California Beaches - Why Laguna Beach is a Must See

January 1, 1970

by Bella Pope

Having recently taken a road trip across almost the entire United States, I was more than relieved to make it to our destination in Laguna Beach, California. From the sandy beaches to the rock-ridden oceanic views, I was more than impressed by what this seemingly typical beach that I had heard so many things about had to offer.

Little did I know that we – 11 others in my group and myself – had just stumbled upon something that would change the way we viewed the great state of California. Not only did we travel 31 hours straight in two crammed (and smelly) cars, but we did so in the hopes of finding something that would take us away from our Midwestern roots and bring us to the forefront of the chill Californian beach vibe. And boy did we find it!

But the beach alone wasn’t the only reason we stayed in the area for a week straight. With all the beaches California has to offer, this is why you should add Laguna Beach to your “must see” list.

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If you want a beach that has more of a view than just your typical ocean blue water, Laguna Beach is the place to see. Not only are there crashing waves breaking the surface of soft sand beaches, but you get to see jagged rocks peaking their tips out from beneath the crisp, frothy ocean waves. This makes for not only stunning pictures, but fun adventures as you can climb up them (carefully) and get an even more breathtaking view of the ocean and beach from afar.

When you look out at this beach, there are so many different views to take in that you might just sit there in aw for a while. You look in front of you and can see blue waves licking up over black rocks. You turn to the side and see beaches stretched out between rocks and cliffs with others enjoying just as much of the incredible views as you are. You look behind and can see high cliffs that are home to dozens of the most expensive houses you may ever see. Everywhere you look there is something new and exciting that’ll catch your eye.

Stairway to (Almost) Heaven

If you’ve ever been to the actual beach in Laguna Beach, California, you know it’s a great deal below the city. And if you’ve never been there, then start hitting the gym because getting down to the beach might be easy, but getting back up after a long day of basking in the sun isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, it is exceptionally rewarding. I’m talking about the 230+ steps you have to climb down and then back up in order to get to this stunning beach. Since this beach is positioned at the bottom of a rocky cliff, you have a long hike to get away from the shores and back up to civilization.

This might sound like a downside, but it’s not. Since this beach is so far down, it’s a bit secluded and not nearly as crowded as some of the other beaches located in this otherwise busy area. Not only do you get some more privacy, but you also get to look up at the millions and millions of dollars that sit on the edge of the 11958167_10153518866754774_266220925519838991_ocliff in the form of mansions – most of which have incredible lifts that take them from their back porch all the way down to the beach. Getting to see one in action sure is a sight to see.

Skim Boarding

Another reason this beach is so fun and unique is the amount of skim boarding you can do there. If you don’t know what skim boarding is, it’s when you use a really small form of a surfboard (called a skim board) that is completely flat on the bottom. You wait for a wave to come in and then jump on your board and just skim the top of the water and ride the wave back out. It sounds more complicated than it is, I promise.

But since Laguna Beach has so many powerful waves and surfing is a no no due to all the rocks out in the distance, skim boarding has been made really popular at this beach. You’ll see many people actually surfing the waves that come up closer to the beach on their small skim boards. And if you’re not too scared, you can give it a try for yourself!

Volleyball with a View to Kill

One activity that my friends and I participated in at EVERY beach we visited during our stay in California was playing volleyball. While all beaches work well for volleyball, Laguna Beach was by far our favorite place to get down and sandy with a volleyball. Not only do they have fantastic courts set up overlooking the ocean, but the sand is soft and perfect for diving for the ball. My tip is to play volleyball at this beach until sunset and you’ll understand why this beach was our top choice for playing volleyball.

Mouthwatering Food

Views and activities aren’t only the best things about Laguna Beach, California. The food has just as much to be raved about. When you exit the beach you’ll be thrust into the middle of the hustle and bustle of a busy city. However, within walking distance of the beach entrance you will be greeted with a taco place called Taco Loco. Now, it might sound like they’re crazy tacos and that could throw you off…and they are crazy. Crazy DELICIOUS. I have never had a fish taco as incredibly tasty as one from this taco joint. That’s not the only place to grab a bite, either. There are tons of amazing restaurants all within walking distance of each other and each has just as mouthwatering food.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple, this beach in California has more to offer than your average destination. Take it from someone who has spent a week in this beautiful location and go see Laguna Beach, California. You most certainly will not regret all that this destination has to offer. From the incredible landscapes to the delicious delicacies that threaten to turn your favorite home cooked meal into the worst thing you’ve ever eaten, Laguna Beach has something for everyone.1779939_10153518859564774_7956016694756466664_n

Bella Pope

By Bella Pope

Just a small town gal fighting her way through this endless war called life and picking up memories in different locations along the way. The world has more to offer than we could ever hope to receive, but I intend to find out just how much I can get from it before my time here is done.


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