7 Best Places to Visit in Detroit

  The city of Detroit in the USA may not have the greatest news reputation, but if you give this city a chance, you will find how underestimated it truly is. Growing up near Detroit I have personally been able to enjoy a few of the many great places that this city has to offer! Whether you are here for a day visit or staying for a week, these experiences will answer the question, is Detroit really worth it?

Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts, also known as the DIA, is an amazing art museum in downtown Detroit. This museum has over one hundred galleries spread out between three floors and includes a café, store, auditorium and lecture hall. On the first level, you can explore the Asian, African, and Egyptian arts. With my personal favorite- mummies! Head to the second level to view works by Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso. The third floor includes British, Dutch Golden Age, Decorative arts and more! The extensive collection on the inside and outside of this museum is amazing and definitely worth a visit!

Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle is a park located on the Detroit River. This park is an island in between Michigan and Canada! Belle Isle has many attractions including an aquarium, nature center, conservatory, and beach. All attractions are free with admission to the park! All vehicles accessing the park must have a recreational passport which is $11 a year for residents and $31 for nonresidents or $9 for a day pass. A visit to this island park is special in so many ways, proving how beautiful the city of Detroit is.

Conservatory on Belle Isle

Detroit Zoo

If you’re looking for a closer experience with animals while visiting Detroit, the Detroit Zoo is the perfect option. This zoo has many exciting species on exhibit. Tigers, polar bears, giraffes, and penguins are just a few of the animals that this zoo is home to. The zoo offers other attractions on top of all the amazing animals. A simulator ride, 4-D theater experience, and carousel are some of the additional attractions available. While exploring the zoo, dining can be found at one of the various restaurants on site such as the Arctic Café, Buddy’s Pizza, and Safari Grill. The Detroit Zoo is the perfect daytime activity for any animal loving family.

Eastern Market

Stop by the Eastern Market during your visit to Detroit for fresh produce, baked goods, and locally made items. Eastern Market is not just one market, there are multiple markets throughout the week! The Saturday market is open year-round while the Sunday street market, Tuesday market, and Thursday night market are open June through September. They even offer holiday markets during the holidays! The various times and dates for each market are listed on the Eastern Market website. Each market provides a unique and fun experience for shoppers. The Saturday market, which is the biggest and most popular, has more of a traditional farmers market vibe. While the Sunday market Is more of a street market with works from local artists and musicians. Every market experience can be found and enjoyed at the Eastern Market!

Renaissance Center

The Renaissance Center is seven connected skyscrapers located on the International Riverfront in Detroit. The center is owned by General Motors and is its world headquarters! The central tower is the tallest and is an option for rest and relaxation when traveling to Detroit, the Detroit Marriot hotel. There are many options for shopping throughout the center and restaurants that offer fine dining and casual eating. You can also get an up-close look at many current GM vehicles at the GM World display. The Renaissance Center is everything a traveler may need in one place. Whether it’s a stay at the hotel, shopping at the retail shops, or dining at the many fine dining and casual restaurants, this center has everything and more!

Renaissance Center

Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park is not just an average park in downtown. This park is one of Detroit’s best public gathering places! Monuments, waterwalls, and fountains create beautiful scenery in the park. Food trucks and restaurants bring multiple dining options for hungry visitors. Different seasons bring different experiences to Campus Martius Park. During the spring and summer, the park is turned into a beach! Thousands of pounds of sand are lain and decorated with lounge chairs and umbrella. During the winter, the park is transformed into a winter wonderland. Mid-November brings the annual tree lighting ceremony and the opening of the ice skating rink. The big beautiful tree is placed on top of the fountain and shines in downtown until the beginning of March. So, whatever season you’re visiting Detroit in, there will be something special going on at the park!

MotorCity Casino Hotel

If you’re looking for some adult fun, MotorCity Casino is a great option in Detroit! MotorCity is not only a casino but also a resort hotel and spa. Enjoy a drink and concert at the casinos musical venue, Sound Board or enjoy live local bands at the Chromatics Lounge. Pick up your Tigers and Red Wings souvenirs, clothes and even jewelry at the gift shop! MotorCity has many options for food in-between gambling such as Little Caesar’s pizza, the casino buffet, and Iridescence which is an American restaurant on the 16th floor. The casino doesn’t cease to amaze either. The lower level is for slot lovers, like me! There are also multiple table games such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. Also, non-smokers can enjoy a smoke-free poker room! MotorCity Casino Hotel has been designed to satisfy, whether you came to gamble or just have a great time! These seven gems in Detroit are proof of how underestimated this city is. If you are looking to travel to a city in the USA with great food, amazing entertainment, and fun for everyone, Detroit is a great option! When this city is given a chance, it can truly shine and prove its greatness. These seven experiences show that Detroit is definitely worth a visit!

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