Get to know Monterrey, Mexico

January 1, 1970

by Rea Sarcelle

Alright, I know, México is a land of traditions and vivid loud parties (takes one to know one) but believe me when I say that there are these quiet calm moments where you can see the other side of the coin and fall deeper in love with the land beneath your feet.

Getting to know an entirely new country takes time, which is exactly why we will be getting to know one single city: Monterrey. Being one of the biggest cities in Mexico, Monterrey prides itself on being an industrialized city working every minute of the day.

But, do not let that fool you; the city has everything you look for your trip – from celebrations and parties to nationally recognized museums and parks.

Things to do in Monterrey

The city offers a lot of possible adventures to fulfill your traveling. In this article, in particular, we’ll be focusing on places that are highly praised by foreigners. The places are a complete change of scenery from the typical traveling guides but they are worth experience first-handed;

  • Museums + Art expositions
  • Ecologic Parks + Wildlife sighting
  • Most popular spots

Best Places to Learn

Some of the best ways to understand the rich history of Monterrey is to visit its most popular museums.

Museo de Historia Mexicana

This museum is one of the most visited ones because of its rich history of the city and Mexico in general; its exposition of the different decades through the years catches your attention from the beginning.

The best moment to visit the museum is on Sundays when there’s no need to buy a ticket because the entrance is free for the entire day. However, be prepared for a crowd! It’s the best to choose an early time during the day to visit.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey

Also known as MARCO, this museum is well known for the diverse exposition of arts and sculptures it has hosted through the years; going from national traditions to foreign and exciting exposition about all kinds of topics.

From experience, the best days to visit is on Wednesdays or Sundays, where there’s no entrance fee.

One great advantage of these two museums is their location, only a small five-minute walk away from the each other surrounded by a safe area; it’s a good idea to plan an early trip where you can visit both museums on no-fee entrance days.

People’s Favorite Spots

Yes, walking, people. Work those legs and explore every corner these places have to offer! I promise you that what you find will enchant you in the best ways. The following places are some of the most visited because of what they offer in entrainment and knowledge.

Parque Fundidora

This park has one of the most known because of its history in the city; between the years 1900-1986, this park used to be a full-time company of iron and steel.

Nowadays, the park offers different activities; it has an ice skating rink, the entire park to explore on a bicycle (which can be rented from the inside of the park), museums of the history the park offers inside the old machinery it was left behind by the company and much more!

This is the place where you can spend an entire day in and still find new stuff to do! In one of the many entrances of the park itself, there’s a high rated hotel where you can stay in and that way the park can only be a short walk away from you!

Macroplaza (Or Gran Plaza)

The Marcoplaza it’s a well-known place around the country and it’s considered to be the fifth biggest plaza in the world.  It’s located in the center of Monterrey and it’s a popular spot for the people to come together and hang out, whenever with family or among friends, there are activities for them all.

One of the advantages of the Macroplaza it’s how nearby and accessible the spots around it are; there are museums, well-recognized sculptures, theaters, parks, and libraries. All of this is just a few feet from the other!

It’s an open public spot for anyone to visit and a great place to know more about the history and daily life of the city itself.

Planetario Alfa

In essence, this planetarium if mainly focused on science and technology; it offers diverse exhibitions on the newest and innovative technology that encourages interactive dynamics inside of them for the public to enjoy. It’s also well visited for being a movie theater in IMAX format, offering a large schedule of its movies of the season in the best quality.

Because of the many activities and interactive exhibitions, there’s a small fee to pay to enter, but it’s worth it to experience all of the activities inside.

Must-See Parks in Monterrey

Monterrey has mostly everything you would wish for in your trip, except for beaches; but the city itself makes it up to you with the several mountains that surround it and the view that provides naturally.

Parque Ecologico Chipinque

Let’s start with the most famous one; Parque Ecologico Chipinque is the best way to get in touch with nature. It’s open to public every day of the year with an accessible schedule.

The park itself has different types of paths for the activity you desire to do; let it be hiking, ride a bike, or even take a yoga class with nature itself. Some others prefer taking the designated routes for animal sighting; the activities inside are endless.

If you’re one of the challenges, hiking to the very top of the hill is definitely something you’ll want to do. Just don’t forget to get a friend to tag along with you and hydrate yourself!

Parque La Estanzuela

Another place that it’s worth visiting is Parque Natural La Estanzuela; this park is surrounded by nature and wildlife along with amazing spots where small waterfalls are open to the public.

This park is perfect for photographers, for the view that provides it’s breathtaking as everything is crafted by nature itself.

To finish off, the best advice I can give you is not trying to bite more than you can chew; take your time to explore and get to know the places that caught your eye and experience them the fullest at your own pace! There’s no need to rush for all of this places are mostly open public spaces and crowds are not that big of a problem.

Give yourself a chance to try new things and embrace your adventure!

Rea Sarcelle

By Rea Sarcelle

My favorite nickname is Rea and I'm from Mexico. Born and raised surrounded by a vivid and basically magical country. I never get tired of visiting each corner of my own land. I enjoy telling people about all the stuff they can do when they come and how to get the best of their visit and enjoy every second.


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