Best rock bars in Nueva Córdoba

If you enjoy listening to rock music and having a good time, meeting new people and drinking some beers with amazing background music, this article may help you to know the best places to visit in Córdoba, Argentina. Nueva Córdoba is a neighborhood where you can find a lot of entertainment and nightlife. The main reason is that a lot (most) of students of the National University of Córdoba live there. That’s why I choose this place, in particular, to write about. It is close to the center of the city too! So, if you are visiting around, don’t forget to go for a beer before coming back home. These are, in my opinion, the best five rock bars in Nueva Córdoba.

Vinilo Rock-Bar

This place has an excellent ubication because it is located on one of the main avenues of Nueva Córdoba: Chacabuco avenue. In Vinilo you’ll find a wide repertoire of music, it goes from national rock (in Spanish), going by alternative rock, to heavy metal. If you are enjoying a cold beer, it is getting late and it is time for dinner, don’t worry! Here you can get promotions asking for a pizza and another beer. And, I have to say, these pizzas are one of the best I ever tasted. The prices are in accord with the service and with the promotions (which last all night), you can spend an amazing moment for just a few pesos. Great place to sit, chill out and have a nice conversation with friends! Vinilo Rock-Bar

Influencias Bar

No matter if you choose to sit outdoors (at the sidewalk) or indoors, you’ll get a good dose of great music and fun. In addition to beer, here you can ask for delicious drinks (with or without alcohol) and other food options that make Influencias a bar where you’ll find everything you want. Also, you have the possibility to drink craft beer! Some nights, the bar offers live music. These bands, playing just in front of you, give a good show and grants to the environment a plus. The place is acclimated with rock-themed, pictures of famous rockers on the tables and guitars hanging on the walls. In Influencias, you can choose the way you want to spend the time: sitting and talking, playing pool, table tennis, darts or “metegol”. Yes! you got all these games inside of the same place, it is impossible to get bored, huh? Coming to Influencias is a sure thing, you are gonna have fun in a lot of ways!

Zeppelin Growlers

I might stop here because, in my opinion, this is the place with the best vibes in the hole city. I recommend you to come to Zeppelin if you are looking for craft beer. They’ll offer you a lot of different types and styles, you can taste them and drink a glass there for a very low price. Also, there’s the option to take away your bottle or growler, and then come back for a recharge whenever you want! It is one of the most cheaper places to drink this kind of beer and definitely the most delicious too. Unquestionably, the music stands out in Zeppelin: rock in Spanish, international rock or even indie music. Actually, the name of this place says everything! The particular thing that makes Zeppelin a unique place is the attention, the kindness and care of the guys at their work, and that here everybody is a friend! You can come on your own and, usually, you’ll leave you new amazing well-known people. Here you’ll find smiles everywhere and have a happy moment is assured. Zeppelin Growlers is the place you can not miss. Zeppelin Growlers


This bar is kind of different from the others in this list, and it deserves to be named. If you come early you can sit in any of the two floors, drink something or eat a pizza and listen to national rock music, or even bands live! Then, after a few hours, the tables are taken away and it is time to dance and sing out loud. Wachitas turns into a club or “boliche” for rockers. It is, actually, like if you were inside a little concert. Low lights, high volume and people singing at the top of their lungs the songs only in Spanish. This bar offers pool tables and “metegol” too as well as promotions to buy beer and wine all night long. So, if you wanna have fun and learn more about Argentinian rock, this is the best option for you. Such a relaxed and informal atmosphere is waiting for you here! Wachitas rock bar

The Barbeer

Another great ubication for these two bars of Nueva Córdoba. You’ll find one of them in the Irigoyen avenue and the other on the Chacabuco avenue, just a few steps away from the national university. Two floors, balconies or outside. These are the places where you can sit to enjoy your craft beer. With a formal environment and a huge variety of music, this bar is one of the first to be chosen by students and people who are visiting Nueva Córdoba. Also, The Barbeer offers exquisite hamburgers and appetizing french fries while (attention to this) they change your look in the barbershop! You’ll leave this place with your beard perfectly cropped and your hair neatly kept. More than twenty different types of craft beer, delicious food, hear machines, beard knives, good music and cool people; what are you waiting for to meet The Barbeer? The Barbeer on Irigoyen avenue   Obviously, there are hundreds of pubs and bars to visit in Nueva Córdoba. Actually, there’s always a new place opening up and is necessary to count with a lot of time to know them all. But, if you ask me, Vinilo Rock-Bar, Influencias, Zeppelin Growlers, Wachitas and The Barbeer are the five places you must go through to get to know a bit of this neighborhood and its nightlife. If you wanna come around or get more information, don’t hesitate to contact me on my social media. Thank you for reading and enjoy life!

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