pretty cool on the inside. They made it very fancy with a lot of neon lighting and whatnot to attract your attention very easily I suppose. They always have good times for shows and if you’re a student you get a discount on tickets and sometimes if you lived in a dorm like me, the dorms will throw together a free movie for whoever wants to go see it as long as they still have tickets and will take you there on one of KU’s many famous blue buses and bring you back when the movie is over! I remember I saw the latest hobbit movie when it first came out with what seemed like the rest of my dorm house. I sat with a friend and had a great time. Movies can never disappoint, unless you end up not liking whatever movie you saw of course!

  Massachusetts street, “Mass” street, is the hot spot for KU students to congregate and socialize on the weekends! Not only does this wonderful street host many restaurants and some seriously good ice cream shops, but they have a large variety of shops to poke your nose in as well! They have a vintage record shop that is awesome to visit not only for the large variety of music, but because the owner keep two cats lying around the shop that are very friendly and love for you to pet them! You also got a really cool toy shop and Halloween store, and a gaming store! This street holds the hookah house a I previously mentioned and the Granada where you can check out who is gonna be playing next! Oh! This street also has ample bars to chose from and they have this really awesome old style soda pop shop where the owners make all the soda themselves, bottle it themselves in glass bottles, sometimes cans, and sell them. They have endless flavors and they even offer to chill the bottle in some kinda special machine for you before you leave after you bought a soda from them! 

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^Mass Street and all its beautiful glory during Christmas time! ^


Me and a bunch of dorm mates at Allen Fieldhouse during a KU Bball game! Rock Chalk! Jayhawk!


KU’s football field during a game a I attended

Lawrence: Land of the Beautiful

The rest of the things mentioned on my list are all a part of KU itself, on its campus. All of which are open to the public as well not just students but as always students get discounts to all places listed. I highly encourage all of the museums and I definitely would encourage going to Allen Fieldhouse to watch the famous Jayhawks (basketball) strut their stuff on the court!

In conclusion, I guess you could say Lawrence Kansas has a very…organic feel about it that makes you want to stay as long as you can there to soak up all the warm fuzzy feelings it gives you. The people, the sites, and the atmosphere that surrounds the small city is so beautiful it will make you want to live there yourself. It sure did that to me and I am not by far a mid western girl myself. I’m a big city east coast girl who likes endless possibilities of things to do around where I live. But Lawrence is such a nice place I promise, you will never regret visiting this awesome city and seeing for yourself just how beautiful it really is!

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10494347_729647850410873_6742638866427461748_o 10453008_729647983744193_430673402382877629_o

^~Lawrence in all it’s beauty~^

I hope you all found this blog post about Lawrence, KS US informative and helpful on your many travels! Expect more from me soon!

Autumn Esen

By Autumn Esen

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