Croatia's undiscovered Dalmatian gem: Primošten

June 22, 2019

by Sneha Modi

Due to the immense popularity of the fantasy series ‘Game of thrones’, it is no surprise that the first place that comes to mind when someone mentions Croatia is Dubrovnik, where a major portion of the series was shot. When I, along with my friends planned a trip to Croatia, all we wanted to do was see ‘King’s landing’, the king’s palace in Game of thrones, along with a few sites in Split, where another portion of the series was shot. Little did I know that I would end up falling in love with the amazing coastline of Croatia, and the little town called Primošten would end up becoming one of my favorite places in the world.

During my trip in May 2019, we had a day to spare between our stay in Zadar and Split. We wanted to explore an offbeat, lesser known, non-touristy destination in order to avoid the crowds that we had encountered in Zadar and Split, and were anticipating in Dubrovnik. After a lot of research on Google, we came across a small town called Primošten. The pictures looked really pretty and the accommodation was cheap. We ended up booking an apartment immediately and headed towards this town, located between the more popular towns Trogir and Šibenik.

About Primošten

Primošten is a small coastal town, in the south, on the Adriatic coast in North Dalmatia. This town was once an island, but is now attached to the mainland. It is located very close to Sibenik, and around an hour from Split.

How To Reach

I recommend driving down to Primošten. It is only an hour’s drive from Split. The coastal route is amazing and the views are breathtaking!

Where To Stay

I highly recommend Apartmani Piculo. It is located just 5 min from the beach and 8 min from the Old Town. The owner was extremely friendly and guided us to the best restaurants in the Old town. The view was amazing and the balcony area added to our late night experience, creating the perfect ambiance, along with a bottle of wine.

Raduca Beach

It being the onset of summer,the water was still chilly, at around 15 degrees, but we simply couldn’t resist getting into the crystal clear water. . Being from Mumbai where the Arabian sea water is rough, the calm waters of the Adriatic sea were a different experience. Good different! Chilling by the pebbled shore with a can of beer made for the perfect afternoon.

Our Lady Of  Loretto Statue

This is a religious spot in Primošten, wherein the Lady of Loretto guards the inhabitants of Primošten. Situated around 15 minutes from the town, visiting the status requires a bit of a hike. Once you get there, the view of small islands in the Adriatic sea is totally worth the hike.

Head To Konoba Toni For Lunch

A cute little cafe on the sea shore, this made for a great lunch place. The hostess was so sweet and recommended the best local wine to us. She took our special vegetarian food requests and also suggested the best fish options for our non-vegetarian friends. The Tiramisu in the end was to die for ! We sat here for hours, listening to the sailors sing in their yachts.

Walk Around The Streets

I have probably never seen a more beautiful town. The calm, the quiet and the beauty! We just wandered around the streets looking at the pretty houses, taking in the peace. We did not talk to each other throughout this experience as we did not want any human sound to diminish the experience.

The Most Amazing Sunset Ever

Go to the top of St. George church and witness the most stunning Sunset ever! Walk through the cemeteries where you can see that families have been buried together. The young, the old, sons, daughters, parents, all buried in the same place. Makes for a touching and a humbling experience.

Interact With The Locals

Most of the people in Croatia are either sailors or into tourism. During the day, you will see people in groups on small yachts, singing and drinking. When the sailors are not sailing, they are partying. Sing along with these sailors and join in the merriment! For a purely local experience, I highly recommend visiting Konoba Pizzaria Galija. This was probably the best experience of our entire trip. The hostess, Rachel, was getting the place ready for the tourist season, which was about to begin in a few days. She told us about the history of Croatia, of her ancestral house which was converted into a restaurant and offered us free wine from their own vineyards. She also gave us a complimentary bottle of their award winning wine. Her father made us wear the medal that they received for that wine and clicked a picture with us.The evening spent with her and her father added a personal touch to our trip and gave us an insight into the local Primošten culture. Rachel has promised to get in touch when she visits India.

Get Drunk On Their Local Liquor

The local liquor in Croatia is Travarica. Two shots and you reach a different world. Although, I should warn you that it leaves you with a hangover the next day!

Wine And Olive Oil

Croatia is famous for its wine and wine culture. You must take some of their local wine back home. In addition to wine, they are also famous for their Olive oil and Olive oil products. Do try them. Also, do take home the cute handmade fridge magnets as memory of this beautiful town and the amazing and friendly people here.

In Conclusion

I highly recommend cutting down on the stay in the more tourist towns like Split and Dubrovnik and explore the lesser known gems like Primošten, where you can explore the culture, get lost in the nature and escape the crowd. Add a day or two extra if you have to, but do not miss this hidden treasure!

Sneha Modi

By Sneha Modi

I love traveling . Each new place is a different experience and experiences are to be shared. Every time I share my story, I re-live it and just hope that the other person gets to experience it and enjoy it a much as I did.


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June 28, 2019

A great place and most lovely photos

Renu Murarka

June 28, 2019

Looks so tempting and just the kind of place we would love to experience . Thank you so much . Keep travelling and keep posting ?


June 28, 2019

Wow looks like a superb experience .

Manju modi

June 28, 2019

Really a good and knowledgable blog

Sanjay daga

June 28, 2019

Good job baccha

Seema Vasani

July 26, 2019

?? ed reading your travel experience .U actually made me visit the place with your blog. Great pics