Fun Things To Do At Olympic Port- Barcelona

January 1, 1970

by Mouka Mezonlin


The Olympic Port or Puerto Olimpico- Barcelona was built in 1991 and only appeared recently in tourist guides. It is however one of the busiest places in Barcelona, Spain. What can we see? What can we do there? Ok, let’s visit. But before, let’s dive in its history.

Olympic Port’s history


Olympic port was built as its name suggests for the 1992’s Olympic Games (Barcelona) and was inaugurated in 1991. Its main architect is Oriol Bohigas. Olympic port replaced many industrial wastelands on the seafront and faces the former Olympic Village, now a residential area. A sporty port during the competition, it is now a marina rather for the wealthiests. It goes from the beach of Barceloneta to that of Nova Icària in the district of Sant Marti.

How to get there

If you come by taxi or by car, the exact address is “paseo Maritimo de puerto olimpico”.
If you take the subway, take line 4 (yellow) and stop at Ciutadella – Villa Olimpica
The tram station’s address is “Besos Ciutadella – Vila Olimpica, line 4”.


There are so many bus stops to get there if you take a bus. You can stop at any one of these bus stop: n°17, n°45, n°59 and n°157 close to Barcelona beach. You can also stop at n°36 near Nova Icaria beach and on Plaza del Voluntaris, just at the entrance of the marina. Finally,you can also stop at n°1, n°71 or n°92 a few hundred meters away from the port. Once there, you can’t get lost. From far away, you can see two great towers: just go there. It’s Plaça dels Voluntaris, the big square with two skyscrapers: hotel Arts Barcelona and Mapfre insurance tower.

At night, you can take the night bus once all the other public transport means cease work (usually at midnight on weekdays and Sundays and Fridays at 2 am. The metro however runs all night every Saturday) you can stop at the bus stops n°0, n°6 or  n°8 right at Plaça dels Voluntaris.

Once there, the first thing you’ll notice down the beach is the Peix (fish), a copper sculpture by Frank Gehry measuring 35 by 54 meters! It is one of the emblematic monuments of Barcelona, ​​because it recalls the Olympic Games that changed the city so much. From there you can enter the marina.


Things to do at Port Olympic

There are several entrances throughout the Marina itself and, so many fun things to do. You can walk quietly along the docks  and observe the boats. There is a corner for luxury boats and, further down , you can admire some old wooden boats that look like boats from another time.
After this short walk to breathe fresh sea air, you can have a drink in one of the many lounge bars there. The atmosphere In these bars is cozy. You can enjoy cocktails lying on sofas or, if you want to eat something, the restaurants are of quality, they serve mostly seafood and many other delicious dishes! Here are some of them:


The SarSuela

It is a Catalan cuisine, known as seafood. La Zarzuela combines some of the best flavors of the sea. Mussels, crabs, clams, shrimps and white fish are the ingredients of this dish often cooked with olive oil along with tomato, lemon and chili. A small glass of white wine will ideally accompany the zarzuela. A perfect delight!

The Mariscada


In Barcelona, ​​the seafood platters bear the melodious name of Mariscadas. Shrimps, langoustines, crab legs … In the pan, crustaceans are the star of a fresh dish that also includes fish terrines and a few salad leaves for decoration.



Paella is probably the most famous dish of Spanish cuisine. The traditional paella recipe comes from Valencia. The main ingredient of this dish is rice and, there are different types of paella (with chicken, duck, rabbit, etc.). Today there are so many combinations of paella. It can be mixed with fish, seafood or a mixture of meat.


Fideua is similar to paella. Its main ingredients are fish (rockfish, cuttlefish and squid) and crustaceans (galleys, shrimps and crayfish). This pasta is usually served with Allioli (garlic mayonnaise).


As Barcelona is located next to the sea, it is natural that some of the typical dishes include fish and seafood. If you do not know what seafood to try, La Mariscada must be your choice then. It includes all the different types of seafood in a dish.
I highly recommend trying all this food as this is for me the best you can eat in Barcelona!


Botifarra amb mongetes

This is a popular Catalan dish based on sausage and beans. The botifarra is a Catalan sausage cooked in red wine and butter. It’s served with white beans and/or fried egg.

The Post It is one of the biggest restaurants and is quite famous, but there is also the Agua, perfect for a romantic dinner.

Right next to the marina, there’s a real estate complex. You will find three clothes shops (rather swimsuits and surf suits shops) and some other small quiet restaurants. There are small “walkways” where tables are installed. They are ideal for head-to-head eating with a superb view of the sea!
If you go down, you get to the music bars and clubs, and there is another atmosphere!

If you would rather like to have a drink in a musical atmosphere, eat or just spend the evening dancing, places like Shoko (electro disco, Chinese restaurant), Opium with many evenings and a Mediterranean restaurant, the loft (electro ), Carpe Diem (bar lounge and restaurant) will let you fill yourself at your will.For drinks, you can spend less than $15 for a drink.
If you are rather a gambler, the casino Gran Casino has many rooms and one luxury restaurant for international foods, another restaurant for Italian foods and a buffet.

All in all, Olympic port is a special place in Barcelona. We like it or not, it has its own identity, an atmosphere that changes according to the hour of the day. It is a place I vividly recommend to visit it at least once and, there are so many things to do. It all depends on your taste.

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