Barcelona: the city of excitement

January 1, 1970

by Tjasabrumenn

As you may hear many times, Barcelona is not a boring, quiet city. I’ve been there myself once and I instantly fell in love with it. The people and their openness, bring the most courageous, wild and relaxed side of you. It’s an amazing experience to be there and feel their energy. And I’m not talking just about the energy of the people. The city! The city has such an amazing essence. With the architecture and nature, it’s a beautiful combination. If you haven’t been there yet I strongly recommend it.


The thing you can’t miss in Barcelona is in fact – Architecture.

Antoni Gaudí, brilliant architect of Parc Güell, La Pedrera, Colonia Güell, La Sagrada Familia… and many other unique work. You can walk through Barcelona and you immediately recognize his work. Whether you shop on Passeig de Gracia street and see La Pedrera, or go to the Parc Güell where all you can see is his work – I guarantee, you won’t look away easily.  It definitely attracts the eye. The special mention deserves La Sagrada Familia. I’ve seen the pictures, I’ve even watched a video of it. But believe me when I say, you can’t imagine what is like when you see it in person. The material, the details, the perfectionism, it is breathe taking. It is the only thing that we went to see it twice. And the fact that they are building it for over 125 years and it’s still not finished, it shows you how difficult the structure really is.

Here you can see 10 “must see” Gaudí buildings.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, photo: Tjaša Brumen

How you experience his architecture, it’s up to you. But from my point of view, I can tell you that I saw such uniqueness, attention to details, daring to be different. In a way, it’s the whole point of the city being so alive.

Parc Güell

Parc Güell, photo: Tjaša Brumen

The thing that also fascinates me about Barcelona, is the order of the city. There are squares of buildings perfectly aligned with the roads between them. So that makes Barcelona view even more amazing. Which you can see from many viewpoints: Bunkers Del Carmel (Turó De La Rovira), Montjuïc Castle, Mirador Del Migdia, Jardins De Miramar, or even Parc Güell…

*Also interesting fact: La Sagrada Familia takes her own square in the city.

View from Parc Güell

View from Parc Güell, photo: Ana Cafuta


As I said earlier the people are also amazing there. What I admire the most is how open they are. It’s really hard not to make friends there. It doesn’t matter if you are just riding a train with your friends, people there just click. They are not intrusive, and if you don’t want any company they leave you alone. But when the energy is alive, so are they. And don’t get me started on nights out. Especially at the beach, with a fire and couple of friends, on a Friday night. The number of 5 people can so quickly change into 20 or more. It’s really amazing because they are all so relaxed and fun, it’s very unlikely that you will be bored in Barcelona if you don’t want to be. So even if you thought that the ride home on the train will be boring, it might just not be.

As expected from what you just read, you can probably already know that people there are nice, even if you don’t go out at night. The only thing that may be a problem is that it’s hard to find a person who speaks English well. But if I think about it, it actually isn’t that big of a problem. Because they are so relaxed and open, you will find a way so you’ll understand each other.


Nightlife in Barcelona is quite similar than what you see in the movies. The standards are pretty high. Dress, heels, nice shirts… they are necessary if you want to go to the club in the city. As you go further away from the center, the less unspoken rules they have.

I remember the night we went out in the city we stood in the line boy and girl next to each other, and when we went out in Sitges (47km away from the center) the bartender went out on the street and yelled that we came in. Very different but both great experiences. The most fun for me was definitely dancing. I love dancing, and Spain is all about the hips. Even if you just watch them do it, you just kind of sink in and feel their rhythm. And I am not talking just about girls, boys dance just as well there. It’s really their style and it’s amazing. With their music, of course, it’s almost impossible not to move when you hear Enrique Inglesias or Despacito.


Carnivals are much like architecture – the very known aspect of the city. I’ve missed it when I was there, but It was like a week earlier and the pictures of it were on the La Rambla street. And we have a friend from Barcelona and she was in the carnival so we heard everything. As I said I wasn’t there but it sounds like so much fun! The costumes with the dance and the music… There are carnival events, colorful parades and of course always full bars. It is the time of joy and celebration, we were really sorry we missed it. The celebration usually happens in February so if you can book a holiday in that time, make sure you do. I know that the next time I definitely will!

You can find that exciting and colorful experience only in Barcelona. So I hope that I painted the right picture for you. As an amazing city it is, I probably already convinced you to book a flight, so if I did I hope you’ll enjoy and experience Barcelona as well as I did because it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Because Barcelona truly is – The city of excitement.


By Tjasabrumenn

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