Introducing Prague and it`s secret places

Welcome to Prague, Czech Republic!

  Prague is the city where brutal, bloody history meets art, love and beauty. I was given the opportunity to spend 3 days in Prague in May and I wish to showcase you my experience, tips and most importantly – secret places to visit that I discovered on my journey. I drove in a bus from Riga to Prague in the course of 20 hours, but the road was significantly tiring and I recommend taking a plane if the bus ride exceeds 12 hours.

Day 1

I left my hotel at 9 pm heading to the city centre. I lived in the City Crown Hotel. It is located slightly away from the centre, in the 3rd district. To get to the centre I took a tram. Trams are the main transport besides metro in this city.

The Globe Bookstore

My first spot was a bookstore my friend suggested. It`s called the Globe bookstore and is an American store that offers a range of books. I managed to spend over 40 Euros. If you are interested, I bought Junkie by Williams S. Burroughs, the 4th poem books of Charles Bukowski and a book containing over 100 key art concepts. I recommend you ask the shop assistants for suggestions, they can help you find a book you`ll love.

Recycle for Love thrift shop

Determined to go to all the places I had found on the internet before, I headed to my next stop, which was a concept/sustainable clothing store called Recycle for Love. They feature thrifted, vintage finds as well as some sustainable designer clothing. The prices range from super cheap to slightly expensive, but I`m sure there`s a piece for everyone.

Bistro 8

Next to the store is a beautiful, Parisian-styled bistro named Bistro 8. They offer some vegan options too and I was more than happy to buy a green smoothie and enjoy the sun.   Not far away from these places, you`ll find more interesting shops, so I recommend walking around!

Bohemian Retro vintage store

I wanted to find more vintage stores. Prague still holds a piece of the Soviet culture in it and vintage finds are not uncommon. So I headed back to the neighbourhood I lived in to check out a specific vintage shop I had read a lot about. It`s the Bohemian Retro shop. Right as I walked in, I fell in love. They offer many beautiful fabric sewn into vintage style clothes, shoes, accessories as well as collectables.

Kafka Snob cafe

I want to share with my all time favourite cafe I found in Prague. It`s the Kafka Snob cafe named after the genius writer that came from Prague. I was tired from all the walking and needed to sit down. Seeing how elegant and beautiful this cafe was, I was amazed and was ready to spend whatever amount of money in order to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere. I was surprised to spend only seven euros for two coffees and a strawberry cheesecake. such prices in Europe are surprisingly cheap. I was instantly in the mood to read and write because this is the place where a cloud of creativity is washed over you, reaching into your brain and inspiring you to put all of you out, to create. As an artist, I highly appreciate any help to increase my creativity and this is why I loved Kafka Snob so much. Either way, whether you`re an artist looking for inspiration or just appreciate beauty, this is a place to visit.

Day 2

Art museums

I had planned to visit some museums since Prague centre offers expositions like the Medival torture museum, wax museum and many other. However, since I was alone and didn`t have much time left in Prague, I decided to head down to Palac Kinskych to look at the expositions of Dali, Mucha and Andy Warhol. The full price is not expensive at all and the experience is worth it. In the three floors are some of the best-known works of these artists as well as their life stories, families and lovers. You can also buy some interesting souvenirs from the shop.  

Kitchen the Address restaurant

For lunch, I headed down to an interesting restaurant called Kitchen the Address. Turns out it`s the same owner of the Kafka Snob cafe and also an interesting street fashion store next to it. The ''kitchen'' offers noodles and wok for reasonable prices. The interior is interesting and well made.

High fashion street – Parizska

I had been in Prague before and remembered that I do have to go to the Parizska street. This is a fairly long shopping street offering brand, high fashion stores like Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana. At the end of the street, where a bridge over the river starts are some less expensive stores like COS that still offers beautiful, minimalistic clothing. I also suggest walking around because this is the centre neighbourhood and you can find some interesting concept stores featuring Czech designer pieces as well as luxury cafes and restaurants.

Restaurant Les Moules

I met up with my mother and we went to a beautiful but expensive restaurant/cafe Les Moules to drink some coffee, eat a cake and talk about our day. They offer delicious food and drinks served by a friendly and professional staff.

Day 3

Prague 1 district

My last day of exploring Prague I had the idea of heading over the Charles bridge. This is the side that has the Charles castle on top of the mountain. I suggest going up there because this neighbourhood is one of the most beautiful ones in the city. You`ll have the opportunity to not only look over the city but also explore the castle, the churches and garden that are based there. But just by walking over the bridge you`ll be able to see some interesting designer shops. all you have to do is go under the bridge, you`ll see a whole complex of stores and cafes there. This is where I stayed the last time I visited Prague and I suggest looking at some apartments to stay at before going right here in this neighbourhood. By walking around you`ll eventually reach a Shakespear bookstore, The Chemistry Design Store and much more.

The Shakespear bookstore

The Shakespear shop offers many English, French and German books in many subjects and categories. The prices are fair and you can get some books real cheap on sales.

More interesting places to visit

The Chemistry Design Store is a concept, art gallery where you can buy some interesting art pieces of small art books and notebooks. A beautiful place to sit down and enjoy an iced latte is the Paneria  Secret Garden.   Next to it is an interesting design shop in which I bought a cheap jacket. They cost monthly blogger sales, where bloggers offer to sell their clothes for cheap prices.

The Kafka Museum

My last attraction was the Kafka museum. I could call it my favourite museum in all of Prague. Heart-clenching exposition showing the life of Franz Kafka. You can also purchase a Kafka map of Prague showing some interesting sightings related to Kafka. Very close to the museum you can find an interesting art gallery/shop. High prices but definitely worth it, because the objects are high quality and true art masterpieces.    


Prague, as beautiful as it is, still suffers from scams. I was scammed too and will give you some warnings before and tips how to prepare before exploring Prague. 1. Changing money from your money to CZK is quite risky in Prague as many money changers will cost you a lot of money. I suggest changing most of your money to CZK in your own country, but if you must then look for money changers that cost you less. I was scammed myself and its host me 20 euros for changing just 120 dollars. 2. Taxis here are expensive and will be more than happy to charge you more just because you`re a tourist. Download a taxify app and use it for quick and cheap drives. 3. The streets of Prague can get very confusing so download an offline map app like 2GIS. 4. Be aware that some cafes and pubs in Prague still allow smoking inside.

After enjoying the beauty Prague holds, I was ready to head back home. I hope you enjoyed this article and will visit my favourite places I discovered in Prague!



I`m just a student in Latvia but have already had experience in writing, blogging. I enjoy as well as study art – classical (national) arts and graphic design. I enjoy travelling, of course, but I also own a personal blog, write poetry, design websites. I speak Latvian and English fluently and am able to write and speak in german, am studying french at the moment. I have skills in art, as I mentioned before, fashion, design but I` m also creating a career in creative management.