Buenos Aires: places you must go to eat good pasta

The city of Buenos Aires has a great variety of cool and fancy restaurants to offer.  The whole country of Argentina provides interesting and exquisite food dishes. From pizza shops located in the suburbs with delicious cheese all over the place to rooftops with beer gardens where you can enjoy jazz bands and a cold pint. Also combines from Indian inspired chefs spread at every neighborhood to the sophisticated French cuisine located in the exclusive palaces. This city is the best excuse to share a tasty meal, enjoy a good music show or simply have a walk and get something delicious from a street chef.

We can go on for hours looking for the best places where to eat in Buenos Aires as it’s variety and excellence is spread throughout every corner. That’s why here I will only focus on Italian food, that given the high immigration we had from that region, their culture was inherited and it’s recipes and tasty dishes are appreciated by everyone. This cheesy, handmaid, abundant food, that makes us remember the long Sundays lunches with our family.

Where to enjoy and eat the best pasta in Buenos Aires? From restaurants with modern and innovative dishes to the traditional trattorias were abundant plates are served with tons of cream and cheese. Some of them are expensive but its experience is unique and it costs every dollar. Others are wallet-friendly and, as the quality of the dishes and the ambientation of the place are the perfect match.

Here is my Top5:

Cucina Paradiso:

Created by Donato de Santis, an Italian chef born in Milan, at this place you’ll think you’re in Italy. They offer typical Italian gastronomy at a cozy salon with big windows and white furniture, very luminous and chic decoration. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy with the family as the food offer is really big and it combines for every taste. It has colorful dishes and extraordinary flavors combinations and textures. The presence every day of the chef it’s a quality guarantee.  
  • Where? Castañeda 1873, Belgrano.

María Fedele Ristorante:

A real cozy place where you can enjoy simple but powerful flavors dishes. They use first quality ingredients for their dishes elaboration, and its offer goes from jam and cheese tortellini, salmon ravioli and prosciutto gnocchi. Also, they have degustation dishes, where they choose five different recipes and serve them on a big plate to have a delicious taste. They have the same offer for deserts. It’s located in the heart of the city near the government palace and it’s surrounded by museums and historical places you must visit.
  • Where? Adolfo Alsina 1465, Monserrat.

La Locanda Ristorante:

It’s the exact representation of Little Italy but in the heart of Buenos Aires. They use the typical Italian ingredients but reinvented them to create modern and exquisite dishes, without losing flavors and colors. It’s situated at one of the fanciest and elegant districts of the city, and the offer for bars and really tasteful food it’s at every corner. The place decoration it’s what makes this place so original and the taste of the dishes coronates a great experience. Do not forget to order a glass of wine to have with your food, their offer is incredible. It’s a nice place to enjoy with your partner.
  • Where? José León Pagano 2697, Recoleta.
Il Quotidiano: Real abundant handmaid original food is served at this place. Inspired by his grandmother, the chef Alejo Waisman, rediscover this type of cuisine and cooks every night traditional Italian dishes for his customers. The offer includes pizza, pappardelle, and agnolotti are distinguished dishes, with a tasty variety of pizza toppings and original pasta fillings ingredients served with fresh bread and tomato sauce. For dessert, do not forget to order the tiramisu, this creamy cake elaborated at the moment.
  • Where? Ugarteche 3208, Recoleta.

Salgado Alimentos:

It’s the classic Italian trattoria, with a fancy and modern touch. They have a great offer of ravioli and cannelloni with originals fillings and toppings, such as sweet potatoes and almonds or white salmon and cheese. The place has Italian employees, red table cloths and green napkins, and every dish is served with handmaid bread and butter. The must of this unique place it’s their chocolate cake.
  • Where? Juan Ramírez de Velasco 401, Villa Crespo.

Where to go for a nice cup of wine or a pint of beer?

Avant Garden:

It’s a space where art, culture, food, and beer is gathered. This place is an exclusive bar with a big garden where every night different bands and artist perform. The bar has a great offer of different beer tastes, they have their own industry, and also serve delicious dishes such as french fries with cheese, hamburgers, nachos or chicken fingers.
  • Where? Av. Libertador 3883, Palermo.

Francis Platz:

They have a large selection of craft beers to complement their burgers. This place embraces the community with large table to share, abundant dishes and intense flavors inspire from the German culture. This place is a good option for a first date or after office.
  • Where? Quesada 1892, Belgrano.


An exclusive and sophisticated wine bar where they offer a vast variety of wines, all served by glass. You can choose from the menu or visit its winery and taste different grapes. They use a new method where the bottle never loses its temperature, so the quality of the wine is conserved. Vico is a great place to assist and enjoy a pleasant time with your friends.
  • Where? Honduras 5799, Palermo.

Trova Bar:

A great bar to go with your friends. They offer trendy finger food dishes with exquisite flavors that combine with a variety of wine. The sommelier is the man in charge of getting your order and assist you to get the best wine to have with your food. A typical Argentine bar with big wood tables, a long bar and an interesting garden where they use to have bands to complete your experience.
  • Where? Honduras 5903, Palermo.

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