Goa: The Unforgettable Vibe

January 1, 1970

by Aakanksha Rao

A little something before we begin:

Travelling has healing powers. It’s my recovery time. It is my chance to get away from the mundane everyday schedule of life and unwind, relax and regroup. The travel bug bit me when I was very young and it has just been there ever since. Seriously, If travelling was free, I would never come back home. Travelling has made me the person I am today. Being able to live outside of my comfort zone, experience new cultures, meet new people enjoy breathtaking views has made me open my mind about the way I see the world. I have always been a solo traveller and trust me, It is challenging at times; But this high octane high risk behaviour has the best adrenaline rush ever

I am trying to put my passion for travel in words to share it with other people who are equally crazy about it like I am and to maybe to inspire other people who haven’t started exploring the world yet. Trust me guys, Travel WILL change your life. It has changed mine immensely and I am grateful for all those experiences. I have friends all around the world and I feel so connected to the world that it makes me want to give back by being a responsible contributing global citizen. Who would have thought that travelling can have such an impact on an individual? So if you haven’t started packing your bags yet, I strongly suggest that you start now!

        All that aside, Today I am writing this article to share an experience of my favourite tropical beach-y destination in India, GOA.

 Goa is one of the most famous travel destinations in India. Located in the West region of India, The small state sees a lot of adventure seeking-seaside      chilling travellers from around the world. Goa has something for everyone; Whether it is pristine beaches, crazy night-life, historical sites or more.             Rich Indo- Portuguese culture, great music and delicious goan food reverberating throughout the unending beaches and heritage architecture, Goa is one destination you do not want to miss.
Me? I personally love the place. Be it the glistening sandy beaches, the ancient fort ruins, or the ever so vibrant night-life, I love everything about Goa. You’re in a different zone when you’re there. It’s peaceful, yet intriguingly energetic. It is a world away from your own. The people are extremely warm and friendly and you can guarantee yourself a really good time.
I was recently in Goa for about a week and it was the most refreshing trip I have had in a really long time; It was a trip with friends and we had planned to go all out. Looking for the perfect place to stay; a combination of quiet yet close to the bustling beach of Calangute, We found a beautiful resort named Santa Monica. About a 5 minute drive from Tivai beach (an extension of Calangute beach), It was everything we were looking for and more. A Bright yellow building with a clear blue swimming pool and chilled beer to go with it, We were living the life for those 6 days. Every morning I would wake up and walk to the beach and that feeling of looking at the sun just coming up from behind the horizon, was the most beautiful and overwhelming feeling ever. Our days would go in roaming around (You can rent bikes/cars/jeeps), exploring places in Goa,  bargaining for the best prices in the local markets and by the time it was evening, you would see us chilling on the beach, sipping our beer and eating the most delicious food at one of the shacks. One early morning, We sat at the Aguada Fort at 5 am, our legs hanging right above the ocean staring right into the horizon waiting for the sunrise. Other days we just lazed around in the swimming pool of our resort, some of us playing water volleyball, some of us lying on the sunbeds getting some sun and reading our favourite books and just be glad that we were there with the people we loved and that we would remember this trip forever.

Goa is vibrant. Goa is colourful. Goa is electric. Goa is paradise.

       If you are planning a vacation to a tropical location, THIS IS IT.
Best time to visit Goa is October to June.
Here are a few tips that’ll help you get there:

 Goa has an international airport that is open to a lot of flights flying in from various parts of the world.
The main city is about 30Km from the airport, but taxis/cabs are easily available outside the airport.

 1. Buy Beer
2. Unwind
3. Explore
4. Party
5. Chill
6. Shop

PLACES YOU CAN’T MISS (Nope, Not at all):

1. Club Cabana (http://www.clubcubanagoa.com/): One of the hottest party destinations in Goa. Located at Arpora, admission to the club might be a              little heavy on the pocket boasts a sprawling ambience of electrifying beats, good crowd, a neon-lit pool and a hell of a good time. (Did I mention
they have an open bar?)

2. Arpora Night Market: Also located at Arpora, This night market is the place to be if you like shopping. Not only is it colourful and vibrant, they               have live music to accompany your shopping spree!

3. Pirate’s Bay Cafe: A three storied open shack overlooking the beautiful waters of Anjuna beach with amazing music and good food. Need I say

 4. Chapora Fort: The ruins of a rich Portuguese history, This fort stands proud on a hilltop with the most mesmerizing view from the top. It’s totally            worth the climb.

  5. Baga Beach: The most famous beach in Goa. Famous for it’s beach shacks and awesome water sports, This beach is something you shouldn’t

Well, There you have it. Some of my recommendations about travelling to Goa, India.
It is an absolute paradise to unwind.

I will keep writing more stuff for you guys but until then,

Keep fuelling the wanderlust!


Aakanksha Rao

By Aakanksha Rao

I am a travelbug from India. I absolutely love travelling and writing about my experiences. Currently freelancing as a travel writer. Also a student and majoring in psychology! It's my dream to travel to ever country in the world.

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