Attractions Outside the Tourist District of Orlando

July 5, 2019

by Matt Marandola

Ever think about what the United States as to offer past tourist town? You’ve now been to Disney World and Universal a few times with friends and family, and the magical moments are growing dull. You start to think about what Orlando has to offer once you’re past the touristy part of the city. Orlando has continued to grow ever since those magical mouse ears popped up all those years ago. Heading farther down the road will net you some sights you never thought you would see.

1. The Wheel at Icon Park (Orlando Eye)

Photo by David Buchi from Pexels

A few exits past Universal Studios is a gigantic Ferris wheel known to the locals as the Orlando Eye. Sometime in 2018, they changed the formal name to The Wheel at Icon Park, yet the local name sticks around. It is a glorious relaxing trip that will take you up almost 400 ft in the air to see the beauty and diversity that is Orlando. This makes it the 2nd tallest Ferris Wheel in the United States, and 7th in the world. They’re even kind enough to let you go around twice.

2. Orlando Science Center

If you fancy some science, the Orlando Science center makes sure to take care of all those learning needs. It is a private museum that provides technology and science experiences, but incorporate it in a fun and innovative way. It covers everything from the diverse ecosystem of Florida, fossil replicas and a “dig pit”. While the area is mostly geared toward kids, learning has no age limit. The center provides ample opportunity for everyone in the family to enjoy themselves and learn about the way the country is advancing in the science field.

3. Dr. Phillips Center

Need something that requires some sitting and a more formal event? Check out what the Dr. Phillips Center is offering when you are visiting Orlando, as the talent provided at the theatre is incredible. Ranging from the world-renowned Orlando Ballet group who put on several performances a year, to a cast of talented theater performers, the center is home to remarkable shows.

4. Lake Eola

Right in the heart of downtown Orlando city lies the picturesque Lake Eola. While you can choose to take a nice stroll around the lake (which will net you just under a mile in distance) the lake offers a wide variety of activities. Ever seen a movie or show that has the swan rides? Well, if you ever wanted to, Lake Ebola has a constantly running service for them 7 days a week. Just make sure to check the forecast. You never know with Florida.

Check Around!

While this covers attractions surrounding the Orlando area, you can also look into heading the opposite direction down I-4. Heading toward Tampa you’ll run into Hard Rock Casino. This is an excellent choice if you enjoy slot and card games. Depending on the time of year, you might even be lucky enough to catch Sun’N’Fun, a spectacular sight of hundreds of planes taking off and landing. This event is known to feature special guests like the Blue Angels. If you head towards the coastline, you can stop into Kennedy Space Center and learn about NASA and space exploration. Central Florida, in general, is a prime place to visit and explore. Don’t feel as though you need to stay confined to Disney or Universal Studios areas. When you plan your next vacation around Orlando, check around. You’ll be amazed at the attractions flying under the radar.

Matt Marandola

By Matt Marandola

I am a freelance health educator and student of the College of Undergraduate Studies at UCF. My main goal is to dig through science jargon within the health industry with the goal of making health content easier to understand and more accessible worldwide. My focus is on dietary supplements and preventative nutrition.


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