City Break In The “Sun Coast” Of Spain – Malaga

Have you ever thought of living in a city where the sun is up around 320 days per year? Well, until last year I was not aware there is such a city only 3 hours away from my home country, Poland! Intrigued? Keep on reading…   Last summer an opportunity arose to move to the beautiful Costa Del Sol, which is in the south of Spain. I have never been to this country before but the perspective of living in a new country was really tempting. About what city am I talking about? That’s right, Malaga! Some say it’s a small Barcelona… Do you agree? I moved to Malaga in January 2019. I got accepted to do a TEFL & Marketing Internship program at one of the language schools in the city. Honestly, I never thought I would become an English Teacher one day! Isn’t it incredible how life can catch us by surprise? For the past two summers, I was lucky to work in Cambridge, in the UK at a great language school. I was a House Manager and a Course Assistant but I also got to know many incredible people who were teachers there. After one of the conversations I had with one of them, an opportunity arose, to go to Malaga and become an English Teacher. The CertTESOL course itself? It was without a doubt an amazing experience, filled with hard work and sleepless nights but also many laughs and friendships that I believe will last long. I’m glad I have chosen Malaga because it’s an amazing city. I’ve never been to Spain before so everything was new, but ever since I remember, I liked reggaeton music (I know, I know, not everyone is a fun but it’s great for dancing!) and I speak Italian, therefore I understand loads and it felt like a perfect destination also to practice my Spanish! I’ve stayed there for 4 months and happily skipped Polish winter this year ? The weather in Malaga is absolutely wonderful – with only couple of rainy days you can enjoy the blue sky, sun, and warmth throughout the entire year. Life is definitely better with the sun, and I can’t imagine living in a cold country! (What an irony, I’m Polish.. ?) Planning a city break?  Check out below my short to-do list once in Malaga!

Gibralfaro hill

Surely should be o your to-do list while visiting Malaga. The panorama is stunning, both during the day but also when the sun goes down. There is something magical about sitting on a hill, looking at the bay, listening to the sounds of the city in the evening and simply appreciating the view. Nowadays we first reach out for our phones to take a picture, but the past years thought me to be more present and live in the moment. As much as I love taking photos, I try to fist admire the view and then take a shot.

Free walking tour

There are several companies organizing a free walking tour in the city., I joined one from Explora Malaga. I have done it in many cities and I believe it’s a great way to see a city and have a grasp of history. The tour takes usually about 2-3 hours and it’s a tour in a nutshell. For those of you who are not familiar with this concept- the idea is that you pay for the tour depending on how you liked it, as there is not a fixed price. However, people working there are usually very sociable, passionate about what they are passing on to us so it’s definitely worth to give it a try!

Beach life = food, food, food!

From the most famous Malagueta beach to many more, you need to go for a walk at the seaside and eat some espatos at one of the chiringuitos – bars on the beach. Espatos are sardines, a specialty of the south of Spain that you have to try!

The culture of tapas!!!

Once in Malaga, you can’t miss the opportunity of trying tapas! I’ve heard about them before but I didn’t understand the fuss around it until I have tried it… You can’t really name it, as it’s all different types of little sandwiches and snacks such as croquetas, seafood, cheese or patatas bravas, all in small portions which are good for sharing among people. A recipe for a perfect night out in Malaga? Gather some friends, go to one of many places open in the evenings around the city, share some tapas and order some sangria or wine for about 2€. Can life get any better?!

Spaniards are kind and helpful

Malagueños, as that’s how we call people living in Malaga are very warm and welcoming. They appreciate the effort of trying to communicate with them in Spanish as unfortunately, not many people speak English there. Trust me! So here’s my story: with one, great friend I got to know there- Emily, we’ve decided to sign up for a gym. An amazing, 4-floor gym with a spa, swimming pool and loads of activities only 5 minutes away from our flat! Unfortunately, the receptionist didn’t speak English so I tried my broken Spanish but we understood each other! I managed to sign us up, what a boost of self-esteem it was! FYI- I miss this gym loads… ?

Life slows down in Spain

That is very true! The commonly known siesta is real, most of the places are closed between around 1-5PM. It has its charm but sometimes it’s a bit annoying when you forget to do groceries and practically have nothing for lunch! So keep that in mind. When I applied for the program I took in Malaga, my former boss said during our interview that once you come to Malaga you decide to stay. There is definitely something about this city. It’s vibrant, lively, there are palm trees everywhere (and I love palm trees) and there’s nothing better than running on the beach on a sunny day. Maybe I will be back there? Who knows… What about you, do you plan to visit Spain and Costa Del Sol? Hit me up, I will be more than happy to give you some more tips on how to go around Malaga!

Gosia Stano

Hi. My name is Gosia and I’m a Polish traveller, aged 26. Since 2014 I have been living, studying and working abroad for most of the time. For now, I’ve lived in 3 countries – Italy, Spain and the UK. Mia bella Italia has a special place in my heart! However, I’ve enjoyed my stay in all three countries 🙂 I believe that travelling enriches us, make us more broaden-minded and tolerant. We can learn so much from others, every experience and situation. I wish there were more people who seek opportunities rather than obstacles while following their dreams. Because… If not now, then when? 😉 One of my favourite quotes: ‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’