Boston: a city that will enchant you.

January 1, 1970

by Tatas


Everyone that visits United States of America for the first time should keep in mind that as a tourist you will never have enough of it. There is too much to discover, experience and it will never cease to amaze you.

The most popular destinations are the state of Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York of course. Those cities receive high quantity of new travelers every year, perhaps the main reason of why their popularity just keep growing is because every year they add new irresistible attractions. There are always new commercial centers, new night clubs, super hotels, new amusement parks, international conventions or whatever sufficient reasons we can think of in order to justify the travel.

However, there is one city that made the deepest impact of all in me and I believe that this is a shared feeling between those who got the chance to know it. Boston, in the state of Massachusetts is just 5 hours by buss from New York. This is the cheapest way to get there, for just 33,00U$ you can buy your round trip ticket. The bus is comfortable, safe, there are many hours of departure and they have free wifi.

The Prudential Center reflectionBasically you must know; Boston’s area is vast, downtown could be very crowded, people are friendly, taxis are expensive and the public transportation is super practical. So, here are my suggestions of what to do.

The Boston Duck Tour:
I highly recommend you this 2 hour tour.

You get to know the historical buildings, their story and some of the principal attractions like the Prudential Center, the Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium. What I like the most about this is the amphibious style of its vehicle; the bus literally goes ashore to continuous its round floating down the Charles River, which is the main river of the city.


The Harbor: Is a breath taking place because of its immensity, diversity and colorful buildings.

The HarborI suggest you to visit it during daylight, so you can fully appreciate the buildings, the ocean and boats that surround the neighborhood. If you have enough time you must get tickets to see the New England Aquarium, which is nearby and is one of the most beautiful aquarium I have seen in the world.
Furthermore, you can sail around and become a member of the crew; there are many options, since small boats to historic ships. Likewise, if you like sea animals and enjoy the offshore you can take a whale watching cruise for 3 hours. I should warn you, is a long trip and there are many chances for you to feel sick, nevertheless the whales’ dance is magical and worth watching.

Culinary Tour: Prepare yourself for a delightful experience.

Can you imagine a place where you can taste different type of menus; sweet or salty dishes, simple snacks or very elaborate plates, traditional food or maybe you may want to experience some rarities. Can you believe this is possible under a single huge roof? Well, in the Quincy Market it is. This historical building was constructed in 1824 and nowadays is recognize as a national historic landmark. Is always crowded, but don’t worry there are a lot of stores available and the usual time of waiting or the line to buy your food is not so exhausting.


Christian Science PlazaMuseums: Boston is a cultural city, where you can find important art pieces and different types of museums.

Personally my favorite one is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, so far I have visited many museums around the world, and this one particularly has stolen my heart. The building design attempt to evoke the 15th century Venetian palace and there is an interior garden courtyard filled with beautiful flowers. I believe that this creates a
perfect atmosphere to get to appreciate the art exhibited. Very often they offer concerts in the garden. The piano, violin and other instruments playing on the background while you are watching the paintings, conceive a heaven experience for art lovers. Tickets are not so expensive, but I suggest of buying them with anticipation because there are usually sold out.

The other museums are of course great also, but taking into account the time consuming that could be visiting a museum, unless there is a specific exhibition you are interesting to attend, you can prioritize the ISGM.

Night Clubs:
Because we are young and we’re not on the way to ruin it.

Is true that Boston has at least forty universities and educational centers, consequently there are many stressful students that live there. A little party never killed nobody, isn’t it? Well, there are many pubs and clubs where you can check this out. I really enjoyed the dance clubs in Boston, people are so animated because is finally weekend and they can take a break from their usually tight schedules. Although, there are some tips I will give you about it. First, because is Massachusetts the party must be over at 2:30am. This means that everyone go out early, which was actually a shock for me at first, because I came from a country that everyone goes out at midnight. Second, try to write your name on the list early that day.

Charles RiverSports:
Would you like to watch a game or are you thinking in a more active participation?

Because Boston is a place full with vigorous students from all around the world, there are many outdoor activities and sports you can practice while you are there. You can Canoe or Kayak on the Charles River, rent a bike or you can spend a few hours relaxing in the delightful Boston Public Garden where you can also be a passenger of a gigantic swan. The Swan Boats are a fleet of dual-pontooned, there are a great nature connection activity you must try.

On the other hand if you are a sport fanatic but you are not so good on practicing it, of course you can buy some tickets and watch a REDSOX game (local baseball team), or you can cheer up the BOSTON CELTICS (local basketball favorite team). My favorite sport to watch is the ice hockey, because you don’t need much expertise to enjoy the game and you can still be part of the high energy the team fans share (The BRUINS are the best, I really became a fan after watching a single game).


Other landmarks: By now I’m pretty sure you have already felt in love with Boston and thinking of a way of losing your return fare ticket. Anyway I must warn you, you never get enough of Boston.

The Old Church


Don’t forget to visit the Harvard University, the MIT University, The Old South Church, walk down the Newbury street, go to the top of the Prudential center to appreciate the whole city and drink a lot of the regional beer, Samuel Adams of course.

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