Arraial do Cabo: come see the brazilian caribbean

Rio is made by much more than just Rio de Janeiro, the city. “Look at these beaches! Would you like to go there?” That was the first message sent from my friend a week before the trip. I took it as a joke, of course and all I could say was “Yeah, sure, when?”, she didn’t even hesitate “we can go on next Friday or in the end of the month, you choose” “Alright, let’s go next Friday then”.


Look at this water!

From that on I saw myself looking for pictures and information on the internet, because the trip was already booked. It was just for the weekend, but you know, going somewhere new it was Worth it, it didn’t matter how many days, I knew I would enjoy either way. So I got out from work, took the bus and met everyone at the meeting point, slept in São Paulo and woke up in Arraial do Cabo also known as the brazilian caribbean, and trust me, it was – it is – beautiful! Clear water that you will be able to open your eyes under it!

The city:

Arraial is located on the very edge of the Rio de Janeiro state in an area called “lake region”, just like Cabo Frio and Búzios, two other cities that I want come back there really bad! Our jaws dropped, all those pictures they were right in front of us! No filter or so, they looked just the same as we saw on the internet, it was unbelievable, seemed like we were going through as instagram feed or something! All we could do was a to hurry up, change to our swimsuits and go on the boat trip that we had that day!

Boat Trip:

Talking about that, this one is a really good tip for you, traveler: go on the boat trip when in Arraial do Cabo! They have a ton, so search for the one that suits you best, some of them do more islands than others, or it’s more for relaxing than “partying”, you have a lot to choose from and it’s not that expensive considering you’ll be there for almost the whole day! Inside the boat we had something like na open bar and food with churrasco (typical brazilian food), so good! Also people singing and playing music, which was the perfect way to end our boat trip, such a good vibe, you know? The boat stopped in 2 different beaches, Praia do Farol and Pontal do Atalaia, both of them we could go for a swim or just burn a little bit on the sun, it was perfect and the water blue as the sky, we almost couldn’t see the horizon haha! It also passed by some touristic places like Gruta Azul and Fenda de Nossa Senhora!

Pontal do Atalaia:

At Pontal do Atalaia you can find the famous and long stairs that a lot of people take pictures at. If you go up you can see almost the whole beach – and some other ones if you look closely –  and enjoy the amazing view! The water is a little bit cold, but you wouldn’t miss it going in, trust me!
WhatsApp Image 2016-10-22 at 02.12.51

Pontal do Atalaia from up the stairs

Ilha  do Farol:

At our second stop we went to Ilha do Farol (Lighthouse island. If we translate it) and to get there the only way is by the water. A super calm beach, clear water and people tanning for the most part! At this beach we don’t find much “street sellers”, it’s less crowded as well. This happens because its a marine supervised place, that’s why you won’t find any buildings or so, also they control the number of visitants per hour, so enjoy every second! A really good one just to sit, talk and swim. Go take a look and tell me how’d you felt, because all I can think is when I’m going back there! WhatsApp Image 2016-10-22 at 02.12.53 (2) Getting out of there it was minutes before the sunset, which is p-e-r-f-e-c-t at Praia Grande! So run there and just realize how awesome the world is! The city itself is really small with some restaurants and not a lot of night life, but you can always meet your friends and spend the night at some beaches around town, since the security is really good and there’s a lot places you can just grab a drink and sit looking at the sea! We stayed there until sun rise, just talking and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Praia do Forno:

The next day, we woke up really early so we could enjoy the most of our second and last day there! Our plan was to go to two diferente places, but the first one was so good that we just got stuck there haha! It’s called Praia do Forno, where we need to walk up a trail (about 20 min), but don’t hesitate, the trail has a lot if freacking beatiful view and you can always stop to take a bunch of pictures! (If you too tired, you can just take a water taxi, not really sure how much they charge, but not much) This one is a little bit more crowded, but nothing – not even close – unpleasant, you still can sit wherever you want, swim without knocking on random people and buy that ice cream or açaí bowl without getting up, in other words, almost heaven on Earth! One more thing: it is known to be one of the most famous and best places to dive in! 14894540_10206030452200794_2025570364_o

Seriously, if you’re coming to Rio de Janeiro or Brazil in general, save a little of your Money and time to get to know Arraial do Cabo, you will not regret it!

My friends and I planned everything within one week and it was perfection, it all happens because it’s a simple town with people going there just to relax and have fun, you don’t need to stay hours planning everything that you are going to do there! Everybody helps everybody and if you follow the least amount of tips from this text, you will be just fine and have your dream vacation that you wanted! Here is the facebook page of the agency we went with, they're really good and organized: JR Seib Viagens


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