A Visit to the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Canada

The Royal Ontario Museum Canada is one of the most captivating tourist sites in Toronto the capital of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada. A multicultural city that offers something for every visitor throughout the year. There are so many interesting places and tourist attractions to visit, from beautiful parks, hotels, to the Royal Ontario Museums. There are restaurants that offer the best kind of dishes both local and international, over one million visitors troop to Canada yearly just to have a feel of the wonderful attractions, in this Museum. My visit to Toronto was the most interesting compared to the other cities I have visited. But one issue a lot of people may have about visiting Toronto is the weather, so planning the right time to visit will be the best if you really want to enjoy your stay and have all those outdoor experiences. Canada generally is known to have extremely cold weather, so if you are planning to visit any city in Canada such as Toronto, it will be nice to know when the weather is warmest. A lot of people would like to visit during summer because the weather is warmest but it is also expensive, schools are on break, and so many other people want to travel with their families and friends too. This makes summer a rush period, hotel room rates are high, but the fall season seems to be the best time to visit Toronto. Fall is the season from September to November, the weather is warm and friendly, the hotel room rates are also reasonable. Visiting Toronto, you may think of having a memorable experience, the most wonderful attraction in Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum Canada. When I visit a place, I always think of having an experience that connects me to nature, a captivating site like the Royal Ontario Museum.

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum Lobby

Entering the Museum lobby, you would think you are stepping into a 5-star hotel lobby. The only difference is the various decorations of giant animal skeletons, like Dinosaurs that could scare you if you are not used to that kind of sight. I was really scared because they were full skeletons of these big animals looking so real, I felt like I was in a horror movie scene. Other things you can see in this place are great sculptures of ancient things like the Chinese Temple, Masks and artwork of ancient great scholars, philosophers, scientists, warriors emperors and other strong men that made marks in history.

Giant Animal Skeletons

There are also entertainment sections you can visit inside the museum, all year round there are various shows and cultural performances to entertain visitors. Some of these are the 400 spiders show, the lit up a book set, cultural music display and more. There are three major entrances you can take to the museum, depending on where you are coming from and your means of transportation.  

Entrances to Royal Ontario Museum Canada

Royal Ontario Museum Entrance

Michael Lee-Chin Bloor Street Entrance – Bloor Street West Parking is not allowed in the loading area, taxis and other vehicles can pick and drop passengers on the street. Weston Queen’s Park Entrance: Queen’s Park Avenue Taxis are allowed to pick and drop visitors in the loading zone on Queen’s Park, but parking is not permitted in this area. President’s Choice School Entrance: Queen’s Park Avenue (south end of Museum). Parking is not permitted in the loading zone in this area, taxis and other vehicles can drop and pick up visitors. The best way to visit the Royal Ontario Museum Canada and pay less is in a group, there is a special discount for those visiting in a group of 20 or more guests. There is something for everyone who visits, a lot of attractions to keep visitors coming back again. It has a dedicated kids zone for learning fun, a home for ancient Rome Emperors and Gladiators, also houses one of the world’s most important collection of Chinese Temple. So next time you visit Canada, please include Toronto in your schedule, and a visit to the Royal  Ontario Museum Canada. There is a lot to learn and take home with.      

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