La Jolla: Relaxation Rejuvenation and Fun in the Sun

La Jolla a Great Place for Relaxation

La Jolla California in the USA is a perfect place to head for some relaxation from the craziness of your everyday life. I recently took a day trip to this lovely city to escape the stress of living in Southern California. La Jolla is like a city within a city because geographically it is part of  San Diego. La Jolla is located in the northern section of San Diego about 12 miles from downtown.  However, La Jolla is definitely not the same as the rest of San Diego. This beautiful area offers 7 miles of picturesque beaches that provide incredible oceanic views during daylight hours and gorgeous sunsets at the end of each day. La Jolla shoreline view sunset in La Jolla

La Jolla Village Cove Offers Multiple Paths to Rejuvenation

Art Galleries and Specialty Boutiques

Rejuvenation comes in many forms, and for me, shopping and dining in a relaxing atmosphere are very rejuvenating. There is a lovely area known as La Jolla Village Cove that offers an array of shops and dining locations that are just steps from the beach. Prospect Street is the main drag for shopping and dining. Here you will find art galleries, specialty boutiques, and chain stores like Banana Republic, Kate Spade, and Sur La Table, just to name a few. If you get tired of shopping, it's not too difficult to find a cozy and comfortable place to rest and recharge.

La Valencia Hotel: The Med Restaurant

The La Valencia Hotel, located on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, provides panoramic views of the extensive La Jolla coastline. There is a full-service restaurant in the hotel along with a bar that offers both indoor and outdoor seating. I love to sit on the balcony and take in the breathtaking seascape and palm trees while enjoying a cocktail or light snack. The scenery looks like something you'd see on a postcard that you would send back home to friends and family. View of La Valencia The restaurant inside the La Valencia Hotel is known as The Med. This restaurant is different than most because it offers sit-down meals in their main dining room, casual seating on the patio or oceanview dining from the terrace. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite location is the terrace, but all three dining locations offer beautiful views of the La Jolla and San Diego area. The Med's three dining areas offer meal options to satisfy just about any food desire. There is an assortment of appetizers, light meals, sandwiches, salads, and heavier more substantial meals for dinner. During my last visit, I decided to try the “Med Spreads” which was an assortment of in-house made hummus, Tzatziki, and muhammara, all served with grilled pita bread. Also, I ordered their shrimp cocktail. Appetizers at the Med As you can see in the photo, everything was prepared perfectly. The shrimp were moist and not overcooked. The cocktail sauce was one of the best shrimp cocktails sauces I've ever had the pleasure to taste. The hummus recipe was very different. Hummus is usually made with garbanzo beans and contains olive oil and garlic, plus other ingredients. However, this hummus had a distinct “holiday” flavor because it was seasoned with nutmeg. This use of nutmeg added a very different dimension to the flavor of the hummus. The Med at the La Valencia is just one of many dining options that overlook the ocean. Several other establishments offer patrons dining with views. Two of the more well-known favorites, especially with tourists, are Dukes La Jolla, which offers Hawaiian and California fusion cuisine, and Acquavite Ristorante Italiano, which offers Tuscan-style meals to patrons while taking in views of the La Jolla Cove.

Fun in the Sun

After gazing at the beaches, shopping, and dining, now was the time for me to enjoy some fun in the sun around beautiful La Jolla. I decided to stroll down the hill to walk along what I would call the boardwalk. La Jolla is a very hill filled area, and nearly everything is either up or down a hill including the beach. Once I left the La Valencia, I had to walk down a moderately steep hill to reach the boardwalk that overlooks the sandy beach below. The view was quintessential California shoreline. The sun was gleaming off the Pacific Ocean, and seagulls were flying overhead. The temperature this particular day was neither too hot nor too cold, which is one of the many reasons San Diego and La Jolla are so popular with both tourists and locals alike. I had a blanket with me, so I decided to sit on a grassy area just off the boardwalk and do some people watching. I may have been only 80 miles from my home back in Orange County, but I felt like was in an entirely different world. The pace was a bit slower, everyone seemed to be relaxed, and happy, which made any stress I had before arriving just melt away. It felt wonderful to lay on my blanket under the palm trees, on the grass, and just listen to the sounds of the ocean crashing on the shore. It seems like everywhere you look in La Jolla there's another perfect picture postcard moment ready to be photographed. Another way to have fun in the sun while in La Jolla is to play a round of golf at the Torrey Pines Golf Course. Me personally, I have never played golf, but I have many friends and acquaintances who adore the game. The Torrey Pines Golf Couse is located on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I am fairly sure the view must make it very challenging to concentrate on making the hole when there is so much natural beauty around to admire. As the day came to a close, and the sun was setting on the horizon, I silently wished I could stay a bit longer in my little piece of paradise. However, I took solace in knowing that this beautiful and peaceful respite from my daily stresses of life were less than a two-hour drive from my home in Orange County, California.  


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