Cordoba city: the heart of Argentina

January 1, 1970

by Macarena Muru

I’ve lived in Cordoba city almost all my life, and it wasn’t until I travelled abroad that I realised what a beautiful and lively city it was. It has some of my favourite things: beautiful landscapes, cool restaurants and bars, and lively places to go out at night. Besides the super interesting history, museums and buildings, that is. It’s approximately 800 km from Buenos Aires, the argentinian capital, and you can travel from Buenos Aires to Cordoba by bus (8 hour ride, ask for night time buses!) or plane.

Moving around Cordoba

Cordoba is quite a big city, with 1,158 million inhabitants, and more than 400 neighborhoods (yes, 400!). Seeing this numbers, you can think getting around the city will be a nightmare. Well, it isn’t. You just have to know what places are worth visiting, and know some things about the transportation system. To take the bus, you need a Red Bus card (red stands for network, the card is actually blue, haha). You can get it at any Kiosco (a kind of minimarket, you’ll find plenty on any avenue), you ask the kiosk guy to put money on it (a bus ride is approximately 10 pesos), then you go to the bus stop and hop on one!

Nueva Cordoba

Buildings in Nueva Cordoba

Buildings Nueva Cordoba

This is the neighborhood where all the University students live in when they come to study to Cordoba, from all over Argentina and other countries. Cordoba has the oldest University in South America, with over 400 years. It was founded by the Jesuitical religious order, during colonial times. This grants our University with great prestige worldwide. And we are proud to say it’s public and free.

Nueva Cordoba is filled with tall buildings, but also coffee shops, bars and clothing shops. It’s a great place to walk around, stop somewhere to have a bite (what about some famous argentinian empanadas– small meat pies- or our famous lomito -a sandwich with a tender piece of beef in it-?), and later enjoy Cordoba’s great weather (30º during Summer, 10º during Winter, but almost always sunny) relaxing at a park.

Students relaxing in Parque Las Tejas

Students relaxing in Parque Las Tejas

If you want to visit some museums, you’ll find plenty at Nueva Cordoba. Around Plaza España, a well known spot in the city, there is the Fine Arts Evita museum, the contemporary art Caraffa museum and the Museum of Natural Science. You’ll be able to get to know a lot about argentinian art, and spend some time in some of the most beautiful buildings our city has got.

Nueva Cordoba’s nightlife

Also, in Nueva Cordoba there are a lot of clubs and pubs where you can go if you’re looking for fun latin music, dancing and drinking. All you have to do is go to ‘El buen pastor‘, a shopping mall where people from their staff will be giving free tickets and drinks for different clubs. Curious tip? El buen pastor shopping mall used to be a prison for women 10 years ago, but it was turned into a touristic spot because it was really well located.

Keep in mind that in Argentina we get to clubs at around 1-2 am and they close at 5 am.

Buen Pastor shopping mall Cordoba Argentina

Buen Pastor shopping mall

Reflection of Los Capuchinos Church, next to Buen Pastor

Reflection of Los Capuchinos Church, next to Buen Pastor

If you want to try a typical alcoholic drink, ask for ‘Fernet‘, a drink born in Cordoba, made of a bitter black coloured drink and Coke. It’s pretty bitter, so I advise you to ask it ‘Muy suave‘ (soft), so you can get used to the taste of it. It’s definitely an adquired taste, but people from Cordoba drink it all the time!

Fernet and coke


A few blocks away from Nueva Cordoba, there is Güemes, Cordoba’s ‘hipster’ neighborhood. You can find plenty of theme bars, where you can have dinner and a drink. Prices go from 80 pesos for a simplea meal (about 5 dollars for a gourmet sandwich or hamburguer and a non alcoholic drink) to 300 pesos (20 dollars) in the most chic and expensive places. I strongly advise you to visit Galeria Muy Güemes, a place where you’ll find a wide variety of choices to have dinner and drinks with friends.

Galeria Muy Guemes

Galeria Muy Guemes

Güemes is famous for its Paseo de los Artesanos, a crafts and flea market, held during the weekends, from noon to midnight, at Belgrano street and Achaval Rodriguez street. That’s the best place to buy souvenirs to take home and art objects if that’s what you’re interested in.

I hope you find this tips useful and that they make you want to visit Cordoba! Remember: Argentina is not just Buenos Aires. You can find a lot of beautiful cities in our country that are worth visiting but no one talks about!

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Macarena Muru

By Macarena Muru

I'm a curious girl from Cordoba, Argentina. I've lived in Lille, France for a year and travelled through Europe and some cities in the U.S. I currently study Litterature at Cordoba's University, and plan on making travelling a lifestyle from next year :)


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