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Experiencing such a beautiful city like London, by reading an article about it is quite difficult but I will try my best to take you through London, and present everything  you need to know when planning a trip to explore the city.

London, where do I even begin to present you to all the people that are curious about you?

Tha capital city of Great Britain is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world deserves to be entitled one of the most charming and fascinating one aswell. Why? Because of it’s architecture and overall atmosphere, every neighbourhood you might find yourself wandering around has a different feeling, different style, whether it is one that has a stylish, hipster or even a high society vibe you will find yourself amazed by it.

Accommodation in London

The city has all kinds of possibilities when it comes to accommodation. Whether you are on a budget, or you are planning a luxury trip, there will be a place for you to stay. Of course, London overall is not a cheap city, so even if you book a hostel or a room through AirBnb the prices will reflect the cities standards.

We were there for 5 nights, and we choose to book through airbnb. The room we booked was really close to the Oval Metro Station. From there we basically took the metro to the London Bridge Station and we were already in the touristy area with restaurants and places to see and explore.


Transport in London couldn’t be easier. The Metro and the Bus lines are really easy to use and understand. There is a station almost every corner of the city. I would suggest to get an Oyster card if you plan to travel with the Bus or with the Metro, and fill it up with around 20-30£. That will last you for the whole trip. Just for reference we needed 30£ for 5 days, and we were still walking a lot, I mean around 10-15 km daily and we still needed this amount of credit on our Oysters. We always took the Metro to the center of the city, that is basically Leicester Square, Covent Garden or Oxford Street where the main attractions were.

Of course, if you feel a bit adventurous, and you are not feeling lost and confused by the fact that the traffic is exactly the opposite way than in any other places in the world, then you can rent a bicycle and explore the city that way. We were too scared and confused so we didn’t opt for this option of transport.


I personally like to explore restaurants where I can eat my favorite types of cuisines. My favorites are Japanese, Middle Eastern, Chinese and Indian cuisine. So every time I go somewhere I look up all the these different restaurants, and just choose one for each meal. If we have the same taste in food I would highly recommend to try out one of these restaurants:

Dishoom  We went to the one in Covent Garden. Really really good Indian Cuisine. The best I’ve had so far, it totally got me hooked on Indian food. I would suggest to book a table ahead, otherwise you end up waiting in the line in front of the restaurant just like we did for a good 30-40 minutes. Totally worth the waiting! Byron Hamburgers Once is a while I have a major craving for burgers and so it happened in London. We were walking around all day in the city and we saw this restaurant popping up in quite a lot of areas, so we decided to try it out. The burgers were really good and tasty, no wonder the restaurant was full. 20160429_195106   Orjowan  As we were in London during my birthday, I choose to celebrate it in a Lebanese Restaurant. There is nothing I love more than Lebanese cuisine so I had to choose it for my big day. This restaurant is quite small, but the food was really good, it totally satisfied my hunger for Arabic cuisine. 20160502_134715 20160502_131312   Lastly, fort he Asian food lovers there is a whole street called China town, situated between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, where you can explore many varieties of Asian food. Whether you crave sushi or dumplings, a fancy restaurant or rather a street food  option you are covered. A MUST visit place even if you choose not to eat there. 20160502_164131

Main attractions in London

  • London Bridge  which is said to be the most famous bridge of the world definitely adds tot he overall charm of the city. This huge bridge over the Thames River connects the South and North side of the city.


  • The Shard having 95 floors, this skyscraper is known to be the tallest building the in UK and one of the tallest in Europe. You can spot it really easily because it is located just around London Bridge, in Southwark. Inside the building there are a couple of fancy restaurants if you feel like having lunch or dinner in one of the tallest buildings of the World.
  • Continuing with the attractions, not that far from London Bridge, at around 10 minutes walking or just two metro stops (from London Bridge station to Waterloo, Embankment or Westminster), there is London Eye, the other most visited place by tourists.
London Eye
  • Walking distance from the London Eye, on the opposite side you can see the House of Parliament and the famous tower called Big Ben or Elizabeth Tower.


  • Walking up North, there is Westminster Abbey, the famous Church, a 700 year old building, where Prince William and Kate Middleton had their Wedding ceremony.

Westminster Abbey


  • Next on the list is Buckingham Palace, which is a walking distance away from the Hyde Park Corner Metro Station. Expect to see loads of people taking pictures of the it. If you can, then plan to visit the Palace at 11.15 o’clock when the Guard Changing Ceremony takes place. During the months of Apri- July the ceremony will take place at the same hour, daily, during the rest of the months there will be a different schedule for the ceremony. Find the time table clicking here.
  • Harrods can be found near Knightsbridge. It is known to be the worlds most famous upmarket department store. Even if you don’t want to spend a fortune of money, it is a must to go inside and see what it’s all about, and just feel fancy for a minute.

Without including the following places as main attractions, for all of you wanting to spend some money, explore restaurants and experience the London night life, I recommend Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. Be prepared that these streets are fully packed with people. Here you can also find the most famous department stores in London such as Selfridges, John Lewis, and of course all the main fashion brands, from high end to low end.

Things to do

  • A couple of famous museums that worth to be visited: British Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, etc.
  • I would include as a main attraction one of London's Parks, such as Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. If you are lucky and the weather is good you can enjoy the sun, relax and have picnic in the grass. I hope you like squirrels because you will see a lot of them.
  • Borough Market situated in the South Bank area, is one of the oldest and busiest markets in London. It is known to be visited because of its food market, the best place to experience the London street food style.
  • Londoners like their Pubs, they like it so much that even on weekdays, after work around 5-6 o’clock all the Pubs in the main areas are fully packed. You can see both women and men enjoying one, two or even three glasses of beer. If you want to have the London Pub experience, and of course if you are a fan of beer, feel free to join them.
  • Afternoon Tea British people love their tea, having a cup of tea in the afternoon is a must for them. This being a major tradition, many hotels and restaurants offer different Afternoon Tea Menus.  The best is to book a table, at your chosen hotel or restaurant.Check out all the places and offers here.

As a conclusion, London ist the perfect city to visit for so many reasons. Good food, beautiful people, nice atmosphere, many places to shop, relax and just enjoy life.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article about London, and I hope you find my tips helpful.

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