Gran Canaria an adventurous and cheap holiday destination

January 1, 1970

by Vikapltrk


A way to have cheap holidays in a natural million star hotel in Gran Canaria.

In total I spend 8 months in Gran Canaria, traveling living, something in between.
Most of the time I was in the beautiful Volver Beach Hostel!
A super lovely place I can’t describe it you have to feel it. And believe me, you will always come back. It felt like home there.
That’s why I think I can tell you guys a lot of stuff about it.
But First of all, if you are up to have all inclusive holidays in a 5-star hotel and lying by the pool for one week, you are wrong here.
I can only show you my point of a natural million star hotel by the beach. And to have cheap holidays in Gran Canaria.

Let’s start with some background information:

Gran Canaria one of the 7 Canary Islands. In summertime the weather is totally hot it can go up to 40 degrees. In wintertime (high-season) it’s warm and stays around 20-25 degrees. In the South, people say it doesn’t rain and if it rains only around 5 days in a year. Then they have the calima, it’s the Sahara wind which decides monthly to fly over Gran Canaria to take a break for some days. In that time, try to do nothing just relax and drink water or go for a swim. Because the air is standing and you are lying and sweating ?
Gran Canaria has different climate zones. The temperatures are changing which depend on the altitude.

You will find your perfect place on that island. Are you up to surfing, hiking, diving, camping? Are you into dry places and hot air or more into forests and mountains? Or maybe just having a barbecue by a lake? How does it sounds, to have a small Sahara next to you? Or maybe just windy places with some outdoor pools? Yeah, Gran Canaria is multifaceted.


Puerto de Mogan

Sunset spot in Puerto de Mogan, <strong><a href=''>Tenerife</a></strong> in front, Gran Canaria

Sunset spot in Puerto de Mogan, Tenerife in front, Gran Canaria

small Touristic town with some awesome highlights. Volver Beach Hostel in the old part of the village a unique colorful designed Hostel.
Must do, don’t miss it! To get a chance to sit on that wonderful terrace with a beer in your hand and this view!

Volver Beach Hostel in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

Volver Beach Hostel in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

Mirador, after you pass the hostel, you just go up the stairs and follow the sign.
Walk around the harbor we call it “small Venice” and enjoy the architecture around you.
The popular sunset spot behind the garbage, it’s a bit of ironic but funny. To get to a beautiful spot to watch every evening the sunset you have to pass through a big garbage place. How people say it, after you go through some shit you get something amazing.? Take a towel, beer or wine and just sit down watch the sunset, waves and on the right side Tenerife. Sometimes people play Gitarre and do bubbles for some entertainment. Stay until it gets dark and you will see a lot of stars and hear some weird birds.? If you up to risk something climb up the mountains by the mirador to watch the sunset by the lighthouse. Same way back. The normal beach is too boring? Just behind the beach by the mountains, you can swim until you get into a cave.Climb up there and jump. Of course only if the waves are not too strong. The small village has big markets on Friday mornings and small markets on Monday mornings. Puerto de Mogan has a lot of restaurants by the promenade and harbor.
Get ready. All waiters will tell you they have the best food in town and that you should try it out.

Playa de Tiritaña

If you want some privacy and a beach for you. That is your spot.
You have to climb down some cliffs to get to the beach, but it’s easy.


A super Touristik beach, but the prettiest watercolor. You can go for a walk from Amadores to Puerto Rico while taking the pass by the mountains and enjoying the view of the ocean. If you want to dive at one of all those beaches check out Leagues Ahead Dive Centre. These 3 strangers met over a year ago and fell in love with diving. Now they opened a diving school in Gran Canaria and are working with so much passion and pleasure, there is for sure no other place like this. They will welcome you with so much love and energy as they have for diving. You don’t wanna miss out on that. Because life is better under the sea.

Puerto Rico

I call it the small Las Vegas, it’s just too much of everything. I actually really like the design of the shopping center, in there you can go out in the evenings, they have cocktail bars, clubs, shisha bars, Restaurants, Pubs, etc. Everything to have a great night.
During the day you have a lot of choices of different restaurants, from Asian food until Indian over German.


Faro de Maspalomas

Dunes, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Dunes, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

The small Sahara in Gran Canaria, feel free to take off your clothes and run around naked. Or to camp there. You even can ride a camel,? how cool is that? If you want to feel you are in a real Sahara. Maspalomas is a Touristic place with a lot of shopping possibilities and hotels, apartments and bungalows.
Next, to Maspalomas, you have Playa del Ingles.
You have a lot of shopping centers, bars, restaurants, clubs there. And of course Hotels etc.
Playa del Ingles is the Party spot in Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico is nothing agents that.


San Nicholas

You need to drive from the south up the west coast to see the amazing views on that way. In between, there are a lot of stops to take some pictures or maybe climb up some mountains, small cafes/stores with fruits, Canary cheese, honey or nuts
My favorite stop is El Mirador del Balcon, you will only get there if you decide not to follow the highway after you finish the coast way. Why I like it, you feel like you are flying between ocean and sky.

South up the West coast to San Nicholas, Gran Canaria

South up the West coast to San Nicholas, Gran Canaria

Playa de Guigui

For people which love to hike and are ready to hike 800 meters up and down to get to a beach with the most beautiful star view which I ever saw in my life. If you are lucky you can sleep under a clear sky with the milky way in HD quality over you.

