Exploring London and its 5 cozy places (I am in love with)

London. It was love at first sight. I look forward to visiting my “beloved” in the nearest future again. My history with London, England began in 2011 when I decided to study English. I chose the school, I got a visa, I booked a hostel, and I finally took off, not having any expectations. During my next 3 visits and study courses, I discovered fantastic places that hold a very special place in my heart. I would love to share my experience and tell you about my favorite places to visit. If you have already seen these places, I hope you will understand why I decided to add them to the List of Must See Places in London. If you are going to visit London for the first time, then I hope that my tips will help you to see this famous city from a creative viewpoint.

Walk across the Tower Bridge

One of my favorite places to visit is Tower Bridge. Every time I come to the city, I cannot miss this great and beautiful landmark. I love its Victorian style, its greatness, but most important the feeling I experience when walking across the bridge. Expect to enjoy a stunning panoramic view. If you are interested in the history and the people behind this famous landmark, you can visit the museum inside. As I have mentioned above, you are going to have a magnificent view from the Tower Bridge. I would like to point out a few famous landmarks and sights that you can spot from the bridge:
  • Tower of London
  • London Bridge
  • Potters Fields Park
  • The famous “Gherkin” skyscraper
  • Thames River

Enjoy the royal atmosphere of Regents Park

My second must see place in London is Regents Park. This place is absolutely magnificent. Whether you travel with your family, friends or having a romantic trip with your partner or even visiting the city alone, come here. The calm atmosphere of the park, beautiful green gardens with flowers, and the sounds of birds and ducks are worth your time. I believe that this park is an amazing place to balance the busy streets of London whether you are visiting during Christmas or summer holidays.

The colors of Brick Lane

The third place on my List of Things to Do in London is to visit Brick Lane market. It is located in East London and represents a mix of cultures. Since a lot of Asian people live in this area of the city, you will find a lot of curry restaurants here. The market is open every Sunday of the year. Expect to see the artistic crowd, featuring galleries and festivals. If you get hungry, there are a lot of places to eat cheap here. You will easily find halls with food from different chefs preparing home-made dishes from Chinese, Bangladesh, and Indian cuisines. I enjoyed my walks along Brick Lane almost every Sunday. Each building here has colorful graffiti which is implemented very professionally. I love handmade accessories and I still have my jewelry box full of colorful rings and earrings that I bought on the market. Another colorful and very cozy place that I visit every time I come to London is called Neal’s Yard. It reminds me of Brick Lane market because it is also very colorful and artistic. Visit this quaint corner in central London with cute small shops and little pubs serving nice food. Neal’s Yard is a wonderful place to visit during the day and night. A friend of mine told me they serve the best pizza there…Hmm, I promise to write a post and add a photo of me trying a pizza in Neal’s Yard soon!

Enjoy traditional English meals in Fitzroy Tavern

One of my favorite places to eat is Fitzroy Tavern. I was invited there by people from my English course during my first visit. Since 2011, this pub has only slightly changed the interior. It is still located in central London just a few minutes away from Oxford Street. It still has a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere. But the most important it offers delicious food. The design of the Fitzroy Tavern pub reminds me of a cozy house. Try big and tasty sandwiches served with chips and carrots, order tender fish and crispy chips, go for a fresh meat pie and of course, combine your food with a pint which leaves a nice malty aftertaste. What are the other best places to eat in London? Call me crazy but I love EAT. and Pret A Manger with fresh coffee, sandwiches, soups, salads, and lovely desserts. If you like walking and discovering places without the help of a guide, then you will definitely find EAT. and Pret A Manger coffee and sandwich shops around the central area.

The best hotel in my experience

I stayed in a few hostels and apartments in London but I have not found a more comfortable place than Hotel Unique. It is located in Golders Green area surrounded by a big green park, local pubs, and coffee shops. The hotel is situated opposite Golders Green underground station, so you can easily reach all the areas of London by traveling on a train. If you are not bothered about staying in central London and having a view on Big Ben from your hotel’s window, this is a nice place to to book a room in. I like to travel by trains. The trip from the hotel which is located in North London to all main sightseeing in central London always felt like a nice adventure for me. I named my article: Exploring London and its 5 cozy places but I am sure you will discover many more for yourself since every single building here attracts. I think that London is the city that you will never be able to discover fully. The places that I have visited two, five or even ten times never felt the same. On my way back home, I had a chat with a woman sitting next to me on the plane. She noticed that I looked upset, she took my hand and said: “Don’t be upset just come to London again, all dreams come true in London.” At that time I was sure that London is magical and I am not the only one who thinks like this…

Julia Dokashenko

I am Julia and I am from Ukraine. I have been traveling around India, Nepal, and Georgia for the last 4 years. I have been to Paris which was my big romantic dream. I was invited by a young and good-looking guy. However, when I landed at Charles de Gaulle Airport and texted him: “I have just landed!!!” I received quite a shocking message that said: “I didn’t know you were so serious, I have a girlfriend but we can still meet …” Anyway, I had 4 amazing days in Paris. On my own. With croissants. I traveled to London 3 times and studied at Oxford House College aiming to improve my English. I am living in Ukraine now and working as a copywriter for SEO companies. I would like to think that my writing and conversational English skills that I practice daily will help me to create for Travelista Club!