Klis: Unexplored Game of Thrones site overlooking Split

January 1, 1970

by Anita Milina


For all Game of Thrones lovers, this hidden place will, hopefully, be a treat. It is a mix of beautiful landscapes, views over the coast and history. Best of all, it is easy to reach and also, offers an unforgettable experience.

Where Is Klis And How To Reach It?

Small town, it is hardly seen on the map, and not usual stop for travelers. Maybe because of that it is an even more interesting place to see. Klis has a little bit over 2600 inhabitants, and with its surrounded area total number of inhabitants is around 4800. To describe it properly, I can say it is somewhere in between small city and village.

View from Klis Fortress


It is not well known as some other destinations, mostly ones along the coast. Hinterland is still struggling to attract more tourist and present its uniqueness. Because of this, coastal cities are overcrowded during high season, while most of the others unfortunately still remain unknown.

Klis is situated in the hinterland, on about 15 km from the city of Split. Easy reachable by the car or taxi (it takes approximately 15-20 minutes). Moreover, if you are coming to Split from a highway, you can not miss this place as it is on halfway from highway exit to Split. There are also few bus lines that depart from the center of Split. The two-way ticket should not cost you more than 30 HRK (approximately 4 EUR). After meeting local people on the way there and small chat in the bus, be ready to discover Klis. Prepare that all information you will get from grannies in the bus will be explained using hands and Croatian language even though they see you don’t understand Croatian. Well, I guess that’s beauty of traveling and ability to meet new people and cultures.

Recommendation why not miss Klis?

Maybe I am a bit subjective as it is close to the place from where I am, but there are few reasons why I think you will not regret your visit here (Even if you are not Game of Thrones fan).

1. Klis Fortress

It is one of the foremost fortresses in Croatia. Some sources are mentioning it yet in the 5th century! Yes, it is that old. Like any other, it served as a defense from enemies. Why I found this place amazing is because of the view you have once you are inside its walls. It is hard to put it in words. Somehow it gives you an impression of power. Standing at 360 meters above sea level – time for a lot of selfies.

On the Klis Fortress Official Site, it is possible to take a virtual tour to see the place from that perspective. I advise you check it out, but I promise in reality it is even better! Unfortunately, apart from that, the site does not provide a lot of information that you may be interested in. Opening hours are: from 9 am to 6 pm. Ticket price for adults is 40 HRK (approximately 5,5 EUR) and for kids 15 HRK (approximately 2 EUR). Which I found quite affordable for what it offers.


Inside Klis Fortress

2. Pure nature

It is not a place full of souvenir shops, with restaurants and hotels inviting tourists to leave money and go. It is an untouched area surrounded by nature. I remember coming to Fortress with a friend of mine a few months ago. He told me to show him some rural place as he was tired of overcrowded streets while visiting Dalmatian coast. We came here around 7 pm and sit next to entrance as by that time it was closed. After he saw the sunset from up there, he said he can not believe that peaceful place like this exists and moreover is not touristy at all.

3. Local atmosphere

Chances that you will be an attraction when showing up here are high as tourism is still in a stage of development. Don’t forget to take beer or two in one of the very few bars and make some local friends. Maybe it is going to be a challenge to understand all they say, but there is no doubt you will be friendly accepted. Except for bars, there are two restaurants serving traditional Dalmatian dishes (5 minutes ride from Fortress). Also, it is possible to book accommodation here. A lot of people saw an opportunity to invest in tourism, especially in rural holiday villas. So, few of them are open in Klis and nearby areas. They mostly offer high-quality service.

4. Game of Thrones

Who doesn’t like some fantasy to escape from the real world? So, for all Game of Thrones fans one big welcome to the kingdom of Meereen!!! Yep, it was filmed here. Despite being filmed in Dubrovnik, Split and Šibenik, Game of Thrones took place here also. It is not commercialized in terms of tourism. Each tourist gets chance to explore area almost by its own. It is definitely something that adds value to experience. When you take a photo there won’t be hundred other tourists on it too.

5. Outdoor activities

Bicycle path in length of 35 kilometers will give everyone opportunity to enjoy nature and getting to know this area. It is all still in beginning and it covers the area of Klis and surrounded villages (Konjsko, Broćanac, Dugobabe, Korušce, Nisko, Brštanovo and Prugovo). Great way to spend a whole day and stay active as well.

Equestrian club Natura is situated in Veliki Broćanac. One of the things you may enjoy doing, especially if you are with kids here. It offers a variety of services such: riding school, therapeutic riding, and even birthday celebrations.

Among this, wherever you think it is suitable for hiking, running, or picnic go ahead and enjoy.

I know that many travelers are rushing to see urban areas and take photos next to impressive huge buildings. Each destination is unique. This is a more relaxed area. It is more for those who are searching for more authenticity. Don’t come here and expect the same kind of experience like you would have for instance in Split or Dubrovnik. That’s because when we travel we all are motivated by different factors. And those existing factor can either push us or pull us from going to some particular destination. While making a decision, quite often we are not aware of this factors. We like or dislike something, but it really depends on what our wishes are.




Anita Milina

By Anita Milina

I am 24 year old tourism student from Split, Croatia. In loved with nature, travel, coffee/tea time, running and reading. Recently I got chance to travel more (using mostly workaway, helpx, wwoof and similar sites) so it would be shame to stop. Soon I am heading on my backpack trip to South America.

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