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January 1, 1970

by Paula Cantor R.

When you visit United States, would be a dream visit New York, so probably you wanna have the best view of Manhattan in a nice place. Somewhere, where you can drink some coffee, a beer or just water. A place where you could seat just right there looking the amazing silhouettes of the city of dreams. Somewhere, where you could enjoy delicious food and breathe deeply.

So, why not to choose places from the other side of the East River. Today, I´m gonna recommend you two places to have the best view of Manhattan and take an unforgettable picture of your trip.

So, let’s begin.

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

This is our number one of the best view of Manhattan. In this park with six piers, you could enjoy nature, sports, and delicious food. Going through the neighborhoods of Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights, this place would make you feel grateful for the wonderful view of the concrete jungle.

You´ll have many ways to get there. For example, taking a ferry which gives you an incredible tour of the river. Or you can take the train that goes by any line to Brooklyn. Or finally, walking through the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the hike.

Once you have arrived, you should take a picture with the Brooklyn Bridge behind you. That would be awesome. But, remember the six piers? Let me tell you about it.


Pier 1

On Pier 1 you could refresh with some lemonade or grab your kids to enjoy the playground. Also in this pier, the NYC ferry makes stops, so if you wanna take it, do it and just check the value depends on your route.

Pier 2

On Pier 2, you could find all the courts it offers to you. There are bocce courts, handball courts, shuffleboard courts, and basketballs courts. Also, a roller rink is there, so make you sure you wanna have fun. And the best of everything in this pier is that you can take kayaking sessions.

Pier 3

Now, Pier 3. Here you can eat or drink something on the terrace enjoying the view. Also, invite your friends and take a bike, roller skates or just your sneakers and walk through it.

Pier 4

On Pier 4, there is something magical: the beach. This is a beautiful place to relax and take a sunbath in summer.  Even in winter, you can spend a good time in this place having a picnic.

Pier 5

Pier 5 surprises us with three soccer fields. Just grab a soccer ball and let´s play. And the cuter part is the picnic space, where you can have a perfect and romantic picnic, yea…like the picnic of your dreams.

Pier 6

And finally, on Pier 6 you’ll find volleyball courts. Also, you can have a good time in the dog run. And yes, grab your kids again because there is another playground. And…when you´ll be there just do not forget to always look what you have in front: the best view of Manhattan.

2. Hunters Point Park

Well.. by the other side, if you want a place with not many tourists but with a nice view of Manhattan, this is your place. This park is located in Long Island City, Queens. Just need to take the train and walk or take the NYC ferry, to get there. Easier than you think!

There are different activities in different schedules and depending each season you can find new things there offer to people. Also, they offer free classes and events to make the park a good place to stay and chill.  

For example, you could find people dancing the tango on Thursdays nights; watching movies on the grass, playing with their pets or just chilling with friends. Actually, you´ll feel so comfortable with the energy around the park.

There are many options. You are gonna see couples toasting and looking the sky, something very romantic or yoga classes. On weekends mornings, kids playing around the park, people running and walking their pets and so on.

What’s left to do? Want to picnic? Why not? Bring some food, some snacks, some juice, some water and your good vibes to spend an afternoon chilling and sharing with nature while you listen to live music from bands of African, alternative or latin music. Grab a book or a good playlist to see the view for hours and hours. Also, go to do some exercise or roll in some of those free classes.

So, if you are looking for a nice place, this is a place that transports you to many different atmospheres. A place you need to go when you visit New York and want an amazing picture of the Manhattan view to remember this experience. Walk through this park and feel the energy.

You just need to go and enjoy these parks, these two of the best places to having the best view of Manhattan. Oh! And absolutely… these are places where you can meet friends from all around the world. These parks are for everyone. There we have many possibilities to have a good time. From walking your dog, fishing in the pier, practicing sports, eating something, watching movies on big screen, doing some exercise to feeling very inspired.

Here you´ll make you breathe peace. The peace that some people think is impossible to feel in a city like New York, and peace that people who love New York feel every time they are there. The peace that is inhaled and exhaled every time you have this view in front of you. So, please!!!! You must go, you need to breathe and chill having the best view of the concrete jungle.

Remember always take a good picture of the best view from the other side.



Let’s take the cable car to Roosevelt Island!

Yea…this is a small island between Manhattan and Queens. And also here you can enjoy the amazing view. Just need to take the cable car or train. This is an incredible space where the sound of the city is heard so far away. And with a beautiful sunset, just relax and walk on the island.


Paula Cantor R.

By Paula Cantor R.

Love my family. Love traveling. Love empower people.


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