Hermann Missouri's #1 Coffee Shop: Espresso Laine

January 10, 2019

by Kaitlin Rohlfing

As I walked up to the two-story brick building glistening and twinkling with Christmas lights in the chilly evening air, I smiled and silently wondered who I would see behind the counter, working on the day after Christmas. In the small town of Hermann, Missouri, USA most businesses operate only during good weather and daylight, but the quaint, little coffee shop on the edge of town has always been different from the rest.

Espresso Laine at the Junction, or “The Coffee Shop” to those who know it best, is open 363 days a year, only closing on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. The shop stays open come rain or shine and has even had its fair share of flood days, when the water from the Missouri River, next to which it sits, covers the parking lot and makes customers work just a little bit harder for their obligatory Cup of Joe.

On this winter day, however, there is nothing to stop passersby from stepping inside and relishing in the comforting scent and taste of a freshly-brewed, hot cup of coffee. Opening the door, I am greeted by the familiar, old-fashioned smell of coffee beans mixed with a hint of cocoa gently wafting through the air. I have smelled this aroma before and the memories it brings with it help me remember why this little coffee shop on the edge of town has always been Home to those who need it the most.

Hermann’s Finest in Customer Service

For a small-town coffee shop, Espresso Laine has never skimped on employing as many friendly faces as necessary to keep the business running smoothly. From my sophomore year in high school to my freshman year in college, I was one of the many employees who unlocked the doors at 6:30 am with a smile on my face and a cheery “Good morning” to the folks who patiently waited on the porch for their morning pick-me-ups. Being friendly wasn’t in the job application, but to those who worked and continue to work at the shop, it just comes naturally.

The owner of Espresso Laine, Lainee Landolt, is a self-made businesswoman who treats her customers like old friends and her employees like her own family. She is a small, soft-spoken woman who doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Always offering free samples and discounts, even to travelers who have never stepped foot in the shop before, the most important thing Lainee, and all her employees offer, is a listening ear.

When you’re inside Espresso Laine, rest assured, you are in a place with people who truly care about you. Most of the employees are aged 16-20, but even at such young ages, they are wise beyond their years. They take time to listen and converse with even strangers they have never met before and laugh with regulars who have shared their stories many times. They make drinks and bake sweets, but more than that, the employees at Espresso Laine take the time to show they care.

Coffee Galore – What to Order at Espresso Laine

More than 40 syrup flavors and 20 types of coffee beans make Espresso Laine a place straight out of a coffee lover’s dream. From White Chocolate Raspberry to Crème Brulee and Jamaican Me Crazy, the coffee shop has coffee beans for every occasion and every specific taste imaginable. Drinks are made to order and can be hot, iced, or frozen, with any number of flavors or special instructions added as necessary.

Syrup flavors range from classics—hazelnut, salted caramel, butter pecan, French vanilla, and Irish crème—to more experimental, but just as delicious tastes, such as cheesecake, cupcake, tiramisu, blood orange, red velvet, and blue raspberry.

Café Cubano

An extraordinary combination of espresso brewed through a sweet layer of sugar in the raw and mixed with steamed heavy whipping cream for that light and frothy finish. The Cubano is a classic pick-me-up drink that doesn’t break the bank.

Iced Vietnamese Latte

Made with four shots of Espresso Laine’s strongest espresso, mixed with sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice, this drink is a fan favorite with locals and tourists alike. For an extra burst of flavor, ask for either mocha or caramel Ghirardelli sauce to be added to the mix.

Hot Caramel Delight

For the true coffee savant, a Hot Caramel Delight is the perfect trick to beat away afternoon drowsiness or wake up ready to take on the day. Crafted from sweet Ghirardelli caramel, freshly brewed espresso, and your choice of milk, the “Delight” is a tower of whipped cream on top with caramel drizzle added for that extra touch of charm.

Funky Monkey Smoothie

For the kids in your life or those days when chocolate is the only answer, the Funky Monkey smoothie never disappoints. Locals rave about the delicious blended combination of peanut butter, Ghirardelli chocolate, and banana, and this exceptional treat is made even better with whipped cream on top.

Cold Brew

When hot coffee just won’t cut it, cold brew is there to save the day. Brewed fresh from Black and Tan coffee beans, Espresso Laine’s cold brew is the perfect drink for young and old alike. Add a little butter pecan or salted caramel syrup for a drink that’s guaranteed to make any day better.

A New Home for Hermann’s Coffee Shop

For over seven years, Espresso Laine has enjoyed the quiet tranquility of being located on the edge of Hermann, Missouri, just far away from all the hustle and bustle of small-town life to give the whole shop a feeling of seclusion and privacy. The building is large and welcoming, with several trees nearby to help customers feel even more at peace. A large wraparound porch in the front of the shop is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a frozen drink on hot summer days or a freshly-brewed cup of Breakfast Blend as the sun rises on lazy autumn mornings.

However, in January 2019, Espresso Laine will be moving from their out-of-the-way location to a brand new home in a more centralized part of town. The shop’s new address will be 100 Schiller St, Hermann, MO 65041, but rest assured, the friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere will be just as prominent as ever.

Espresso Laine will continue to be open seven days a week at the following times:
Monday—Thursday: 6:30am-6:00pm
Friday: 6:30am-7:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am-5:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am-4:00pm

The new location will feature an enclosed back patio perfect for sipping coffee and catching up with friends or just reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Games and stuffed animals will still be provided in the ever-exciting, one of a kind toy room, complete with favorites like Melissa and Doug kitchen sets and Blue Orange board games.

Espresso Laine’s large selection of pastries and coffee will continue to be provided fresh daily to the many customers who have been there to support their favorite coffee shop throughout the entire moving process and those who have yet to enter the building and see for themselves just what they’ve been missing.

Past, present, and future customers can rest assured that Lainee and the staff at Espresso Laine will always be there to welcome you home with a warm smile on even the coldest of days.


Kaitlin Rohlfing

By Kaitlin Rohlfing

Kaitlin is a small-town Midwestern girl with crazy hair and even crazier dreams. She is currently a sophomore at Mizzou where she studies English and Film and works part-time as an English teacher on the weekends and a Dining Associate during the week. She loves her cats more than anything and has a perfectly healthy obsession with green tea, good books, and grand adventures.

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