Dublin, my life between a Guinness and Whisky

Every time I think about Dublin it makes me feel happy and excited.

First things first. Before you arrive at your destination, you may want to plan ahead what are the places that you would like to visit, restaurants, bars, etc.

Once we arrived in Ireland, we were picked up and driven home. We were so tired, and we didn't get to sleep that much because of the time difference. Ireland is 6 hours ahead of Panama.

When we got home, we left our bags, and we went to the restaurants that are close to Howth Yacht Club. They are good for their seafood platters, their early bird catch, and a very nice place to go and check out all the boats at the marina.

Sleep time! We always go to bed at the same time that we go to bed when we're in Panama. For example, we arrive at 2:00PM in Ireland, we stay awake until 10:00PM (local time), so we can sleep all night, and be good for next day. Some people make the mistake of going to sleep right away because they're tired, they haven't slept, etc. Try not doing that, you won't be able to sleep at night, and your head clock won't adjust.

My first day in Dublin

We had lots of energy on our second day since we went to sleep so early.  We ate some breakfast and we headed off to Dublin City.  We took the public bus and we got to the center like in 60 minutes.  One of the things that I love the most, Dublin bus has Wifi.  So convenient. 🙂

Dublin Bus

One of the first places that I really wanted to go was Dublin Castle, in Irish Caisleán Bhaile Átha Cliath. I've never been to a castle before, so I was extremely impressed once I saw it and went inside.  We went there with no tour guide, but I saw a group of 15 people approximately, with a tour guide who was giving a brief story of what Dublin Castle is about.  It's not that I'm not interested in the story, but I like more the sightseeing tourism.

Dublin Castle

Loving Dublin castle

For more info of Dublin Castle, click here  

As soon as we finished visiting Dublin Castle we started walking and we saw Christ Church Cathedral.  This area is known as the spiritual heart of Dublin. It's just beautiful. I love the fact that Dublin has taken care of the infrastructure of this cathedral because this is a “must go see” spot.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get in, but it blew my mind just looking at it outside.

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

After this, we went shopping for a long time and then we had to go back home for dinner.  But I did take one last pic. 🙂  Real people being statues, so cool!  

Day 2:  Ready for an Irish lunch

Street human statues

We woke up for lunch time and we wanted to eat outside, and there was no better place than traditional Irish fish and chips.

We decided to go to Leo Burdock.  They are super famous for their Fish and Chips. It's an old traditional Irish restaurant since 1913. The first time I went to Ireland, my boyfriend took me here, and the line to purchase food was extremely long. You can't imagine. Especially at lunch time. This place is just for take outs, they don't have tables. But believe me, you won't mind because it's delicious.

My first time at Leo Burdock's, I ordered one sausage and chips. They put some balsamic vinegar, pepper, and salt on the chips. At first, I was a bit worried about the Balsamic Vinegar, but when I tried it. Oh, my god! It was amazing. And more amazing, because I really wanted to eat something very traditional and very Irish.

Now the second time that we went back to Leo Burdock's (this year), I really wanted to try the fish. Last year that I saw the fish, I thought it was too big for me, but this year I told my boyfriend, I want some fish and I don't care about the size.

We got there, and thankfully it was kind of empty. Just for you to know, you will always see 3-6 customers in front of you, but believe me, that's empty, so you may want to wait, because it's totally worth it. This year we ordered fish fillet, one order of chips (which is enough for 2 persons), and sausage.  I'm pretty sure that you're asking how was it? GOOD!!!. No more comments. You have to try it. Oh! and it's not that expensive.

For Leo Burdock menu, go here
Leo Burdock

Eating some Leo Burdock sausage and chips


Next stop: O'Connell Street.

If you come here, you'll be in the heart of Dublin. I love walking here, there are so many shops for souvenirs and clothes that you will want to stop in each one of them. You should go all the way to the Spire, so you can shop in every store, LOL. If you're not the kind of person who likes to walk, check online for different tour operators. Bike tours, Walking tours, Hop on – Hop off Tour bus and more, is available for you to know Dublin City. Any of these three are good. Pick what's more comfortable for you. I'm a huge fan of shopping, so walking for me would be the best, even though I'm not a huge fan of walking. 🙂

OConnel Street

Shopping in O'Connell Street


Viking Splash Tour: Let's know Dublin

We booked the Viking Splash tour. It's a tour bus and goes around all the main streets in Dublin, and then at the end, it goes into the water, so it's a tour water bus. We had such a good time, our tour guide was hilarious and there's no better way of knowing Dublin like this.

After the Viking Splash tour, we went to Stevens Green Shopping Center. This shopping center is one of the old ones, but the shops inside I love them. There's this shop in the middle of the mall, that is for decorative and very tiny curious things for your home. 🙂 I just love it.

Want to get Viking Splash Tour tickets?  Go here

Viking Splash tour

Ready for our Viking tour around Dublin


My Dublin night life:

Dublin's nightlife is extremely busy. You'll see people from everywhere in the world, trying the best pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, everything. So we normally go to different places (bars), because there are so many and you want to know them all, at least to see how they look. 🙂 I personally don't drink, but why not getting the whole Irish experience?

Restaurants and bars that I love:

  • Skintflint Pizza
  • The Porterhouse Brewing co.
  • Mykonos Restaurant
  • The Brass Monkey (in Howth, with some other very nice seafood places around)
  • Temple Bar
  • Mercantile Bar

One of the oldest bars in Dublin

      Feel free to share also more tips and recommended places if you've been to Dublin! 🙂



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