Best Things To Do In Catamarca, Argentina

Argentina is one of the best tourist destinations in South America and Catamarca is a region worth visiting. Catamarca is a province located inside the northwestern part of Argentina. Here you will see the works of nature as volcanoes and mountains abound here. Coming to Catamarca is like coming to a well-known tourist destination in Argentina.

Tour the cathedral


The Basilica De Nuestra Del Valle is one of the finest churches you can see in Argentina. It is a centre of pilgrimage where people come from different parts of the globe to venerate the Holy Virgin of the Valley. This cathedral gets a lot of crowd especially in the December period when the feast takes place. The church has a beautiful architecture with  its windows and design and is a pilgrimage centre. 

You will find this cathedral open most of the time and it is just opposite the major square.

Groove in the Mayo Park

The park is another place for you to visit in Catamarca. Making sugar goes on here. This park has some historic importance. Here you can spend some time with your family and friends.

Spend some time at the museum of Adan Quiroga


This museum has a simpler fashion that portrays South American history in a most fashionable way. The display shows an object which archaeologists discovered. It shows human evolution from the Stone Age to the Age of Clay and then to the Age of Metal.

Have some good time at the Biosphere Laguna Blanca Reserve

The reserve is inside the southeastern part of Antofagasta de La Sierra. It consists of a village having up to 180 inhabitants and this is very suitable for excursions in Catamarca. Here you will see many trees offering oasis at the centre of the lunar territory. The houses here have an Andes range background and consists of adobe. 

You may reach Volcano Galan, Laguna Grande, Antofagasta de la Sierra and Gomez.

Experience El Penon

Here you will see the works of nature. The surface of this area is around 155 kilometers and it consists of ochre blocks which are white, huge and yellow. A volcanology laboratory is here and a volcanic eruption happened here too forming a tourist scene.

View the rock of Quebradasea

Here you see a giant rock having a deep, straight fissure with it. Animal life have developed here including vegetation. There are many caves which have decorations of cave painting including petroglyphs. You can reach it on foot or with ATV. It offers an archeological experience with its fissure. The rock formation here is impressive with its weird forms and elegant colours.

Tour the Salar Del Hombre

This place extends to below 4000 metres in altitude and has a river coming down from a volcano. Water circulates transporting borate, potassium, sulfate and lithium. The place is known for exporting lithium and this is normally transported using trucks. These trucks move and get to a factory that makes lithium chloride in General Guemes.

Explore the goldmine of Mina Incahuasi

Here you will  see an ancient goldmine inside the southwestern shore at Salar del Hombre Muerto. This place was known for gold exploitation until the coming of Spaniards. You will see very small houses here and an elegant panorama.

Tour the Antofalla village

This village consists of just 40 inhabitants. Here you will see willows, poplars and certain pastures. You will have to cross through Sierra Calalaste including the Tolar Grande to get there.

Experience the Salar De Antofalla

Here is one of the largest active volcano you can find. It is third in the world and offers an effective tourist experience. A river moves into it flowing within the slopes of this large volcano.

Explore the village of Antofagasta

This village consists of up to 600 inhabitants and it has a high altitude. 2 roads made of basalt are here and have a height of 150m. You can climb it and gaze at the lakes coming from the River of Las Pitas with many flamingos and birds. Here you will see pottery artifacts and some archeological remains. A deposit consisting of sodium sulphate is here and this is for grazing.

Reasons To Visit Catamarca, Argentina

It is a place to see nature

If you are a tourist who wants to have a closer look at nature, consider Catamarca as a suitable tourist destination since you will see various works of nature here. The Reserve here offers an experience with nature.

Explore unique villages

Here you will see very unique villages in comparison with the neighboring ones. You will see the historic scenes in these villages which have some tourist artifacts.

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