A Traveler's Guide To Prague, Czech Republic

One of the things that every co-passenger would keep on doing before landing at Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is to look out of the window. I did not just mean the ones sitting by the window but the ones located in an aisle seat too. Such is a fairytale influence that this city can hold. Not everyone would plan for Prague beyond two days or so hence we had a similar situation to cover the most in the time we had.

How To Commute Like A Local And Where To Stay

We landed on a bright sunny morning and the first impression after coming out of the airport was nowhere near to our expectations of the city. I won’t lie here, we had considered hiring a self-drive car to travel around the city. Much to our luck, all the cars were taken hence we had an option to travel by taxi or a local bus to our Hotel The City Center. Like always, we decided to commute by the local bus which dropped us at a connecting point of a tram to reach to the hotel city center which was located at Sokolska. This turned out to be an excellent location to stay as we found ourselves at the heart of the city. You would not find many international hotel brands here though some local owners have maintained beautiful hotels out of iconic structures. Regardless of wherever you decide to stay, don’t be very far from the old square/old town.

Area Around The Airport

Local Tram Service

Hotel The City Center

How To Explore The City

Best Modes Of Travel

Don’t expect a big hop on hop off shuttle tour here, the roads are very narrow and it is much consumed by the trams which are the heart of transportation. Yet to explore the city you shall have two options – a range of vintage cars or rent a semi-electric bicycle. A 2hour vintage car tour may cost up to 150Euros per car whereas a full day electric bicycle may cost up to 40 Euros. Your own map shall be your guide if you rent a bike. Vintage car experience is highly recommended if traveling with the family or on a honeymoon.

Rent A Bike

Vintage Car Tours

What Not To Miss In Prague

Prague as a city is as beautiful as pictures show. Even if you get an angle wrong, you would still end up having a good photo. My collection below would do more justice to this beautiful city as its all about a pictorial experience at the Prague. It is very important to stay near the old square if traveling for a short stay ( up to 02 days or so). You can’t miss the beautiful Astronomical Clock experience or boating in Vltava river. A sunset at the Charles bridge or simply sitting by the river to experience some of the amazing performance(s) by the local artists.

The Famous Dancing Building By The Vltava River

A View Of Vltava River

Famous Apple Museum At The Old Town

Old Town Square

The Astronomical Clock Experience

The hourly show of figures at this unrealistic experience can leave you in half. Who can believe the clock which was set in 1410 can run just fine and yet be so beautiful. One cannot miss being by the Old Town Square and witness this phenomenon. Google had honored this iconic structure with a doodle in the year 2015 on its 605th anniversary. Surely its a ride back into the times.

The Astronomical Clock With The Calendar

The Astronomical Clock

Experiencing The Ride To Petrin Hill

The ride or travel to Petrin Hill is like no other, no wonder millions of dollars are spent by the Bollywood in making their movies more beautiful with such backdrops. I would highly suggest experiencing this on a bike. While the travel is uphill, it will last in your memories forever. If you are staying near the old town square, you would pass by the famous Charles Bridge. You find a thousand tourists always flocking to this picturesque and lively bridge. With the river on either side, local artists and performers shall be a natural pit stop while crossing this bridge. As you ascend the hill, the sight of the city of Prague is worth capturing at almost every curve of the road. Once you reach the top do visit the Petrin lookout tower, Mirror Maze and the Strahov Monastery. While descending do not miss visiting the beautiful Prague Castle.

Charles Bridge – A City In Itself

Strahov Monastery

Library At The Prague Castle

View Of Famous Prague Castle From The Charles Bridge

Ride To The Top Of Petrin Hill

What To Eat And Where To Eat!

Prague is not a grand city with many posh spreads of cuisines and restaurants yet it offers something very close to its old world charm. You may wish to dine at the Old Town Square or may relish a romantic meal at a restaurant by the Petrin Hill. However you may wish, the best is to dine like locals do. You can easily find options of fast foods to fine dining, available all over Prague.

Hosts Of Options At The Old Town Square To Dine

One Of Many Dining Options

Roadside Refreshments Are Very Famous With The Locals

Dine At The Dancing Lady

Amazing Caeser Salad

A Local Restaurant Menu

Best Time To Visit Prague And Things To Know

Like other European Cities, it is best suggested to visit Prague during Springs or early fall. Currency accepted is Euros / Dollars or Krona though stick to authorized currency exchange center only else there is a high possibility of you getting duped. One can buy a lot of mementos of this beautiful place especially stick magnets, shot glasses and pearl ornaments. Prague is famous for crystals craft. Nightlife is well available for those who love to stay until late. Having traveled since long, I can assure you that no other city matches Prague when it comes to the beauty, old world charm and a character of its own. There is no better place in this world you may want to visit when looking for a treat for your eyes with so much history to experience as well.

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