Balchik: Bulgaria: - the begining of an everlasting adventure

January 1, 1970

by Cata0z

A day in Bulgaria : Balchik: , through the lenses of a nomadic spirit

They say the grass is always greener on the other side and they (whoever they are) are right. Not because what we have in our proximity is outdated or boring but because we, as human beings, have a nomadic, adventurous spirit that wants to discover everything there is.

I, at least, am that way. And that’s the main reason I wanted my first post to be about the beginning of an everlasting adventure. So, I’ve traveled on a sunny, Saturday morning from Constanța, Romania to Bulgaria : Balchik:  in order to see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Alea iacta est; so let the journey begin!


To be completely honest, I thought that not only the grass was greener but also the ski was bluer. And that’s because I was leaving my comfort zone, my grass and my skies. That is, if you’re lucky, a one time experience; one to always remember and never forget but at the same time, one experience that you can never put into words, no matter how much you try (like I am trying right now).

  • The first stop: Black Sea, blue skies and greener grass


View from the main street


This is what I first saw when I got there, and I must say I was truly impressed. The buildings were in a good shape, clean and nice and the tower that you can see in the photo seemed to reach the sky and aim for the stars. I felt like my journey was about to get even more exciting, and I was right. The next thing I did was to look at the Black Sea – it was calm and quiet out there.

View at the Black Sea – part I


View at the Black Sea – part II


  • The second stop: The Botanic Garden | Cactae, Turtles and Art

Should you visit the Botanic Garden?

The answer is yes. If you want to leave the city and enjoy something different, well the Botanic Garden is the perfect place to feel alive. It is not only a colourful place, but also a quiet one. Plus, you can enjoy there a marvellous view at the Black Sea, making it the right place for a weekend trip.

→ If you want to visit The Botanic Garden and the Palace, you might ask “How much will that cost me?” – well, that’s actually a brilliant question that everyone should have in mind when visiting a foreign country. The budget is a relevant factor in our daily lives and even more so, in our adventures.

The currency of Bulgaria(BGN) is Lev < 1 BGN is ~ 0.50 EUR > 

In order to visit the Botanic Garden you will spend 8 Lev for an entry ticket. The  Botanic Garden is quite large and it includes a permanent exposition of cactae and a little museum where you can see oil paintings and sculptures made by local artists.

The Botanic Garden


View at the Black Sea from the Botanic Garden




Permanent Cactae Exposition


Oil Painting next to the Cactae Exposition


Turtles near the Balchik Palace


  • The last stop: Balchik Palace | The Quiet Nest

What else is there to visit in Balchik?

I’ve saved the best part for the end of the article. In Balchik, next to the Botanic Garden lies the Balchik Palace, that belonged to Queen Marie of Romania. It was built somewhere between 1926-1937 and it was the summer residence of Her Majesty. The entry ticket for the Palace is 6 Lev (but bear in mind that you have to pay the entry ticket for the Botanic Garden in order to access the Palace) – so if you want to visit both of them you will have to pay 14 Lev. 

Around the Palace you can visit the wine cellar, where you can enjoy a wine tasting.

I had a really good time in Bulgaria, even after climbing myriads of stairs (the Palace being constructed at 17 meters above sea level) and I believe that my first visit abroad paid off and it was definitely the beginning of an everlasting adventure.

The Botanic Garden seen from the Palace’s stairs


The Balchik Palace, known as the Quiet Nest – belonged to Queen Marie of Romania


View from above the Palace; the tower and the most amazing view at the Black Sea


Stone Statues



The green tunnel 


View at the Black Sea, the sequel


If your next destination is Bulgaria, I truly advice you to visit Balchik. You can also buy refrigerator magnets (I did that, yes!) with only 1 Lev.


By Cata0z

My name is Cătălina and I live in Romania. I am a sucker for great experiences and I wish to share with y’all the beauties I have seen and the ones I am yet to discover. I think what matter most to us, human beings, is being able to have something to live up to; it doesn’t matter if your future plans involve travelling or not. What matters is how you feel when you see a photograph. That is why I immortalize feelings, alongside with myriads of memories. Maybe you can’t visit the whole world at once, but you can follow these posts, in order to have a clear mind about where you want to go next!


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