How to spend the perfect day in Koreatown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, United States. Been there, done that? Did you, though?! Have you seen the real Los Angeles? Did you get lost in its different neighborhoods, experienced the vibrant multiculturalism and tried out the great food from all over the world? I wish I could tell you all about, but today I want to focus on my neighborhood! I live in Koreatown, West of Downtown and South of Hollywood, and it is so much fun! Stick with me and I’ll show you how to spend the perfect day in Koreatown LA!

Get breakfast at the corner of Sixth and Kenmore

If you’re an early bird and you like to have a nice breakfast before a day of exploration, look no more and hurry to Sharp Specialty coffee shop. With its industrial atmosphere, yet designed like a comfy living room, I find it being the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a tea, or a coffee if that’s your jam. No worries for the late starters, Escala, with its Columbian Korean fusion, is the place to go if you want a more hearty meal to start your day. Both are right in the center of Koreatown which makes it perfect to start your trip to the neighborhood.

Head to the Korean Pavilion Dawooljung

Da Wool Jung The pavilion is located across the street where Koreatown first began in the late 1960s with a Korean grocery store. Take some relaxation time, sit and admire this traditional building and its garden. Fun fact: The pavilion was built by South Korean workers who were especially brought to Los Angeles in order to do so. It took five years and $695,000 to finish it.

Visit the Korean American National Museum

Did you know Koreatown in Los Angeles is the first Koreatown ever in the United States? If you want to know more about the History of the neighborhood, make a cultural stop on Wilshire Boulevard to take a trip to the past!

Have lunch at platform 35

Platform 35 Los Angeles On Wilshire Boulevard, you will find the platform 35 food court. While there is no Korean food option there, they have one of my fiance’s favorite, Guisados. Order the quesadillas and the mole tacos and I can assure you won’t regret trying them out. If you’re not in the mood for tacos they have a lot of other options too!

Shop for beauty products in Koreatown malls

Asia is known for its surprising and yet very efficient beauty products, and Koreatown is one of the places in Los Angeles where you can find those in abundance. Visit Korean Plaza or Koreatown Galleria and pick your favorite products!

Try out Korean barbeque for dinner

Koreatown Korean BBQ Chapman market Once you are ready to eat, head over to the Chapman plaza to enjoy one of the highest rated Korean BBQ of Los Angeles, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong. And if you’re craving for a sweet treat after your meal, just cross the plaza to get a tasty macaron ice sandwich at the Snow Monster!

Book a karaoke room at The Venue

You’re in luck, Koreatown is one of the few neighborhoods of Los Angeles where you can party all night. While a lot of places close around two am, Koreatown’s businesses go usually up to four am. Start your wild evening at The Venue with a nice cocktail before heading to one of their karaoke rooms and sing the night out! Koreatown is the place to be to have fun and spend an awesome day in Los Angeles. There are a lot more to do but that’s a good representation of the wide range of activities you will find here!


I am a young spirit who loves the freedom to do what she likes. I already got to travel a fair amount and I experienced living in three different countries so far. I have always been passionate about discovering new cultures and overcoming challenges. I like writing and would love to be able to share my experiences as a traveler and enjoy learning from yours! Also, I love drinking tea, collecting mugs from all the places I’ve been and eating cookie dough.