800 meters up and down to Playa de Gui Gui

800 meters up and down to Playa de Gui Gui


Take a tent or just a sleeping bag, food (vitamins) and drinks. On the way, you will get some wood to make fire and prepare your food (be careful and don’t burn the whole island, because it’s not allowed to do fire) Enjoy the nature around you.
In the summer months, you should just hike in the morning or afternoon hours.
Take sun Creme and a hat/cap, to protect your skin and head from the sun. We did the hike end of July, after hiking a long time, I started to feel so hot, that I just decided to continue in shorts and bikini to get some tan. I need to say, I’m super bad in hiking so it was a big challenge and after almost dying I just decided to make the best out of it to get some tan and a free gym.? On our way we met some cats, I was not pretty sure if it was imaginary, but no, it was real. So we all continued hiking. Somewhere in nowhere is a family living, which sells drinks to the hikers. If you get out of the water. (But it’s almost at the end of the hike)


In agaete, you will see some outdoor ocean swimming pools, get prepared for some windy weather. From Agaete, you go up the


Teror, Gran Canaria

Teror, Gran Canaria


super funny name and actually my favorite part of Gran Canaria, super small lovely place on the island. It’s just to have a walk and drink a coffee and eat some tapas. And pay attention to the Canary architecture.  Markets on Sunday’s. From Teror you can go to:


or into the island.
Check out the tapas nights in Las Palmas.
Then take a walk by the beach Las Canteras, the promenade has millions of restaurants. Or if you up to lie on the beach you can do that, or maybe surfing? If not, just take a look at the dark blue/black sand on the beach. It’s one part of the whole beach area.

  • Old town is a beautiful part, if you arrive there it doesn’t feel like you are still in Gran Canaria
  •  In general, ist a Capital there is always something going on
    If you decide not to go to Las Palmas, go to Valleseco, Cruz de Tejeda, there are the greenest parts of Gran Canaria.

    Catedral de Santa Ana, Las Palmas Gran Canaria

    Catedral de Santa Ana, Las Palmas Gran Canaria


Monumento Natural del Barranco de Guayadeque

Monumento Natural del Barranco de Guayadeque, cave Restaurant, Gran Canaria

Monumento Natural del Barranco de Guayadeque, cave Restaurant, Gran Canaria

(behind Agüimes and Ingenio), there you can see how the people lived in past times. They lived in caves in the mountains and had they own cave churches. Still people are living there but of course in a bit modern way. If you are interested in that, don’t miss it.
After a long trip, you can eat homemade dishes in the cave restaurants.
There are one small restaurant and a big one you will get there if you follow the road until the end.
You can even visit a museum to get some background information about all of that.


Pico de las Nieves the highest point and Roque Nouble the second highest point of Gran Canaria, or how we said it just God’s Finger, which is actually broken.

by Roque Nouble, Gran Canaria

by Roque Nouble, Gran Canaria

The middle of the island is just beautiful, take a car and drive around doesn’t matter which road and enjoy the view in front of you. Stopp for a smoothie or just for visiting a small town somewhere in nowhere.
Or stop next to the Almond trees and pick some. But don’t take the whole tree with you.

If you need to decide between two ways, one is normal the other one looks weirder, take the second one.

Moya, Gran Canaria

Moya, Gran Canaria

Why? Just because you will end up somewhere nice. Of course, don’t go with some strangers. Only if you hitchhike ?


Renting cars – to discover the island you need a car. It’s easier and you will be free to go around the island. In the end, it’s even cheaper. One Trip with the bus for each person from Puerto de Mogan to Las Palmas and back is 16 Euros. The costs to rent a car for one day start by 34 Euros @Avant renting cars. I just read on the internet that a lot of people did bad experiences with them. We had a great one, we rent our car in Puerto de Mogan. They gave us a great service. But we didn’t do any reservation we did everything personally. The cheapest way to rent cars is if you rent them at the airport. We stopped ones in Bahia Feliz and get for 1day one new fiat for the price of 15 euros and 10 deposit. It was unbelievable, but everything worked out perfectly.
Buy vegetables on markets, it’s cheaper than in supermarkets. For 2 Persons for a whole week, we paid weekly around 10 euros.
You need to try the awesome mangos, avocados, papayas, and bananas.
My favorite snack was Papaya and stracciatella yogurt.
Hitchhiking is ok, the island is not big, so you can’t really get lost there. Maybe you just follow the idea to hitchhike to “anywhere”.

Hitchhiking to "Anywhere" middle of the island, Gran Canaria

Hitchhiking to “Anywhere” middle of the island, Gran Canaria

We did it ones and ended up with awesome people, which decided to explore with us the island and invited us for tapas and beer. We hitchhiked many times, even if everyone said it wouldn’t be possible in Gran Canaria. Every time someone stopped. For those ones which have a low budget or just want to have an adventure.
If you still decide for the bus, take there and return tickets for some lines you get 10% discount. You find the bus schedules  at
To shop I recommend Hiperdino/Superdino is always cheaper then spar. You have more cheap choices in Hiperdino then in Spar but you have more imported products in Spar. For example in spar in Puerto de Mogan you have nice fresh snacks to take away. Like paella, chicken nuggets, the traditional dish with potatoes and the mojo sauces. The Traditional canary sauce is the red or green mojo sauce.You put the sauce over the winkling Canarian potatoes. In the morning’s spar prepares sandwiches and fruits. They cut all kind of different fruits to take them away. Which is nice if you are on the way to the beach and didn’t take a knife and a spoon with you to eat for example a watermelon. ?
And for all smokers, you are lucky!?
1 cigarette package can go from €1,90 to €3,20 for a 20 cigarette package.
So if you go back home take the maximum as allowed with you. You will not regret it.

My favorite events have been the Fiesta del Carmen, especially in Puerto de Mogan. And Carnival in Maspalomas. If you are around at that time, you need to check it out. They are always celebrating on that island!

The conclusion is, if you go to Gran Canaria, please check out the island. Because all the touristic parts, they are part of the island, but not what makes the island so unforgettable! Gran Canaria is multifaceted! Keep that in mind!


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