Enjoy Savannah's Captivating District on A Budget

January 1, 1970

by Rosemarie Brown


Having spent over a year in Savannah I believe I have found my tranquility haven coupled with the most quaint picturesque environs in Savannah, GA.  It is a beautiful getaway offering non-stop entertainment and superb southern hospitality from the locals.  It is known for being the largest and one of the oldest cities in the United States of America, dating back to the colonial period of the 1700s.  Boasting several monuments and historical landmarks there are over 20 parks that are significant in the preservation of the city’s rich history.  The lush scenery and beautiful river create the perfect combination for couples to get married hence, Savannah Beaches and Night life is what I like most about my trip.


With so much to see and do in Savannah a week off with the family would be perfect for a trip to Savannah.  First one needs to get a tour of the fascinating city. I personally enjoyed the Old Savannah Tours, Trolley Tours, and Dolphin Tours because it was interesting to be carried around on trolleys and some tourists rode around in chariots while being educated about the history and culture.  But a cost-saving and fun option would be to participate in a group scavenger hunt which not only allows you to navigate the city by foot but its an exciting way to interact with locals who can teach you a lot as you search for clues all over the city. Not only is Savannah historic but it is also touristy, therefore, there is hardly any downtime.  There is often some form of events and entertainments such as live shows at the City Market or Theatrical productions at the auditorium showcasing a variety of musical talents. I felt relatively safe to tour on foot and take pictures as it is customary for tourists to traverse by pedicabs or on foot.  Amidst all the subtle surprises are the chilling haunted house and graveyard tours, thrilling horseback rides and trampoline amusement parks which brought out the kid in me.


It was fun and freedom to be able to escape the bar setting and indulge in some of Savannah’s finest local beer straight from their distillery in a take-out cup. The city’s reputed drinking venue is Congress Street, this is where I would bar hop to enjoy the finest of Savannah’s nightlife.  It was my utmost favorite thing to do apart from enjoying Savannah’s Beaches.  For those sipping on a budget, happy hour was noteworthy because then you could bask in at a reasonable cost. My favorite beer pair was duck wings or chicken tenders.  This could be found at some of the pubs along with other finger food such as sliders.


Tybee Island was my go-to spot for long beach walks, southern food on a deck, warmth and oceanic breeze not to mention, the place I had my first crab cakes and grit cakes.  River Street is the number one place for a view of the river. I stayed at The Bohemian Hotel in a room with a view of the river, it was the most breathtaking scenery to wake to a sunrise each morning.  River Street had variety it is a historic walk on cobblestones to venues where you can wine and dine by the river from a selection of restaurants and crab shops. You can treat yourself and family at any of the candy-shops, I was addicted to the caramel pralines and tiramisu gelatos from River street sweets. Its an all in one venue hotel, food, entertainment and a nice river view which saves time and money.


Every evening between the hours of 5: 30 pm and 7:00 pm was the time when massive cargo and beautiful cruise ships would sail by the 300 mile River to and from the Ports of Savannah. This port is the fourth biggest seaport in the U.S, it not only accommodates Largest Cargo ship that ever visited the east coast but vessels can sail both sides of the river at the same time.  It is a sight to behold. I first discovered the cargo passage while dining outside a restaurant on East River Street and so many tourists crowd the river walk to take pictures the moment they spot a cargo in the distance. The largest cargo surprised me greatly, I could hardly see the front and back from behind two huge hotels, that ship was the eyecatcher for East River Street. As parents would hoist their kids on their necks while others would make videos and take pictures in fascination as huge container ship takes up the entire river.


Savannah comes alive like no other city I have visited.  For national celebrations such as Halloween, Fourth of July and holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and not to mention St. Patrick’s Day.  Although away from families and friends I felt at home as I was completely thrilled and impressed seeing the excitement for Christmas, my favorite yet was the Chrismas parade on River Street and fancily decorated sailboats along the harbor.  Dancers and bands parade the well-lighted and decorated streets spreading the joy of Christmas through colorful costumes, dance, and music. St. Patrick’s Day was my most memorable experience yet, as visitors from other states and countries parade the streets.  While looking down from the upper floors of my hotel room I could not see one cobblestone as the street was crowded with persons decked out in green costumes drinking as if it was the end of the world. Fourth of July celebrations are major, as I observed the sounding of firecrackers as early as the first of July and on the evening of the fourth families gather in their backyard and barbeque while others gather at City Market for a concert and to see even bigger firecrackers exploding and lighting up the dark sky. City Market is the main place for social gatherings in the city, therefore almost every holiday celebration, a low budget or free entertainment is held there. Savannah’s open container law seems to have made it much easier for persons to break free and have a good time during the holidays, making the city vibrant, funfilled and full of diversity, especially during holidays.

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