Curug Nangka, Famous Waterfall in Bogor

January 1, 1970

by Ineke-yulianti

The City of Bogor

I always love Bogor. It’s a city where I grow up. I’ve been living here ever since I was born. It’s a small, beautiful city, about 2 hours’ drive from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. However, as I grow up here, I feel like I knew all about this city when actually I am not. I realized I got more excited to explore other cities or even countries than my own hometown. But finally, here I am, exploring one of the famous natural spot in Bogor which is Curug Nangka. Curug means waterfall in Sundanese Language, which is Bogor local language.


Curug Nangka

I’ve heard about this places since long time ago but haven’t got the chance to visit. One of the reason is because the bad traffic I need to go through in order to reach this place. Curug Nangka is a natural waterfall, located at the feet of Mt. Salak, with the height of 15 m approximately. It’s pretty famous for its natural beauty and finally I can witness it by myself. I used to think it might be not as beautiful as what people talk about because I thought of this Curug Nangka as a natural spot that’s been exposed too much. However, it’s beautiful more than I expected, and I really suggest for any people who want to visit here, to come on weekdays so they can fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the waterfall without much distraction from the crowd.


National Park Curug Nangka

I came herCurug Nangka Entrancee on Monday and I stayed in the hotel nearby. I hiked all the way from the hotel to Curug Nangka area which is around 1 km or 15 mins walking. The weather was really nice so walking is not a problem. The path itself is well built and vehicle can go through. To get there, I need to pay 2 tickets, first is for entering the village and second is for entering the national park area. In this area there are 3 waterfalls in total, they are Curug Nangka, Curug Daun and Curug Kawung. Curug Nangka is the closest one in distance from the entrance and yes, it’s the most beautiful and famous one. Once I entered the national park area, the natural sense can be felt from the surrounding. With the road is well-built for vehicles, on the sides of the street, there are pine trees standing so mighty and beautiful. This well-built road end in the small parking lot surrounded by some stalls that sell same stuffs such as foods, drinks, shorts, slippers, and snacks.

Entrance Road

The Journey to the Waterfall

From the parking lot to the waterfall site, there’s no other choice than walking. I said walking but it’s more like light hiking, because the path is still all natural rocky road with pine trees scattered on the side. It was beautiful indeed, made our walking felt effortless. Then after walking up and down for about 10 mins, the path divides into 2 which are to go up and down. Going up and there are Curug Daun and Curug Kawung. Going down to the river and that’s where Curug Nangka is. According to the local who accompanied us, Curug Nangka is the best out of those three waterfalls. Hence I and my mates decided to go to Curug Nangka.


Pine trees

I need to walk through the river in order to reach this waterfall. It was fun. I walked barefooted so I can feel the chill and fresh river water going through my feet. It’s quite slippery that I needed to be careful while choosing which rock to step on. The river bank is flanked by cliffs with vines and hanging trees and the bank itself is pretty narrow. However, it’s important to know not to visit here during rain, because the local said sometimes the waterfall got overflowed from the rain that causes flood in the river banks. It’s dangerous because when the rain is heavy, the flood could go as high as the cliff so people could no longer walk on the river banks. However, in the bright day, it’s so fun walking on the river banks, it feels like an adventure.

River banksriver banks to Curug nangka

The Waterfall!

After struggling for some times to walk and hop on the river stones, finally the mighty cliff soared in front of me and I got so excited because it’s the sign that I was already close to the waterfall. There it is, I just need to walk a bit further and the beautiful Curug Nangka is there, on the right side of the soaring cliff. The waterfall is so beautiful, it’s tall and the water flows swiftly from the top of the cliff. The view of the huge cliff, swift flowing waterfall and surrounding trees were so astonishing that I couldn’t take my eyes from them. It felt like a sanctuary that made me felt so refreshed. Adding to my joyous feeling was the situation where there were nobody else besides me and my mates in that waterfall sites. No crowd at all, and it gave me full enjoyment of this beautiful waterfall.

I tried to walk to the centre of the waterfall, to the spot where the water fall and hit the pond. The pond got a bit deeper the closer it gets to the centre of the waterfall. As I got closer, the surrounding air got cooler from the water flow and I felt the water splashed from the waterfall that is super fresh. I put my hand crossing the waterfalls and I could feel the pressure and the freshness. I really enjoyed myself playing in the waterfall and of course I didn’t forget to keep this beautiful image of the waterfall into some photographs.

Curug Nangka


Way Back and Foods

After fully satisfying and immersing ourselves in the beauty of this waterfall, we decided to go back. On our way back, there’re already some other people from the opposite direction going to the waterfall. So glad we made it before it’s getting too crowded. There we go back to the divided path before, but unfortunately the sky has turned a bit dark and it started to drizzle. My mates and I decided not to continue going up to see the other two waterfalls this time. I guessed it’d be better to visit here not in the rainy season as I did. Luckily I still got the chance to have a bit bright sky that day, just enough for us to witness the beauty of Curug Nangka.

As we went down, we stopped by the stalls to have some foods. They sell local Sundanese foods, that’s warm and tempting. So it’d be a great chance too for people who want to try local foods. The foods there is pretty good and cheap, and the seller is so friendly. Now I understand why this site is pretty famous, and I’m glad that the government preserve them nicely that I don’t really see much litter there. I’d want to go back to see the other 2 waterfalls next time.


food stall


By Ineke-yulianti

I love travel, I really do! What I look for during my travel is mostly natural beauty and foods. It's just make me feel amazed every time I see the beautiful landscape of nature. I like tasting local foods to know the authentic taste of the food itself. I traveled here and there, some are close and some are far. However, every moment and every steps of my travelling brings their own joy to me, and that just make me can't get enough of travelling.


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