Leysin: Heaven at 1200 meters

January 1, 1970

by Amreen Virani


Leysin, a panoramic location situated at 1200 meters above sea level near Aigle, in the French part of Switzerland is a year around attraction for both local visitors as well international. Connected through a railway track as well as a road, Leysin can be reached by both making it accessible like most of the places in Switzerland. From Aigle one can take the scenic route and stop at the Leysin village or head directly at the top. Known also for its mild climate in summer, its health resort for people with lung issues, and the magnificent alps for snow lovers there is hardly any reason not to visit

During winters Leysin transforms into a beautiful snow covered area which gives it a look of heaven. The ski resort with its more than 15 lifts, a toboggan park and its quaint village offers snowboarders, skiers and adventure enthusiasts a perfect place to fulfill their wishes and the quaint village a place to wind down after an exhausting day. In contrast summer is very quiet where locals and visitors enjoy lush green mountainside and the perfect weather. Mountaineers, nature and outdoor enthusiasts come to take advantage of great hiking trails through the mountain, bike and mountain tours. The flora and fauna comes alive and the white heaven transforms into a lush and full of life paradise. A very famous glass revolving restaurant on Berneuse (The vantage point) “Le Kuklos” which stands at 2048 meters is a very tempting attraction.

Did this make you want to visit Leysin, well read on as i am going to tell you exactly what to expect from this beautiful city. Let me describe to you in detail the W’s (Where, When, What, Why) and How of Leysin. Maybe you will come to know Leysin like I do and decide that it is a must see, or you will decide that it can’t be as good as i say it is and decide to see for yourself, either way Leysin will be your next destination.

Where is Leysin

As i mentioned above Leysin is located near Aigle which is in the French part. Switzerland due to its three neighbors is divided into three parts: The French part, The German part and the Italian Part(influenced by the official language of the region). The French part is made up of the cantons(states) that are located towards France like Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel, and Jura there are also cantons that are both French and German speaking. Leysin is situated in the Vaud canton. If the city of Geneva is kept at a constant (as it is very famous), Leysin is at the other end of the Lake Geneva. If measured in kilometers it will be 126 or 97 Km (77.8 or 60.1 miles) depends on which route you go by.  Quite far you might be thinking but imagine the panoramic view from Geneva the 1.30 hrs. pass by as if it was 30 minutes as the views are absolute breathtaking. For the where to stay, there are a lot of accommodation options in Leysin as well as Aigle to suit your budget needs.

When is the best time to visit

The when to visit depends of if you are adventure enthusiasts who prefer skiing/snowboarding/tobogganing or hiking/ bike tours/ mountain climbing. Leysin is mostly all year around spot, so if you fall in the first category as a snow lover winter is definitely your ideal time period which late October to early February though snowfall has been fluctuating due to global warming so it is advisable to confirm. If you fall in the second category Summer is your gateway to the heaven which falls late march to early September. If you love both then you will never experience disappointment with what Leysin has to offer.


What to do once you arrive

Other than all the activities mentioned above there are lots of places you can visit like, take the train from Aigle to the top which snakes around the mountain offering unforgettable views of the surrounding area, small tunnels and also in between the trees give a feel of mystery and suspense. The first train from Aigle is at 5:47 and the last train to Leysin is at 22:55 and take only 30 minutes. Imagine 30 minutes of pure beauty. A simple walk around the city is enough to keep you busy for hours- tip: don’t forget to hydrate yourself be it water or a cold glass of a local white wine. Le Jardin de Gentiana is a perfect spot to see all the medicinal plants and local flora. If you are a wine lover look no further Chateau D’Aigle is a Vine and wine museum in Aigle where for 20CHF(currency of Switzerland) you can experience the museum, visit to both vineyards and cellar accompanied by a winegrower and tasting of a local vintage wine what more can a wine lover ask for. Food enthusiasts are welcome to sample from a diverse restaurant scene. Local bars stock great wines and a full bar for you to enjoy a large variety of choices. Most of the restaurants have patios for you to enjoy the sunset while enjoying the delicious cuisine and drinks.



Why should Leysin be on your list

Even after this if i need to tell you all the amazing reasons you should experience this heaven then i have done a poor job so far. Nonetheless ere are my top 6

reasons to visit Leysin.

  • Panoramic location.
  • Amazing activities to pass your time.
  • Great sunsets.
  • If you have any lung issues visiting Leysin will make it a lot better.
  • Leysin offers great food and wines of the region.
  • All in one package for outdoor lovers.

And now for the most important How to get there:

How to get there

I wrote about everything but how to get there, no problem here it goes. If you are coming from outside Europe, it would be easiest to fly to Geneva and take the SBB train to Aigle and change the train to Leysin. If you are visiting from any EU countries, you can do the same or just take one of the trains to Geneva and change trains to Aigle and change one more train to Leysin. The approximate time from Geneva to Aigle will be around 3 hours and it will take another 30 minutes from Aigle to Leysin. There is a connection from Geneva every 30 minutes and it will cost you 35CHF to Aigle and 6CHF more to Leysin.

After reading the most amazing things about this beautiful location, Leysin has with no doubt entered your to visit destination.


Amreen Virani

By Amreen Virani

I am a hospitality student studying in Leysin, taking advantage of my address in Switzerland i have traveled many cities in EU region and also spent six months in California and of course India,my home for 18 years of my life as well as my birthplace. Thanks to my line of studies i am fortunate enough to follow my passion as a voyager and utilize the opportunity to exchange culture where ever i go.

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