Jamaica Montego Bay Resorts For Family Vacations

Jamaica has an exciting range of attractions that are great for family vacations. With great tropical weather from January to December, Montego Bay offers everything from scuba diving to giant water slides for children. Many resorts in Jamaica are fitted with facilities for people with disabilities.

Half Moon Hotel

The staff and servers at Half Moon Hotel in Jamaica are exceptional. You can trust them to take care of your family whenever you visit the resort. Their caring and attention to detail inspire guests to return to the warmth of this tropical island each year. The over water bungalow is one of the best places to rest and meditate while wildlife fans can see the nesting spots of thousands of baby turtles that are released into the sea each year. Your rooms are individually appointed and provide views of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. This means your family will wake and fall asleep to breathtaking images every day. Parents can relax in the spa, which has won several awards. While talented therapists work the tension out of your tired muscles, your children can go horseback riding. Resorts for family vacations provide for everyone. Families visiting Half Moon Hotel sometimes rise early enough to have breakfast on the SeaGrape Terrace. If your family does not wish to leave the resort, you have a wide selection of other options for your meals, including the relaxing Sugar Mill restaurant. It serves desserts and main courses which are inspired by the fresh fruits and herbs found in Jamaica. Enjoy ackee flan, crayfish bisque and many more epicurean delights. Sample their 50 year old Appleton Estate Rum carefully. It delivers quite a powerful kick.

Sea Garden Beach Resort

Sea Garden Beach resort emphasizes nature and your¬†children will be captivated by the array of flowering plants that the Jamaican resort has on display. Children should pack their swimsuits for days of fun on the beach and underwater. You can get snorkeling gear when you arrive and knowledgeable guides will take you on breathtaking tours of the coral reefs. Many of these corals have been growing for hundreds of years. Sea Garden Montego Bay has two restaurants for all of your meals. You can also visit the snack counter with your children as often as you wish. This is a plus when you have children who constantly seem to be snacking. Parents who smoke can take breaks in a designated area.¬†Rocklands¬†Bird Sanctuary provides an educational experience that every member of your family will enjoy. This quiet resort is a great place to rest. It is within walking distance of the hip strip if you want to relax in the club at night or meet more people.    

Royal Decameron

Royal Decameron Montego Bay has a large number of visitors who keep on returning. Every time you go almost the same friendly servers are ready to assist you. They remember their guests. They often make you feel like you are coming home. Since they already are familiar with your habits, your family will smoothly transition to being on holiday. They know which of your children likes milkshakes for breakfast and how you want your bacon prepared. It really is the place to be pampered. This property is quite spacious but not too large. It is ideal for people who want to spend more of their time connecting with loved ones. Your children will quickly get used to dining in such a relaxing setting. The area is a good choice for birthday dinners, because the decorations are elegant. Local entertainment options are in abundance all along the hip strip. You’ll also enjoy the exciting reggae shows put on by the hotel. As with almost all family resorts in this area, children under 12 have a special swimming area just for them. The journey from the airport is really short so your children spend less time traveling and can rest or start enjoying the beach almost as soon as their plane lands. Family members who have rooms overlooking the pools will have amazing views at sunset.

Sandals Montego Bay

Sandals has won several awards for the attention they pay to protecting the environment. Their team is comprised of professionals who go the extra mile to cater to your children. People with special needs will find that there are lots of ways in which they are made to feel welcome. Sandals Montego Bay has a great spa so moms and dads can really get the tension out of tired muscles. The gym is available to all patrons and will help you stick to your fitness regimen while you are on holiday. Your vacation will be enhanced with nights made memorable through the efforts of talented entertainment staff. They know how to bring local culture to life with music and dancing that tells the story of Jamaican perseverance, hope and love.

Planning For Things To Do In Jamaica With Children

Jamaica is a very child friendly place to visit. Since most of the people who will serve your family have children or are aunts, uncles and grandparents themselves, they go the extra mile to make your children feel special. There is a lot you can do to make your staff feel appreciated. Simply remembering the names of the people you encounter, talking with them for an extra minute or two and saying please or thank you will help you to get caring consideration from them. Jamaicans look highly on good manners and will treat you respectfully if you do the same. Most hotels provide everything your children will need for the beach, water slides or tennis courts. Family members who go outside of the hotel to experience a donkey ride, zip lining or other adventures can relax. The providers will make sure that you have the appropriate safety gear.  Ensure that you carry all the medication your children require. While pharmacies are often located on hotel properties and many are in the city of Montego Bay, you do not want to spend time at the doctor or pharmacy unnecessarily. Check out the booking arrangements for any restaurant you want to visit in the city of Montego Bay. Some may require reservations weeks in advance of your visit. At some resorts, you may also need to make a reservation for specific restaurants.

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